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Why should Pakistan still crawl towards Washington?- 2

                                  -DR. ABDUL RUFF

[Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:]






World war III launched by US led NATO imperialism forces against Islam and Muslim nations, supported by anti-Islamic nations like Israel and India as well as Saudi led Muslim nations,   is in progress now.  Millions of Muslims have been slaughtered and many more  millions injured and displaced so far, while the UN, ICJ & ICC pretend to be dump and blind.  



America pursues its exclusive interests by utilizing services of weak nations run by selfish leaders across the world. For US strategic experts, who promote US dictatorial and unilateral policies, the American strategic partnerships established with many "like-minded" leaders across the globe for years could simply mean terror partnerships and share the booties as per the CIA plan with the super power snatching a lion's share of the resources looted in terror wars. NATO and strategic partners have brought many Muslim nations on board only to attack other energy rich Muslim nations, thereby justifying all state crimes being committed by the US led fascist gangs. USA thus claims legitimacy of invading and destabilizing Muslims nations one  by  one. 


Pakistan s receives some terror goods and  money as service charges for letting  NATO rouges use Pakistan soil for terror operation targeting Muslims in both Afghanistan and Pakistan proper as well as and Islam. However, anyone who reads/watches the US-UK media will readily testify that Americans call Pakistanis beggars and do not recognize as partners. Saudi led Arab League nations are partners of USA because they exchange oil with terror goods and petrodollars but what does Pakistan offer to USA - the US nuts ask!


NATO justifies its joint occupation cum massacres in Muslims nations by highlighting their continued support they receive from Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan  for collective crimes. 



Pakistan's Illogical partnerships 



USA seeks terror partnership with many strategic nations, like Pakistan (Silk Route) for advancing its global power and hegemony.  Pakistan is among the worst affected Muslim nations that opted for the "strategic partnership" offered by the dictatorial and unilateral USA and notorious NATO only to get itself destabilized. Under the guise of the "protectors" of Islamic Pakistan, America has converted Islamabad a safe haven for NATO terror syndicate to target Pakistanis. And NATO terrorist keep killing Pakistanis by calling them the "terrorists, military and insurgents".  USA claims to have paid Pakistanis money and terror goods in exchange for services rendered by Pakistan. 


NATO wants the Pakistan military also to kill Muslims and when they refused they are  warned of punitive action by the Pentagon bosses, including stoppage of "aid" . America's favorite bully strategy works well in Pakistan where it had set up huge number of agents-networks in all walks of life,  generated systematically by the CIA during  the long existence of Pakistan since 1947. 


After Salala attack, killing many Pakistan solders, relations between US and Pakistan had touched the lowest ebb, and there was closure of ground line of communication for seven months. Now Pakistan has been coerced ot reopen the terror routes for NATO. The civil and military leaderships in Islamabad are on the same page so far as the Obama drone attacks are concerned.  So are the people of Pakistan who now hate Americans more than ever. 



American Coercive Prowess 


Despite mounting international criticism against the illegal NATO wars, the enemies of Islam and humanity have been on rampage in Islamic world, destabilizing the strategically important Muslim nations in all ways. 


America operates its coercive diplomacy on many lines in Pakistan - both from within and from abroad. From within, Americans have strong network operating exclusively for US interests and even against Pakistan's own interests, even threatening its sovereignty which is the central pillar of any nation. These include politicians, bureaucrats, media lords, intelligentsia, ruling elites, intelligence, military and police, etc.  From abroad, Muslim nations, especially in the Arab world like Saudi Arabia and Dubai that could be brought in to play pro-US role to pressure Pakistan to do exactly what the Americans dictate. In order to make Islamabad dance to western liquor, USA can at any point of time create problems for Pakistani intelligentsia and elites like the media lords, making their frequent trips to USA and UK difficult by visa troubles, etc. 


Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar are among  Arab nations whom the Americans depend to push Pakistani regime when things go out of control The NATO drone attacks, US attack on Muslims, Obama drone terrorism and finally the NATO massacre of Pakistani men in uniform by air strikes on Salala check posts, have made America's comfortable stay in Pakistan difficult. And USA used all possible means to make Islamabad dance once again to CIA tunes. Apart from Saudi Arabia, USA has used the politicians, military, intelligence, media lords, elites, intelligentsia  to get its "job" done.  The NATO terror routes were reopened. 


The civilian casualties from US drone strikes are substantial. But in order to make Pakistan work with more aggressiveness, USA resorted to blame game. Americans have been creating illusion and confusion in world, first by conveying an impression that attacks on military were being carried out with the nod from Pakistan government. Pakistan government, the military and intelligence agencies are deadly annoyed with this. They have repeatedly asserted that unilateral drone strikes have proved counter-productive and result in stoking anti-American feelings on one hand and tend to create sympathy for the terrorists. These attacks are in violation of international law; they undermine Pakistan’s sovereignty and tarnish the image of military of Pakistan. 



Unfortunately, those Pakistanis who live parasitic lives  at the cost of nation's sovereignty and ordinary people's lives, wanted a quick thaw in Pak-US ties for their own reasons and they harped on "gains" of Pakistan if the US ties are kept intact, no matter how many Muslims are massacred. As Pakistan regime lords sought an lame excuse from USA in the form of an "apology" to let the notorious NATO resume terror operations, Americans just tended a vague apology to make the Pakistani rulers happy. Core media in Pakistan trumpeted the dawn of US-Pakistani relations already and their lords look to USA for favors already.


After the US tendered apology over NATO air strikes inside Pakistani territories, there has been cooked up key development of thaw in Pak-US ties. Those who are so used to visiting the USA on state expenses are growing restless and now eagerly want the ties resumed and terror routes reopened quickly so that they can resume their free trips. 


It is crude shame on their part that they prefer US dollars to their national sovereignty. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has reported between 2,464 and 3,145 fatalities from drone attacks in Pakistan, of which 482 to 830 have been civilians. USA downplays the issue of deaths. 


The CIA  reasoned, maybe rightly, that the main cause of regime anger in Pakistan towards the NATO is its illogical attack on Pakistani military posts, killing many Pakistan personnel. USA therefore decided to first take steps to mute Pakistani military anger and mute the regime's temporarily angry tone that way. A bogus US apology was followed with permission for Pakistan military chiefs to visit Washington on some lame excuse.  


The truth is the military bosses, just like the elites including the media lords, can’t simply live in Islamabad without frequenting the US-UK embassies and visiting touring to Washington on some lame excuse. Pakistanis elites are as used to these practices as part of "strategic alliance" that any standoff between USA and Pakistan directly affects this "process" of entertainment. The chief of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt. General Zaheer-ul-Islam said he will visit the US soon, as the visit has already been approved by the government speedily. USA refuses to provide strategic and technical intelligence input Pak military obtained through drones/Unmanned Arial Vehicles so that Pakistan can take action against the so-called "terrorists". The ISI chief would meet his US counterpart, Director  of CIA D. Petraeus and other senior American officials to discuss matters related to drone terrorism and counter-terrorism cooperation. 


As a useful carrot, the USA has also hinted that it would offer some drone technology to Pakistan. Lt-General Islam might focus on unilateral drone attacks by the US and press for their cessation. The ISI chief will stress the transfer of drone technology and capacity building of Pakistani forces. He might reject any ‘wink-and-nod’ offers from the US in terms of drone strikes and US boots on the ground.  There is hope that the meeting would be the first step to normalize relations between Pentagon and Pakistan military. Lt. General Zaheer-ul-Islam is committed to follow the guidelines given by the Parliament; it is therefore for sure he would to say no to drone attacks and no to US troops on ground. Though America had in the past refused to transfer drone technology, Islam is to discuss possibility of transfer of drone technology and capacity building of Pakistani forces. When and if he leaves for USA, it will be the first visit by the army chief or an intelligence chief to the US after the 2nd May 2011 when the US Marines had conducted operation at Abbottabad compound, showing utter disregard to international law and Pakistan’s sovereignty.  


