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Not by Bread & Talks Alone!

A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 164



Both Israel and India think they can prolong their illegal occupations and massacres of Muslims by endless bogus talks, dinners and liquor etc. They, on the strength of support from dictatorial USA,  just make fun of those martyrs who laid their lives for  sovereignty.  

Of course, Kashmiris need the necessary resources to sustain themselves especially when they are being besieged and terrorized by occupying Indian forces.  When Hindus are treated by security forces in Jammu Kashmir as Indian state guests,  the Muslims are being harassed by India by every possible means. 

Massacres of innocent Muslims in Kashmir by India cannot be a concern for Indians in any field - they welcome it - but Kashmiris in general should worry about their fate at the Indian terror hands.  The pro-Indian elements who work as Indian puppet agents and operatives in J. K, also have no interest n talking about the  Kashmiri martyrs- they just wait for instructions and orders for "action" from New Delhi and Governor's office in JK .  

The media lords in India and Jammu Kashmir, on instructions from New Delhi,  paint the Kashmiri Muslims in dirty colors and want the military terrorists to kill every Muslim who opposes Indian misrule and military yoke and  those who refuse to accept the Indian occupation as their permanent fate- even as God's will -  have no right to live.  They may have to find place only in secret graveyards in JK. 

What is unpardonable is the world leaders just keep mum about the fate of Kashmiri Muslims. Obama first said Kashmiris should be freed but later when pressured by  the power of Indian  black money, he made a u-turn to say both India and Pakistan would resolve  it and USA or UNSC would not force a solution (which is unacceptable to New Delhi) on an innocent looking India.  To make things worse for Kashmiris, USA colluded with India to witch-hunt Kashmiri freedom leaders in USA ( like Kashmiri American Fai). 

Neither USA nor UNSC is serous about Kashmir issue resolution.  India and its agents in Washington just do not let UNSC take a firm decision on Kashmir. 

India always tells Pakistan to keep the Kashmiri lands that they have under their control and should not ask India to vacate Jammu Kashmir. Indians seem to have serious problem in resettling the Indian state terrorists in India when they quit Jammu Kashmir. These terror solders are so used to killing Muslims, drinking their blood, will have difficulty in India.  Human eaters need only humans. 

The Pakistani political leadership's new approach for normalizing relations with India to promote cross-border-tradism had "stunned" Kashmiri leaders. Kashmir has been the key issue but now it has become peripheral as all claims of supporting Kashmiri struggle politically, diplomatically and morally are nothing but lip service.

Neither Pakistan nor India is sincere about resolution of the issue, while Pakistan only says about “resolution" without specific contents, Indian fanatically maintains that the JK it forcefully occupies belongs to "super power" India. 

A crucial issue in the unresolved problem is Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir are as as misguided as pro-India elements in Jammu Kashmir.  They say exactly what the Pakistan leaders want them to say. 

Most of freedom leaders who support Pakistan  do not comprehend the hidden agenda of Indo-Pak in JK. At long last one freedom leader has woken up. Hizb-ul-Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin has vowed to turn the guns on Pakistan if it stops backing jihadis in Jammu and Kashmir who, he claimed, were fighting "Pakistan's war". Salahuddin made the remarks during an interview with Arab News while referring to a reduction of tensions in Jammu and Kashmir following several rounds of aimless "talks" between India and Pakistan. He said he was "desperate and agitated" with the new approach adopted by Pakistan in the peace process with India. "We are fighting Pakistan's war in Kashmir and if it withdraws its support, the war would be fought inside Pakistan," said Salahuddin, who also heads the Muttahida Jihad Council, a grouping of terrorist organizations based in Pakistan.


All those who were involved in the so-called peace talks eventually admitted that India is not serious and that it gained more and more time to implement its own design for the region, forcing Kashmiris to play for New Delhi. Salahuddin said he believed the Pakistanis were silent because of the existing dichotomy on the Kashmir issue that has placed Islamabad in a dilemma on the status of JK portions under Pakistan control.  He contended that the movement could not be wrapped up on the negotiation table. "Who negotiated for the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan? Were there any talks in Iraq and Afghanistan? Salahuddin warned against strong rebellion to regain sovereignty.  He asked both India and Pakistan not to force them to conclude once again that militancy alone is the solution to the Kashmir issues.

Like India, Pakistan also does not involve the Kashmiri Muslims in their talks.  Pakistan is doing the cross border tradism perhaps even without keeping its own interest as prime due to foreign and Western pressures without analyzing its disastrous consequences. Salahuddin said he believed that normalizing trade and business with India would benefit only New Delhi and be counterproductive for Islamabad.

Kashmiris need to breathe free air in their own nation without being terrorized and also take food to help them continue to struggle.  They must also take food for proper thoughts that would guide them to freedom and re-Independence.  

Meanwhile, let the Indo-Pak “talks” continue but the freedom struggle must take the upper hand. Talks without representation from Kashmir freedom movement is meaningless and therefore will fail. 

If Pakistan does not promote  freedom struggle of Kashmiris until they achieve full and complete freedom, history will punish it. Pakistani people must play a vital role in mounting pressure for the Kashmir cause and in forcing the government to withdraw its new approach, which as a mischief is "hurting the Kashmir struggle. 

Of course, both Kashmiris and Palestinians have common problem - disunity.  Indians and Hindus in JK have unity but the problem is freedom leaders themselves have no unity. And their enemies are taking full advantage of their inner  disconnect. Kashmiris have no other option but to  know that it is their struggle and they have to struggle with unity we can only extent  solid solidarity, until they achieve their legitimate sovereignty from the  monstrous occupiers.  

Earlier, the better, it is said! Otherwise India would continue to have upper terror hand! 



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