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Israel Guilty of Gaza Crimes

Time Run Out for Fascist Israel to quit Mideast. 



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America and Europe have  given special status for the illegal regime called Israel imposed by big terrocracies in Mideast and this fascist  state goes on rampage in Palestine, killing many innocent  lives each time  a terror attack is unleashed on Palestinians. 

The crudest phenomenon in Israeli terrorism in Palestine for years  is the absence of  any punitive measures from intentional judiciaries like ICJ and ICC. That is indeed the tragedy of humanity. 

Not only, therefore, Israel kills besiged Palestinians at will, but also disallows any international or individual sympathy for the people Palestine. Zionist fascist attack any aid ship gong to Palestine with humanitarian aid and justifies it. 

USA and notorious UNSC and Quartet quite obediently suports Zionist crimes because the  militaries  of  both have secret deals, including  on the Sept-11 hoax. . 

Even as fascist Israeli regime sticks to its own guns legitimizing its crimes in Palestine, Israel’s state watchdog has criticised Israeli terror PM B. Netanyahu over the navy's interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla Mavi Marmara which left nine Turkish activists dead and many injured.

 The Free Gaza Flotilla, which had more than 600 pro-Palestinian activists aboard several aid ships, was trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza at the time. In his report, the State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss identified "serious shortcomings" in the way decisions were taken by Netanyahu before the May 2010 incident. The Human activists were killed in clashes without provocation with Israeli commandos who boarded the lead flotilla vessel, and terror attacked.


Micha Lindenstrauss said "substantive and significant deficiencies were discovered in the decision-making process... that Netanyahu led and oversaw". Lindenstrauss criticised the terror prime minister for consulting only with his defence and foreign ministers, rather than a wider circle of officials with a view to formulating a policy about what to do.

The report is the latest of several Israeli and international inquiries into the Mavi Marmara incident.  The process of decision-making was done without orderly, agreed-upon, co-ordinated and documented staff work, despite the recognition of the senior political echelon and IDF (Israel Defence Forces) chiefs, intelligence bodies and the National Security Council on the exceptional nature of the Turkish flotilla compared to previous flotillas," the reports said. It could, though, prompt changes in Israeli planning for future confrontations - in particular with regard to Israel's tense relations with Iran, he adds.

Israel justifies its crimes and terror blockades and USA supports it. The Zionist regime says the blockade is necessary to prevent weapons and ammunition being smuggled to the Gaza Strip, which has been ruled by the Palestinian militant group Hamas since 2007.

Israel bluffed saying its commandos used live fire only after being attacked with clubs, knives and guns. Last year, an Israeli government-commissioned inquiry justified the  state crimes by the actions of the terrorist Israeli navy in dealing with the flotilla and Israel's naval blockade of Gaza were both legal under international law. Netanyahu's office responded to the findings, saying Israelis were "enjoying a level of security not seen for many years... the direct result of responsible management and determined policy."


Turkey's own inquiry said the incident was a violation of international law, "tantamount to banditry and piracy", and described the killings as "state-sponsored terrorism". A separate UN inquiry found the Israeli commandos' actions were "excessive and unreasonable".

The incident strained ties with Turkey. Turkey has demanded Israel apologize for what it said was an unjustified use of violence, and expelled Israel's ambassador. However, as a technique to promote Zionist crimes as part of Israeli fascism, the report also says that Israel's naval blockade "was imposed as a legitimate security measure" which "complied with the requirements of international law".


Israel, which calls Hamas as a terrorist organization as strategy to gain international sympathy for its crimes in Palestine, is strongly opposed to the Palestinian unity deal. 

Israeli regime equates its crimes with NATO crimes and claims it follows its own law above international law. The BBC in Jerusalem says despite the numerous faults found in this report, it is unlikely to adversely affect Netanyahu's standing amongst Israelis, most of whom supported the action against the Mavi Marmara.


Obviously, Palestinian unity is being undermined by geographic divide between West bank and Gaza Strip which has been a boon to Israeli criminals’ state.  Both parts are separated by many miles. At its narrowest point the distance between the West Bank and Gaza is just 40km. But that short stretch of land is across Israel, and Palestinians cannot pass without Israeli permission. Since the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000, Israel has severely restricted the movement of Palestinians between Gaza and the West Bank. The Palestine separation has had a direct impact on many like Andaleeb Adwan. "There are divisions between Fatah and Hamas but Israel is not innocent in this," says Andaleeb, a 45-year-old, mother of four in Gaza. Israel has created the hole between Gaza and the West Bank. Many Palestinians are not hopeful that Palestinian reconciliation can be achieved. 


