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royal nudity

Hardly the dust had settled down about Prince Harry’s nudity that yet another royal is caught alike which is not very much shameful but awfully mind blogging too. This time it is none but Kate wife of Prince William who is 2nd in line to the British throne. The couple is on a tour of South East Asia and South Pacific in connection with commemoration of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. They were in France and staying at a French chateau owned by Lord Linely who is the nephew of Queen Elizabeth where she was pictured topless when sun bathing with her husband. Magazine Closer has published topless photographs of the duchess on its front page and inside pages as well which has earned condemnation not only from the royal palace but the general public also as it is nothing short of invading the privacy of the duchess. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already filed a court case against the publication of the photos in France and left the country to other destinations to complete the tour celebrating Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


Isn’t it a real grave time not only for the members of British royal family but for the nation too as a whole as to how privacy of none but royals can be invaded so easily and so very often? This is not the 1st time or even the 2nd time but 3rd time when the royal is targeted completely unknowingly and in dark which as such gives rise to the question as why and how it happens so. What precautionary measures were taken since Princess of Wales Diana was haunted by the press which eventually even took her life in the most tragic manner? There had been unprecedented uproar not only in UK but worldwide about the tragedy of Diana and to be honest many still feel the pain and the pinch as to how she died and that too at such an early age. Just last month Prince Harry who is 3rd in line of succession to the British throne was found to be naked with some girl while on holidays in Las Vegas, USA and his photographs were published in Sun which totally embarrassed the Queen herself. Needless to mention the members of the royal family are none but human exactly like you and me and therefore they are fully entitled to enjoy whatever in privacy like anyone else and hence it is forbidden to invoke their privacy but yet it is trampled time and again. The royals have taken it up and lodged a court case too in France but this is not the answer though it is the most appropriate action to be taken in the given situation but certainly it is not the end of it. Let me be very frank and truthful to pen that the dent and damage done to private life of the duchess is not reversible since done is done and cannot be undone even if the photographer and the publisher are fined or even hanged. All those who have seen her naked cannot be brainwashed while some of them have even kept those rare photos with them so how to wash it out and come to the situation as if nothing has happened. Interestingly or regretfully these photos of the duchess are likely to be published in Italy as well as it has already been announced that Chi, an Italian weekly will publish a special issue on Monday with 26 pages about the photographs of the former Kate Middleton which will add more salt and fire to the issue to be honest.


How is privacy invaded is the biggest question of the hour which should be viewed from two different and divergent possible manners? The possibilities are that the place where royal blood is to stay is targeted much in advance and the logistics are very well deeply thought of to tap and trap none but the royal blood at the right moment. One approach could be that some hidden cameras have been fitted much in advance at the places but so smartly that none can see them and they work as when needed without the knowledge of the royal blood or alternatively someone penetrates right inside and click to take snaps but both the approaches are highly risky. The place where the royal stay is heavily guarded from security point of view and it is very much impossible for anyone to plant hidden cameras in the building and the compound as the place is strictly out of bound for unauthorized persons. I have my very serious doubts that someone was allowed to install hidden cameras on the property of Lord Linely where the royal couple stayed. The other possibility of someone like photographer having an access to royals and that too in such secluded times is very much out of question in any case. No denying the fact, even an ordinary street fellow will not allow anyone to take his or her naked photos what to talk of royal blood and therefore access to Kate in this case when she was bathing topless is simply out of question.


Who circled the duchess and that too more than once as her nude photos are flashed not just on top but on many pages? Isn’t he or she proved smarter than Scotland Yard and Royal Guards etc to photograph the Duchess of Cambridge in such shameful manner when she being topless is seen by worldwide though her husband Prince William is the only one entitled to see like this? Who will guarantee that it will not happen for 4th time is my last but burning question?



Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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