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 India's Waning Politics and Economy




Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:





In India rich are born to enjoy and other to suffer. Hindus are born to rule and Muslims to take all blames of regime's wrong politics, policies and inadequacies. 


Although there is no conclusive evidence about close relationship between politics and economics of a given country to show that positive politics contributes to better and healthy economics, in Indian context the hypothesis has been proven.



Poor quality of Indian politics determines and influences economics as well. 


Politicians and their support bureaucrats have carved out nation only to cater for the cause of rich, multinationals and big business. Mischievous policies in India have driven the nation into abyss and as a result India now possesses more bad and dirty money than genuine one.


India is yet to produce a genuine sincere leader to protect and advance the genuine interests of common people. There is hardly nay leader at the top of the nation or states who has the trust of the people who elections after elections give them mandates to rule on their behalf.


A poor politician who has no rapport with masses is now the premier of the country.  There are more corrupt ministers than sincere ones both at the centre and state levels. The corrupt ministers enjoy to much of freedom to loot the nation’s resources and premier Manmohan shields them all. The judiciary plays hide and seek games just the batboys and bowlers in cricketism exercises do. Madam Sonia Gandhi pretends she is unaware of scams taking place under her nose.


Indian politicians have promoted a failed finance minister to the post of President. Indian intelligence wings, through the fanatic but their reliable media, skillfully hid the reverses in Indian economic development during the last many years and highlighted only some plus points, thereby fooling the people of India. India parliament where BJP led opposite parties playing joint political exercises with Congress party never cared to raise the issue. Parliament which has ignored the plight of people in the country has lost it mandate and relevance.



Freedom and independence of India only meant strengthen the networks of the rich to amass huge wealth and profits. The job of the regime is to promote the rich and protect their interests. In order to keep the common folk in perpetual distress and poverty, the regime and media whip up anti-Muslim communal passions. .


Common people bearing the brunt of reforms continue to suffer. Mounting popular anger over rising prices, chronic poverty, and deepening social inequality have not made any impact over regime’s policies and as noting could be expected from the government in supporting poor and reducing the levels of the rural poverty.


The ruling UPA regime is interested only in attract foreign capital so promote India’s big business to push the local traders to the brim. The representatives of domestic and international capital are focused on extra profits and consider measures to impose the burden of the global economic crisis on the general populations, working classes and urban have-nots and rural toilers..


India’s important overseas markets in manufactured goods and IT services have been increasingly crumbling .Inflation remains stubbornly in double digits, because of the combined impact of a shortage of goods, high energy prices, and a steep decline in the exchange value of the Indian rupee against the US dollar. Inflation at the consumer level has also remained in double digits over the past several years.


Experts reveal that the prospects for India’s economy have deteriorated dramatically in recent months. Indian government led by the Congress party has decided to slash its growth projection for the current fiscal year to 6 percent, far below its long-term target of 9 percent per annum growth. The tanking of the rupee has panicked the Indian big business (the mainstay of funds for political parties and elections), which now has a total loan exposure of about $220 billion to foreign banks and financial institutions. 


The inherent weakness of the Indian economy, with its structural dependence upon foreign currency flows to finance its huge oil imports and current account deficit, and upon American and European markets for its exports, thus gets exposed. .


India, its rulers, elites and media lords are the known fanatics and it is not expected that they would change that easily.  Identifying failed institutions is not difficult; changing them is.


The ultimate consequence is that any Indian is deluded who believes that India can be changed substantively by using the electoral process.


Controlling the rulers is like catching or even buying fish—very slippery and unpredictable. .


Nevertheless, the process does continue. This process is justified by a doctrine referred to as "let the decision stand." The choice of controlling rules is entirely subjective. In the end, the task comes down to finding one the rulers and cronies like. No more, no less.


The US Supreme Court, unlike its counterpart in India, completely controls the American government, including the electoral process.


India can take pride in saying that the Supreme Court of the USA is an institution that has failed in every possible way. It is notorious for having issued iniquitous opinions; it has not only failed to resolve but has exacerbated conflicts; and it has consistently negated the ideals the founding fathers wrote into the Preamble of the Constitution. The Court is infamous for its horrid decisions.


People of strong political and cultural biases who lack open minds are not necessarily intelligent. A person who lacks the ability to question his own beliefs is a bigot. That's what Indian jurists and lawmakers who legislate their own beliefs into law are.


Any economy that ignores the genuine interests of common people, poor cannot be real economy; no matter it has reached the sky level in accumulation of wealth of all sorts- both legal and illegal. 


Dirty politics, communal inclusive, has polluted the socio-economic scene of the nation and people suffer because of the bad leaders and mischievous policies.


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