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Sept-11 Hoax and Anti-Islamic Muslim Rulers




Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:



America is yet to come out reveal the  how  it so well organized the Sept-hoax which served as a reason for the Pentagon terrorist gangs to terror attack a sovereign Islamic Afghanistan and other Muslim nations one by one. however, it is now clear  that USA has engineered the Sept hoax to advance its illegal interests by immoral means. 


By talking bull about democracy, the western terrocracies and its eastern allies covertly promote extra authoritarian rules all over the rule only to help Americans imperialists advance the neo-colonialist agenda globally, starting in energy rich Arab world.

NATO and other foreign Terrorist Organizations led by America-Britain terror twins and their terror allies globally behave illiterate and insane jungle beasts.


The “almighty” super power America, upon killing millions of Muslims and destabilizing both Afghanistan and Pakistan, asks its puppet Pakistan to bear the brunt for being the US ally. 


Even while promoting UNSC-NATO terror organizations, some hard nuts in Washington, cutting across the political spectrum mulling the dirty idea of declaring Pakistan an enemy state and a terrorist organization. The pentagon has already hinted such a move to terrorize the corrupt Zardari regime to do exactly what it has been asked for without objections.


Unfortunately, Pakistani core media operating as joint operators of the US media nuts want the Americans continue to occupy Pakistan, killing its people and military personnel so that they and their offspring get all benefits from USA, including hassle free visas. These rotten and selfish “Muslims” are ever ready to sell Islamabad’s sovereignty and Islam.  


It is a major shame that Muslim leaders and media editors in Pakistan and elsewhere want the NATO and other foreign terrorist organizations to attack and destabilize both Iran and Syria. 


Indian Muslim leaders and media nuts, for instance, do not have the guts to oppose Indian state brutalities in occupied Jammu Kashmir for  decades. They also promote state  Hinduism for some small coins. This misbehavior on the part of  elitist Muslims only emboldens the state resolve to oppress Muslims in India and Kashmir. 


Identity of interests and commonality of mutual benefits among like-minded and persons or nations of common social system in broad terms alone ensures progress in ties and national advancements. But how can the super power and a weak third world Pakistan be close allies? Except terror attacks on Muslims there is nothing that could bind the ties.


The US-Pakistan relations are bogus, to say the least. Washington is coercing the corrupt Pakistani leaders to promote US interests in the region on payment basis- the payments go directly to important banks like Swiss, Bangkok and Dubai.


During its long period of coercive diplomacy against Pakistan it could make many Pakistanis both hypocrites and parasites trying to live on others' expenses by promoting and propagating western capitalism and imperialism. 


That looks like a strong nail in Islamic faith, deliberately degrading it.  Both Muslims and  non-Muslims as well as anti-Islamic  elements part take in this  ghastly process. 




Today, no Muslim nation can claim truly practising Islam in all respects by taking full care of people in all aspects. As a result, no Muslim lives like true Muslim. On the contrary number  of hypocrites is growing day by day as the western  terrorist gangs  keep killing Muslims by calling them "terrorists". . 


Sept-11 hoax, engineered and executed meticulously by the Neocon terror wings led by oil-arms lobbyists like the Bush family in USA, has targeted Islam and Muslims, their resources. Many Muslim nations, like Saudi Arabia , UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan have been used by the NATO rouges to pursue heir devastating ends and a major outcome has been the massacre of millions of Muslims and loot of energy resources.


Thus the Muslim rulers themselves contribute to the tragedy of Muslims and insult to Islam. 


While America is fooling the Pakistani regime, Pakistani leadership is cheating itself, its people and the followers of ruling elites.

The USA refuses to understand that all types of subversive activities starting with Sept-11, followed by militaryterror is not answer to pursue peace, because it never seeks peace. But the CIA-Pentagon duo must stop such dirty terror gimmicks.  It is in the will of the US to work-out for eradication of anti-American feelings and for the establishment of peace and harmony in the region.


The word Shari’a means rule of the law. Clearly, in Islam there are two rights, of Allah and of the people – both are important.  But the later rights of the people are so sacrosanct that it is said that God may forgive transgressions against His rights but even he will not forgive violations of rights of Human beings.  Do Muslim rulers, let alone anti-Islamic ones, know this simple fact? Foreign terrorist organizations led by America have entered the Pakistani soil through the force of triclomacy and have now occupied Pakistan, killing innocent Muslims.


Do the Pakistani rulers and leaders think they are the favorites of Allah?


Western concept democracy can pass any law by majority.  Islam goes by Allah’s commandments,  promoting true equality and selfless service to community. In Islam, therefore, no rule autocratic or now the prevalent and fashionable Democratic, can violate Rights and obligations of the Human beings. The words Human Rights now so much used by the West have been borrowed from Islam. The fact of Human Rights has much limited scope in the West than in Islam. 


In the history of Islam, and the principle of popular rule for the welfare of all in a given country was basic to true Islam and  this principle was practiced by caliphs. Muslim political thought and jurisprudence indeed insisted on this principle without any ambiguity. The Rule of the Caliphs was an illustration of what is the duty of the rulers towards the ruled.  One of four holy companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAS), Hazrat Umar’s saying that even if someone in Iraq suffered on the Day of Judgment he will be answerable for the sufferings of that being illustrate this idea.  This is applicable from the national level to local ones. But later, as devils began controlling the minds of Muslims, the selfish Muslim rulers shamelessly used even polls only to promote their own immoral interest.


The way the Washington arm twisted Pakistani regime and military to dismantle the Islamic rule in Swat is the crudest example of how much the West and NATO hate Islam. The NATO rogues terrorizing Pakistan have created a mirage of creating separate states within a weak Pakistan. These areas and regions are poverty stricken deserts and infertile areas.  America is eager pit the regime in Islamabad against the ethnicities and tribes. But the idea of a nation in which tribes and ethnicities merge is an old idea of Islamic polity as well, though the Muslim rulers have no idea about al these. 


That is the sad story about Muslim rulers worldwide. . . 


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