The Palestinian communities are badly divided, families are divided, and economic ties are being dismantled. The Israeli government says it allowed around 38,000 exits for Palestinians to travel out of Gaza in 2011. Many were for people seeking medical treatment and some will have traveled several times over 12 months. That compares to more than half a million exits a month before the year 2000.


It looks that USA-Israel wanted to keep two separate tiny nations of Palestinians only to kill each other with Israeli –US arms. The Palestinian population registry is controlled by Israel, which has occupied the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem since 1967. A Palestinian with an ID card that registers them as living in Gaza cannot easily move to the West Bank. The separation between Gaza and the West Bank has only deepened over the past many years as part of a policy by the Israeli government to separate the two.


New Egypt has now eased restrictions at its border with Gaza allowing Palestinians to travel. Egypt allows between 500 and 700 people to cross every day through the Rafah crossing. But most Gazans are not particularly interested in going to Egypt. They have far more reason to want to go to the West Bank where they have relatives, friends and business contacts. Even traveling to the West Bank via Egypt is not easy. It typically involves a 6-hour drive to Cairo, a 500-km flight to the Jordanian capital, Amman, and then an hour-long drive to the border with the West Bank. But Israel also controls that border and it is unlikely that a Palestinian from Gaza would be given permission to cross.

In 2006 Hamas wins parliamentary election; deadly clashes begin. In 2007 Hamas takes over Gaza by force; Fatah resumes West Bank governance; Little progress after promise of dialogue in Yemen in2008; In 2009 Egypt takes over mediation leading to Fatah signing deal on unity government but Hamas delays response; In 2010 talks stall over security and tit-for-tat arrests; In 2011 Palestinian rallies for reconciliation and factions sign deal in Cairo. In Feb 2012 once again a new deal in Qatar for Mahmoud Abbas to head unity government ahead of elections.

But USA-Israeli terror twins are opposed to unity among Palestinians and Fatah and Abbas usually follow their guidelines.


Having created one surprise in pushing for an early general election, Israeli terror premier B. Netanyahu has now delivered an even greater bomb-shell. The plan for early elections has been abandoned. Instead a new broadly-based governing coalition has been called into existence with the opposition centre-right Kadima party of Shaul Mofaz joining the government. But success is not certain. Institutional reform in the past has led nowhere. But above all else it is going to depend upon Netanyahu himself. He has once again proved himself highly adept at political maneuvering.  Now with a large coalition behind him, Netanyahu has at least a chance to change some of the Zionist criminal conspiracies.   

The two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, are still trying to thrash out the details of a unity deal to end five years of bitter division. Since 2007, as a result of civil war ignited by Israeli strategists by pitting Hamas against pro-West Fatah, the ruling Hamas government has been forced in power only in Gaza with Fatah left to govern the West Bank. So, Palestinians face not only a political divide, but also a geographical one.

Meetings and talks have not  solved the Palestine inner crisis so far. Even if Palestinian leaders meeting in Cairo can resolve their political differences, the physical separation of the Palestinian people could prove harder to overcome, especially when US-Israeli alliance fuel crisis in Palestine so as to prolong illegal occupation of Palestine territories. 



Supported by the USA-UNSC rouges, Israel pursues the twin policy of genocide and expansion. Palestinians continue to stay besieged  by Israeli terror blockades and  intermittent air-strikes, killing Palestinians for their lands.   

World  has looked forward to belated reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas despite Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas's recent announcement that he would head a unity government to prepare for elections later this year. Palestinians feel Israel's forced separation of Gaza and the West Bank has made reconciliation harder to achieve.

But, undoubtedly, political reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas would be a welcome step but would have little impact on Palestinians' ability to move. Certainly it would be helpful but there's a reality, Israel controls the borders and only Israel can decide to allow people to travel back and forth.


By no means is everyone in West bank is Fatah sympathizer or supporter nor everyone in Gaza, a Hamas supporter. While in the West Bank, not everyone backs Fatah. Many people consider themselves apolitical and are disillusioned with both factions.


There have been many false dawns leading to frustration and anger among ordinary people in Palestine in both territories. But Palestinians strongly feel Israel's forced separation of Gaza and the West Bank has made reconciliation harder to achieve.


Palestinians are skeptical about political reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas despite President Mahmoud Abbas's announcement last month that he would head a unity government to prepare for elections later this year.

Mideast peace depends entirely on the nature of leadership in Tel-Aviv that controls Palestine.


Netanyahu must step down as PM. But even that alone won’t solve the issue. Israeli prime ministers have tended to be prisoners of the more extreme elements in their own coalition governments, with small ultra-orthodox parties or the more hawkish elements of the settler lobby having an altogether disproportionate influence on policy.


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