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Pakistan’s Fear Complex



 Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: 91-9349537946 or 91-8129081217



Pathetically, Pakistan suffers from fear cum psychological disorder with regard to its relationship with dictatorial USA and hence the very thought of existing out US coins makes them all feel restless, lifeless and dead.  Pakistan has time and again shown it can serve the American interests by all possible e means. As an ally of NATO, Pakistani regime has killed thousands of innocent Muslims in Pakistan and ever ready to carry out any number of terror attacks on Pakistanis if only Americans assure them of non-stop flow of dollars and terror goods..

Is Pakistan a sovereign, Muslim nation?  Any sensible man would give Pakistan a negative name describing this misbehaviour as a state policy. .  

Interestingly, Pakistan has been cooperating with USA in terror operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan especially since Sept-11 as requested by Saudi Arabia. Since Pakistan is fixed as the epicentre of NATO terror operations targeting Afghanistan, Washington employed its ally Riyadh to get the Pakistani soil for NATO operations. And Gen Musharraf readily agreed and got approval of the West for his illegimate regime.  

That both USA and Pakistan jointly killed many Pakistanis and also let the NATO terror syndicate to occupy and maintaining the jungle rule operations is a story already in history. Also in history of Pakistan is the truth that Islamabad by serving the US causes has destabilized itself.  

Yet, as US ally in terror war on Muslims and Islam in South Asia, Islamabad seems deeply hurt that Americans have used just them as servants n payment basis and have not established “strategic” relations with it, despite their joint terror war being fought in Afghanistan for the last 10 years or so.

While USA and NATO focus on stealing Pakistan nukes, the Pakistani elites want the Pentagon to make Pakistan a strategic partner at par with India, they want the USA to announce a nuclear terror deal for Pakistan like India.

Since USA pursues it hidden agenda in the region, Pakistan-US relations have been ridden with mutual suspicions and lack of trust in each other.

Both Pakistan and USA have to work together to bring peace in Afghanistan preferably before completion of withdrawal of US and NATO forces, by end of 2014. But that should be the worry of Americans who still want to kill remaining Afghans. USA says it needs Pakistan in resolving the Afghan crisis and bring peace but it, as India pushes against withdrawal of NATO terror forces from Afghanistan, does not want to respect the sovereignty of Pakistan.

And Pakistan is being insulted.

Most Pakistani elites, seeking US favours,  are concerned about US interests , ignoring the genuine interests of Pakistan as a free nation . Americans exploit that hypocritical mindset of Pakistan.

And Pakistan is being insulted even more!.


 Pakistan as a nation has also to protect its interests particularly the core national interests in the light of its constitution and aspirations of elected representatives and people.

Since many Pakistanis still, as decades long meaningless habit, look to USA for dollars and terror goods The US has been perpetually accusing Pakistan of “not doing enough”.

Ironically, Pakistan has committed large strength of its troops to fight terrorists in FATA and Swat areas, almost equal to coalition forces in Afghanistan, and suffered colossal human and economic losses in the process. Islamabad has also suffered huge loss of Islamic image and, of human as wells national dignity.


Literally, then, Pakistani regime has invited the Pentagon to kill both people and solders of Pakistan. After about 5 months closure of supply routes Clinton rendered a bogus apology on behalf of the USA and the routes were opened by Pakistan and, with more and more bilateral meetings at high level, mutual relations somehow started improving because the Pentagon keeps its heavy terror hands over the Pakistan regime. .

Despite these triclomatic efforts, many rich Pakistanis feel the speed of improvement of relations is very slow and trust deficit still prevails. They want the regime and military to attack Pakistanis so that the “trust deficit” is reduced so that dollars and terror goods resume flowing into select Pakistanis and military.

The fact is that a destabilized Islamabad cannot be expected to help stabilize the US- Pak military ties. Pakistan’s government can help USA in brokering a successful peace deal in Afghanistan. But Americans must now pay for the losses incurred by Pakistan due to the illegal terror war.

Indian crude strategy of exploiting its strategic partnership with US super power against Pakistan’s interests is not gin got change, especially with respect to Kashmir dispute and Afghanistan. Like the Israel does it as its major terror policy against besieged Palestine, criminal India that has killed about 100 000 Muslims in JK also very cunningly term Kashmiri’s freedom struggle as terrorism. India is seen destabilising Baluchistan using its consulates in Afghanistan.  India has increased foothold in Afghanistan by bribing the corrupt in Kabul and is steadily pushing the corrupt Zardari regime also let it use Pakistani soil and extend its influence in Pakistan.

While Pakistani people continue to suffer due to misrule by the regime and by drone terror attacks by Americans, the elites want only dollars and other favours from USA.  

If you do not call it the fate of Pakistan what would you call it?  Great Pakistanis?

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