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US Presidency:  What is at stake for Humanity?    




Republicans and Democrats- the Imperialist Labels


Most countries today eagerly awaiting the US presidential poll as if the outcome would reshape the world. Those countries that depend on US aid for survival should  have no worry because irrespective of who wins. Many rightly expect the Republican would be more ruthless and arrogant than Obama has been regarding escalation of terror war in Islamic world. 


The fact is, Obama or Romney actually does not make any difference to either USA or world at large because both are the sides of the same imperialist coin pursing one and same set of capitalist policies.


By playing out the usual Republican- Democrat gimmicks, they try to fool the US voters without any credible plans for the Americans and world. 

Essentially they tell the pubic the same stuff in their own format.


At point Obama is seen to have upper hand in the race for the White House, while Republican Mitt Romney makes a comeback showcasing a viable path to victory in the tight battle.


That is the usual stunt in public and media.

The debates were non-stop bombarding and people were fed up.

For the people who gathered in hall the debate was more of an entertainment. On the detail level the debate was about as exciting as watching to two economic lecturers argue the merits of tax theory.

Many people came to this debate to have their prejudices confirmed.

Only technical people think about such things but it is important to understand the “angles” that the cameras were focused on both candidates. There seems to be a bias created here worthy of investigation.

Still the mere fact that so many are being hoodwinked into thinking Romney actually won this debate shows the American education system is a complete failure. The easy spin capacity of the mainstream media is about “impression management” and Romney has proved himself quite the actor.

The first problem is that the debate was too much on technical matters most Americans don’t much understand; and therefore they were left groping to look for whatever impressions they could muster. This of course includes many people who work the media: they know far less about economics than they like to pretend. They too are vulnerable to look for whatever prejudices suits their purposes.

Still the mere fact that so many are being hoodwinked into thinking Romney or Obama actually won this debate shows the American education system is a complete failure. The easy spin capacity of the mainstream media is about “impression management” and Romney has proved himself quite the tricky actor.


Battle for White House

Republicans and democrats are fighting out a battle for the big white compound only to control the world, loot resources by pretending to be nice guys, invade energy rich or energy route specific Muslim nations.  Attack on Islam and Muslims remains the key policy of USA its NATO gangs.  Illegal occupation of Muslim nations and murder of Muslims constitute the new American philosophy.  

CIA has on its payroll enormous corpus of Muslim agents too.

Democratic President B. Obama still appears to have the upper hand in the state-by-state fight to cobble together the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency in the November 6 election. But Romney's recent surge in the polls after his strong performance in his first debate with Obama on October 3 has propelled the Republican into the lead or within striking distance in enough states to give him a reasonable chance of beating Obama to the finish line. Ohio, long seen as the key to unlocking the White House, looms large in every victory scenario for either candidate - particularly Romney. Until the last two weeks, polls did not show Romney with enough support in other crucial states to give him a clear path even if he won Ohio.

The changing map has led the filmy tactician Romney to make some shifts in strategy. He began moving some staff from North Carolina, a one-time battleground where he now has a solid lead, to other swing states this week. The former Massachusetts governor's campaign also bolstered its television advertising in Iowa and Wisconsin, where polls indicate Obama has slim leads. The RealClearPolitics average of polls gives Obama a lead of at least four percentage points in states that account for 237 electoral votes, while Romney enters the final stretch with an edge of that size in states that represent 206 electoral votes. A win in Ohio would put Romney over the top and give him some margin of error to lose other states that are still in play. If he does not win Ohio, either Wisconsin or a combination of Nevada and Iowa still could be enough to win, although Obama, in addition to having slim leads in Wisconsin and Iowa, also leads in Nevada. Both candidates are pouring time and resources into Ohio, where Obama has held a steady lead for months and now has an average poll advantage of more than 2 percentage points

The tightening race has created many different scenarios, including the possibility that the Electoral College winner will not capture the most votes nationwide - similar to what happened in 2000, when Republican George W. Bush got more electoral votes than Democrat Al Gore, who received more of the popular vote.

Romney, a wealthy former private equity executive who opposed the Obama-backed federal bailout of the auto industry, has struggled to connect with blue-collar voters in Ohio, where one in eight jobs is tied to the auto industry and the state unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 7.8 percent.Along with Ohio, they could give the Obama campaign a Midwestern stronghold of 34 electoral votes that protects him against potential losses elsewhere.

Obama's handling of the struggling economy will again be the focus when the Department of Labor releases the unemployment figures for October on November 2, just four days before the election. The report for September gave Democrats a boost by showing that the nation's unemployment rate was 7.8 percent, down from 8.1 percent in August. If Obama wins the states where he currently has comfortable leads and adds just those three Midwestern states, he would have 271 electoral votes - enough to be re-elected.

The Obama campaign is counting on what polls show is strong support from the growing Hispanic community to make a difference in Nevada and Colorado, although the level of intensity and voter turnout among Hispanics will be a wild card. Any gains for Obama among Hispanics could be offset, however, by what polls have found is decreased support among the young and first-time voters who helped sweep Obama to victory over Republican John McCain in 2008.

Most national polls show Obama and Romney deadlocked. In such a close race, any surprise development during the final two weeks could loom large.

As Americans and their rulers get more and more confused, the White House denied a report that the Obama administration and Iran had agreed to hold one-on-one talks about Iran's nuclear program, another issue that could shape the narrative of the campaign's final days.  


An Observation


As Americans are readily available to listen to the US bluff form their leaders, Obama and Romney will have their final debate, on foreign policy in Boca Raton, Florida, where Romney is once again likely to challenge the president on his weakness. That is just a formality.

One thing is crystal clear: the republicans are more dangerous than the Democrats on both domestic and foreign fronts and they do not hide their ugly sides in public. Republicans represent capitalists and rich exclusively and they are the sworn enemy of the poor and middle classes. Mitt said “…but I’m ‘not’ going to increase the taxes on High income Americans, high income Americans are doing just fine (regardless of who is President)…but it is middle income people who are suffering (all this in his so-called defense of the middle class)? Is there any contradiction of logic here? Are Americans also so stupid they can be lied to with such audacity? And this was just the beginning of a boring debate.

Irrespective of who will eventually succeed in fooling the voters to reach the White building, and compound, the imperialist president is going to pursue the ongoing WW-III on Islam, drinking Muslim blood profusely and adding more Muslim corpses to the terror tally.

If, by mistake or default Romney manages to reach the Presidency, the WW-II would be prolonged indefinitely.  Israel will attack Iran and other nations in Mideast, leading to finale of the terror war eventually destroying itself. .  

Criminal Jews will pounce upon the besieged Palestinians with more force and rigour.

How can Americans expect the naïve masses to understand what the presumed intelligentsia of this corrupt nation does not? Democracy is being proven a farce.

Now you tell me will this poll make any difference to US polices? Will Obama quickly end the ongoing WW-III on Islam? Will  global state terrorism under NATO-UNSC banner led by USA-UK terror twins end at all?  


Finally, which one is better - Obama fascism or Romney fascism?

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