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Indo-Pakistan’s Apology Drama




India directly and through USA pressed Islamabad to release all India’s Hindu criminals spending time in Pakistani jails and Pakistan has been  obliging New Delhi , obviously on some secret understandings. Criminal spies who are known to have involved in terror  blasts in Pakistan  maybe India’s Pharatratnas but not should not have been the people to seek special privileges.


After tactfully releasing an Indian spy condemned for life and death, and after ensuring his safe passage to Indian form Pakistani jail, now the advisor to Pakistan premier on Interior affairs, Rehman Malik has conveniently demanded of India to apologize over sending Surjit Singh for spying in Pakistan.


Pakistan should have demanded an apology before he was released or at least before he was handed over to Manmohan regime, but they deliberately did not do that and now cutting jokes about apology that, Pakistanis know, will never come from India. Under all circumstances such apologies are openly demanded.


Then why the heck this Pakistani drama at all?


India and Pakistan play such joint games to fool the besieged Kashmiris both in India occupied Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan controlled Azad Kashmir.


Obviously both do not want to grant sovereignty back to Kashmiris and they enact such dramas regularly to mock at the world.  They also occasionally, whenever they feel bored, fire at each other’s military posts.

Lok at the way Indo-Pak leaders play gimmicks. Addressing a press conference here in London, Rehman Malik rejected the Indian claim that the terrorist set-up any control room for Mumbai
 attack and said that three Indian citizens were involved in the attacks. He blamed that Indian intelligence agencies were involved in the Karachi target killings sabotaging the peace of the economic hub to destabilize country. “India should now reveal how many extremists they have sent to Pakistan,” he added. The adviser on interior said that they had not given National Database and Registration Authority’s record to anyone, adding that he should be hanged if it was proved so.

Surjeet said he would move court to prove he was spy. Surjeet Singh, who was released from Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore after 27 years of his arrest, has said that he will move court to prove that he was spying for the Indian Army. He is now a free man but upset with the Indian government for disowning him. “No one crosses the border just like that
. Someone sends them that’s why they go. I was sent by the Army, said Surjeet.

But Surjeet is also a man with a mission. Bitter that the Indian government denied that he was a spy for India, Surjeet wants to prove otherwise. The man who was convicted and sentenced to death for spying says he will move court if need be to seek justice, and recognition. Harbans Kaur, his wife who had to struggle to bring up his family, says it’s a chance to cook his favourite dishes. Harbans says he was treated well in jail but freedom is priceless.


Supreme court should have asked Zardari to seek an apology from India but maybe it thought the regime would do it promptly.  Malik appreciated Chief Justice of Pakistan’s role in the country and said that he summoned his own son in the court.


After giving him a grand send-off , Pakistn should not now ask for apology. Pakistani regime , on the  contrary, should tender an unconditional apology to people of Pakistani for its secret and deceptive diplomacy, harming Pakistan's genuine interests


Meanwhile Pakistan should release all Muslim political prisoners from the jails.  

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