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Future Kashmir- China Relations 

A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 165





Every nation needs trusted neighborhoods for peaceful prosperity.



Peaceful atmosphere removes misunderstandings, if any, and promotes greater ties in any region. Once Jammu Kashmir becomes free form Indian yoke for decades, it also requires peaceful atmosphere to build the nation and promote genuine interests of people, care for their welfare. 


Pakistan remains the live example of how a Muslim nation can be destabilized by big powers that occupy it for appeasing India. 


Future state of Kashmir can face similar situation if the leadership follows the footsteps of Pakistan leaders. . 


Pakistan can provide stability factor to Kashmir only if it become stable from NATO drone terror climate.  India would, as its past and present show, would try to create problems for its coexistence in the region. And the only nation-neighbor that  can be counted  for assistance is veto member China, the economic and military super power of Asia.  


And, Kashmir will strive to build cordial and beneficial ties with Beijing. 


Unfortunately, the besieged Kashmiris cannot decide any thing on their own  they dep\pend too much on India and Pakistan for every thing they need.


Upon establishing terror contacts with Russia, USA, UK, now India eyes on China to advance its global objectives. India has been waiting  for chances to come closer to Pakistan and China to keep the  Kashmir sovereignty issue at bay.  Indian terror strategists suggest Indian leadership to strike deals ( not bombs of course) with China on military terror goods and military ties.


China has special concern for Kashmiris in occupied Jammu Kashmir. Recent decision of Beijing to issue special pass port documents for Kashmiris, by ignoring the wild protests from New Delhi, attests that point.


Of late there are articles about economic "resources" of Kashmir maybe to impress upon UNSC consider worthiness of  Kashmir being a sovereign nation, But India uses those ideas only to prolong the occupation  and exploit the hidden resources with Israeli help. Who will leave a colony if profits are going to be more promising! 


Since freedom and re-independence of Jammu Kashmir are going to be real in due course, no matter what all gimmicks and tricks India plays against them, Kashmir leaders must consider seriously about future policy of their state toward China, a close neighbor.


Azad Kashmir under Pakistan control as well as Gilgit which is now inside Pakistan, Jammu Kashmir under Indian brutal occupation will automatically form the future Jammu Kashmir Islamic state. the Chinese part of Kashmir needs some serious consideration.  Gilgit is in strife now. 


As Jammu Kahsmir has been divided into many parts, China also has a part of Jammu Kashmir gifted by Pakistan under the then president Gen Musharraf to China.  Once Jammu Kashmir becomes free from foreign occupation and control,  it will have to address the  problem positively. China has  not annexed it directly from Kashmir but the portion belongs to Jammu Kashmir.  It is possible China would return the part of JK it possesses or it might request for greater ties with Jammu Kashmir with aid and military support in lieu of that portion.


Knowing the the prolonged turbulence Kashmiris  have been subjected for decades by Indian occupiers, China would prefer a friendly relationship with them. Kashmir leadership would accept Chinese friendship. 


China can be a permanent strategic cum security asset to Kashmir!


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