In the absence of guarantees from Obama that Pakistanis won't be targeted in future, the Islam visit would have no significance at all. Just a US-Pakistan show. 






International alarm has been rising over the ongoing NATO led WW-III, targeting Muslims, Muslim nations, their resources.  


Even as US terrorist gangs target Pakistan, the Pakistanis have  no idea about what exactly their regime and military are doing with USA. But the Pakistan elites both at home and USA seek US notes. This has harmed Pakistan sovereignty. When Pakistanis sigh a relief of ending terror nexus with USA, they are soon feel let down by their leaders with renewed ties with Washington. 


America cannot be expected to take Pakistan as a partner of any rank as it can only use and throw Pakistan once the “job is done”.  The way NATO rogue states have destabilized an “ally” like Pakistan that provides space and shields the crimes by the Americans does not indicate any positive  attitude of USA or Europe  towards Islamabad.


Pakistan cannot expect USA to share the drone technology with them after targeting Pakistan, killing so many Pakistanis. It is just the CIA technique to some how get the military on board so that NATO could resume the  terror attack.   


Even as Turkey also crawls aimlessly towards the anti-Islamic EU which refuses to recognize an Islamic Turkey as a Europa power, Pakistan crawls towards Washington, knowing fully well that Pakistanis do not tolerate the dirty American bully techniques and terror methods.  


Americans have deliberately created a situation to make Pakistan feel weak and always threatened by enemies. Maybe it is the fear complex that makes Islamabad to not to end terror ties with USA, the largest terrorist state on earth. 


Even while killing Pakistanis inside Pakistan, the USA lives on misconceptions and the CIA did not trust Pakistan, did not deem it necessary to take Pakistan into confidence.


Over years of its dealings with the  outwardly rich American lords,  Pakistani leadership  has learned the art of "balancing" for making huge private profits for leaders and families in and abroad. 


The irritants have to be removed for strong ties between “strategic allies"- the USA and Pakistan. The assassination of an innocent "Osama", who was enjoying his family life, by Americans in Pakistan and the sentencing of Dr S. Afridi, the man who helped the US locate Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, is a "bone" of contention.  USA employs extra-ambitious India as a key bargain chip to threaten Pakistan. Pakistan asks the US to address destabilized Pakistan’s concerns and Americans must stop touting greater role for India in post-drawdown era in 2014.  These are areas where Pakistan and the USA must discuss and reconcile.


The problem is the USA remains the dictatorial power capable of forcing a destabilized Pakistan to do the monkeys' job. And Pakistan elites are too eager to resume serving the US bosses. It is only to be seen whether the US will henceforth shun its super power arrogance, see reason and stop drone attacks, or would it risk plummeting of relations that could be detrimental to the interests of the US as well as Pakistan. Of course, Washington is least worried about Pakistan's problems but it just wants to prolong the occupation and terror operations in Pakistan.


Pakistan seems to be carefully treading the risky US terror road, as it is not a matter of dealing with the super power alone but with 49 NATO countries. That is fine after all these reverses. 


Pakistanis must show that they can exist without US aid, are not interested in US money and favors and they must now prove that freedom and independence they got from both UK and India will be used fruitfully, at least hereafter, in creating and securing a credible Islamic state that sincerely cares for the people, helping them all live as Muslims. 


But any positive development is possible only in peaceful atmosphere and with NATO occupation of Pakistan, perpetually targeting Muslims, no peace is possible. 


Pakistan is fully destabilized but Pakistani elites still crawl towards USA.  That is  in clinical terms known as inanity.  Pakistan must surrender to USA the position of non-NATO ally that was used as a ploy to occupy Pakistan. 


Pakistanis need introspection and vow to clear  their soil of foe reign NATO terrorists.The holy month of Ramadan is the best time to do that!


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