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American Preparations for Sept-11 :  US Agenda of Regime Change Idea of  Pre-emptive Wars




Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: 9349537946



The Sept-11 had been a deep rooted conspiracy by the 5 big veto powers of notorious UNSC. Entire world, terrorized by the force WW-II devastations, including nuclear attacks, had been directly controlled by those powers. They jointly but secretly decided the course of development processes on the globe. It appears only after the Sept-11 hoax that they have collaborated in the operations worldwide, but the process had started even during the WW-II, but in the psot-Sept-11 hoax, the process further intensified in open and secret operations. However, America has become undisputed leader of the secret operations.


Since the end of WW-II these states collaborated on all issues and shared intelligence. Covert operations were their main stay.  In August 1944, towards the end of the WW-II, representatives from USA, China, the Soviet Union and the UK gathered at the Dumbarton Oaks mansion in Washington to lay the foundations of the post-war global governance architecture. Coinciding with the liberation of Paris by Allied forces, the meeting set the stage for many of the international and regional political, security and economic structures on which the global order has been based since 1945: the UN and subsequent multilateral organizations, as well as international agreements on trade, tariffs and currencies.


These states have maintained strict secrecy and world would never know the details of their secret talks, communications and deals. They shared the booty in any conflict resolution and also supplemented these institutions with alliances and multilateral partnerships in order to deter “enemies” and foster shared concepts of security and governance. In short, states identified ways to further national interests in a mutually beneficial manner.


Under the auspices of these arrangements, all states were willing to cede some sovereignty to unilateral USA in order to forge a more resilient international system able to prevent global war and economic depression.


It is this secrecy keeping has kept the whole truth about Sept-11 even if these 5 veto members were involved in the Sept-11 hoax operations. 

The official declaration by the Bushdom rogues that the Sept-11 hoax was perpetrated by one Osama bin Laden from Saudi Arabia is at best a folk motive and the whole descriptive story about how Osama did the WTO attack fits into a nice fairy tale.


That can’t be real.  A nation called America that  possesses the best  high precision remote gadgets, including super radars and well connected global networks of well equipped agents cannot be taken for an easy ride by an individual who supposedly entered the airports and lifted 3 planes and hit his targets simultaneously could be an interesting old American story of heroism - but not real.    

The very thought that an individual called Osama could fool all these big veto rogue states is ridiculous, to say the least. Induction of this bogus Osama was perhaps endorsed even by Saudi Arabia which always plays second fiddle to America as we saw it in NATO war in Libya.  The way the Arab League led by Saudi Arabia supports the NATO terror wars is a clear sign of their secret nexus. 


But the process of big power collaboration got further strengthened after the Sept 11 hoax. 


It is not yet clear if Russia and China also cooperated with US preparations for the Sept-11 hoax. But Russia has cooperated with USA openly after the terror attack and asked the corrupt Central Asian regimes to promote NATO terrorism by renting their airspace and airports. Chechnya has remained a nightmare for Putin and he seeks permanent US help.


Americans have a duty before the world to disclose the details about Sept-11 and who all were involved and engaged by the CIA. Lies and falsehood do affect US foreign policy operations’ now. Many of the diverse foreign policy challenges facing the USA today require extensive global cooperation among leading nations, including Russia, other vet members of the United Nations Security Council and other regional powers.


Washington skilfully used both of the soft and hard powers after World War II to cultivate support for a system of alliances and institutions that subsequently became a cornerstone of Western success in the second half of the century.

Combining hard and soft power more effectively, in what has been called "smart power," was something previous generations of US policymakers well understood but now the new leaders refuse to understand., .

Now Americans increasingly ignore diplomacy and prefer triclomacy. Unilateralism as the chief foreign policy tool is not good for USA. Open policy and multilateral cooperation are useful and can be facilitated by a US foreign policy that displays a combination of soft power, including diplomacy that generates admiration rather than antagonism, and the prudent use of hard power, when absolutely required.

Today's world is clearly different from the Cold War era, but the need for positive diplomatic power in USA and elsewhere has never been more important.

Pre-emptive terror wars in the name of regime changes in oil rich Mideast cannot lead the USA to any super Star status. US power is now weakened and unless some sincere reflections and real repair work  by way of ending the WW-III in Islamic world, the American position and its   prestige could be eroded further!


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