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Is America less Racist than India?

Who Controls Fanatic India? (Part- 46)





Since 1947 when India  was offered  independence by the British colonizers, the Hindu leaders cutting across their party lines have taken a consistent conscious policy decision - not to promote Muslims for top posts in India especially where their decision make a big difference to Hindu super monopoly in India. .


For Instance, in any race for Premiership Muslims are kept out. Till today no Muslim could become chief justice of India where as Islamic Pakistan has got a Hindu as its chief justice! Hindus do not ashamed  of their  extra meanness! All intelligence wings are governed by exclusive Hindus. Muslims can do do only minor jobs to assist the Hindu bosses. This is cheap mentality of nation that calms to be secular democracy. 


There are as many examples of how Muslims are sidelined by majority Indus as world would imagine.


It is pathetic. The Muslim nuts who write in India still praise Hindus and India against their own interests. That is  say Indian Muslims work for  their Hindu bosses and have alrady gone ashtray. 


In this respect, Americans are much better. They could make a Black their president to literally rule over the entire globe.  If some say that America is so racist how did black Obama get elected in the first place?


Why India never got premier all these post-Independence days from among Muslims, the largest minority of the nation? Are the Muslims and their leaders just the vote-bank stuff to work for and appease the majority Hindus? 


Those who blindly support President Obama just can't seem to admit that obviously America wasn't racist to the degree that they claim; because he got elected he’s in the Whitehouse.  But he misused his position and failed the status of minority by still refusing to punish the fascist Israelis and escalating Bushdom wars in Islamic world, adding more corpses of innocent Muslims to Bushdom’s terror tally. .


Obviously if he doesn't get re-elected it must be about his performance over skin color.  Obama to whom humanity looked forward for solace has failed humanity and humanity has lost hopes. And just who are the evil racist who only care about his color? Is it the terrocratic regimes and power brokers, the US Tea Party - those horrible bigots who revere and practically worship conservatives like Allen West and would we then be able to claim that any liberals who reject and viciously attack Allen West are racist and just care about what color he is?


Let the US racism, Israeli fascism and communal fanaticism of India go - they just doesn't fly.


Politicians  and their strategists have vitiated the international communal atmospheres for their own ends in USA, Israel and India- modern strategic partners in terror operations against humanity!. . .


When USA complicated the global atmosphere with its Sept-11 and then targeted Muslims and their nations, killing and destroying them, looting their resources. 


Is America then less racist than India or Israel? 

Is there any fundamentalism difference among fascist nations? 


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