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Perpetual Zionist Occupational Crimes in Palestine



[Time Runout for Fascist Israel to Quit Mideast- Part -114}]


 Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: (91)9349537946 or (91)0/8129081217




When devils are allowed to go on rampage, and when wild beasts and blood thirsty vultures pounce upon besieged humans, obviously the humans fall victims. This is true of all occupied nations, from Palestine to Kashmir to Chechnya to Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan and Xinjiang. Like the NATO rouges, both Israel and India continue to attack Muslims in their vicinities, killing more and more innocent people for obtain legitimacy form UNSC, USA and ICJ.


USA-UK terror twins are responsible for the crude fate meted out o to Palestinians by the occupation forces of Israel. Since the invasion and occupation of an illegally established Israel in 1947 Arabs, the Palestinians do not have sovereignty and they are being killed in a sustained manner of holocaust by occupying fascist Israel and created terror blockades to make the Palestinians suffer like flock of sub-humans and animals. Americans promote Zionist invasions and shield the Israeli crimes against Palestine humanity.


In order to deny any freedom for protests for sovereignty and human dignity, Israel does not allow any outside countries to establish relations with Palestinians.  In 2008, several international ferries succeeded in docking at Gaza's fishing harbour, a year after Israel imposed a strict ground and naval blockade on Gaza to isolate Hamas and destroy Palestine.


However, following the three-week Zionist terror war known as the so-called Operation Cast Lead between 2008 and 2009, killing thousands of Palestinians, including children, Israel decided to ban all foreign ships from entering Gaza's waters. Turkey made a heroic attempt to breach the Gaza blockade to free the besieged Gazans and thus in 2010, Israeli commandos attacked and intercepted a Turkish flotilla with aid bound for Gaza and killed nine Pro-Palestinian Turks, tensing diplomatic relations between Israel and Turkey. Following the standoff, Israel relaxed the overland closure, but kept the naval blockade tight.


The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) led by the Fatah party leaders Abbas has now called for international protection to a boat carrying pro-Palestinian activists trying to break Israel's naval blockade on the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Hamas movement, which rules Gaza, has also urged the world to respond to Israeli threats against Estelle, the Finish-flagged boat. The international community must provide protection for the flotilla because it is a legitimate peaceful activity directed against the Israeli siege, said Nour Odeh, spokeswoman for the PNA.

The boat set sail from Naples, Italy, on Oct 7. It carries more than a dozen activists, most of them from Western countries, and humanitarian aid. It is scheduled to arrive in Gaza in two weeks, depending on weather conditions. But the Israel notified Finland that the boat will be stopped (terror attacked like Turkish Flotilla) if it tried to enter Gaza's waters. Yousef Rizka, a Hamas official, warned that Israel may use "violence and terror to prevent the humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza". He said the international community must "stop the Israeli aggressive actions".



Gaza Strip has been under the legitimate control of ruling Hamas since 2007 when the Hamas party own the polls in a spectacular manner but upsetting all calculations of ant-Palestine Israel and USA. The Islamist group rejects permanent peace with Israel and the two sides fought a three-week war in December-January 2008-2009. The border is tense, with frequent clashes. A Hamas spokesman said the movement would not remain passive in the face of what it called "one-sided" Israeli violence.


In order to silence the Palestinian demand for freedom, Israel keeps attacking them, killing them in a sustained manner Sunday's Israeli air strike was aimed at two Palestinian militants, one of whom was critically wounded. The military (armed wing) of ruling Hamas, the Islamists who are denied the right to govern the West bank by Fatah and its western promoters said it joined in Monday's rocket attack along with the Islamic group. Israel said it struck targets in the Gaza Strip on Monday after Palestinian militants fired rockets at southern Israel, in what they said was a response to an Israel air strike on Sunday that wounded two militants and eight bystanders.


Zionist crimes are common when the notorious UNSC looks the other way. Residents of Khan Younis in southern Gaza said an Israeli tank fired at the suspected launch area, slightly wounding four children and damaging a minaret and a water tower. Abu Ubaida, spokesman of the Hamas armed wing Izz El-Deen Al-Qassam Brigades, said the rocket firing was a message to Israel that it would not accept "a formula of a one-sided aggression by the occupation on flimsy pretexts".



The Israeli terror army said it had targeted "Hamas terror activity sites and terrorist squads responsible for the rocket fire", but gave no details. Israeli forces say they will not tolerate such attacks and will hold Hamas responsible for them. Gaza hospital officials said one Islamic Freedom fighter thought to have been involved in the rocket attack had been wounded by Israeli tank fire east of the town of Rafah.


The West tries to promote Zionism by weakening the Palestine movement. With Egyptian mediation, Hamas has made efforts in the past to clamp down on smaller militant groups that persist in launching attacks on Israel, partly in order to avoid another devastating war. Abu Ubaida said Hamas had displayed a "high level of coordination" with Islamic Jihad in launching the latest rocket barrage. "Should the enemy continue its aggression against the Gaza Strip the reaction by the resistance will be stronger and broader," he said.



Against the force of US-Israel conspiracies, Palestinians continue to struggle to sustain the freedom movement and the struggle shall continue until the Zionist criminals are flushed out of the Palestine lands. The homemade weapons fired from Gaza are not as high precision as Israel’s are and they are inaccurate and ineffective, but potentially lethal. However, that is not at all sufficient to establish an independent Palestine that will exist free from fascist Zionist terror attacks.  .

Palestinians have suffered and sacrificed more than enough. It is high time USA and UNSC shed their fascist oriented pro-Israeli stance and come forward to establishing much delayed Palestine state. Enough of horrid dramas.


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