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End Zionist Regime Blockades around Palestinians!


[Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Expert in Mideast affairs;  Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: (91)9349537946 or (91)0/8129081217]




Colonialist powers and other terrocracies continue to enjoy eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the besieged people under their occupations. Some are more aggressive, like Israel, USA, UK, India, etc, than others. 


Israeli criminals have been on the rampage for decades now and they have been assigned free hand by the UNSC rouges. Both illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and genocides of Palestinians are against law. But the illegal regime in Tel Aviv does not bother about international law and keeps killing innocent people and expand the illegal territories where the hapless Palestinians are employed to proliferate illegal settlements.


Neither dictatorial USA nor the notorious UNSC being controlled by the USA-UK terror twins nor the international judiciaries like ICJ and ICC have been able to contain the terror operations of Zionist regime in Mideast over the besieged Palestinians. It appears all these entities have ganged up against Palestinians and promote Israeli criminal regime. That explains the silence being maintained by all of them over the continued crimes by Jews against the Palestinians.


As the Palestinians fate is controlled by Israel, the Israeli regime does not allow any help for the Gaza people from outside and attacks any aidship going to Gaza. Recently, once again, Zionist criminal navy seized an international pro-Palestinian activist ship in the Mediterranean sea today to prevent it breaching its blockade of the Gaza Strip. No one was reported hurt when Israeli marines boarded the SV Estelle, a three-mast schooner, and that it was rerouted to Israel's southern port of Ashdod after it ignored orders to turn away from the Hamas-governed Palestinian enclave Gaza. Citing a need to stem arms smuggling to Hamas and other Palestinian “militants”, Israel maintains a tight naval blockade of Gaza. Israel and neighboring Egypt also limit overland traffic to and from the territory.


The Estelle was carrying 30 activists from Europe, Canada and Israel, humanitarian cargo such as cement, and goodwill items such as children's books. Shipboard activists could not immediately be reached for comment.


Palestine Statehood


It doe  not seem that Israeli illegal occupation, aggression, atrocities, murders, expansion of illegal territories will end one day because of the continued support I the regime draws from western colonialist powers and their UNSC.


 The only way before the Palestinians now, there,  is to obtain statehood though proper channel by the UN support. Palestinians describe the curbs as collective punishment for Gaza's 1.6 million residents and their supporters abroad have mounted several attempts to break the blockade by sea. Most were stopped by Israel, and in one May 2010 incident its marines killed nine Turkish activists in clashes aboard their ship. An inquiry into that incident commissioned by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon found that Israel's Gaza blockade was legal but faulted the navy for excessive force.


Palestine has been an observer for years now. The pro-Israeli western states, perhaps thinking that it is too early for statehood, are coercing the Palestine leaders not to become full member and instead go for a so-called non-member status which actually means nothing. Having failed last year to secure full UN membership due to US-Israeli opposition, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was forced to say last month he would ask the 193-nation General Assembly to approve a less-ambitious promotion of the Palestinian Authority's observer status to "non-member state," like the Vatican. It is currently considered an "entity. Abbas is consulting with UN member states and is expected to call for a meeting on the Palestinian issue as early as next month, after the November 6 US presidential elections which also make no sense. .


The United States and Israel have warned the Palestinians against seeking a status upgrade, saying it would be a setback for the peace process and suggesting that it could have financial implications for the Palestinian Authority. Some U.N diplomats say that the Palestinians have not made a final decision to go for the upgrade and are under intense pressure from Washington and European nations to call it off.


Under pressures from USA, the Palestinians are not seeking U.N. membership. But an upgrade of their observer status could nevertheless be uncomfortable for Israel. Being registered as a state rather than an entity would mean the Palestinians could join bodies such as the International Criminal Court and file complaints against Israel for its continued occupation.


Whereas for full membership the UNSC must approve it, a simple upgrade in status would be obtained directly from the UN. The Palestinians need a simple majority in the General Assembly for the status upgrade, and predict that between 150 and 170 nations out of the 193 U.N. member states will vote in favor. Handling the Palestinian debate will likely be the first major U.N. test for Jeremic, the youngest General Assembly president in the history of the United Nations. But he also intends to dedicate much of his time to finding a way to improve cooperation between the G20 and the United Nations. Jeremic said this could make the assembly more relevant and give some legitimacy to the G20, an informal group that smaller countries often criticize for its lack of transparency. He said his plan was to "create a consultation mechanism between the G20 and the rest of the world." Jeremic will discuss it with Russia, which chairs the G20 next year, and plans to hold a high-level meeting on U.N.-G20 cooperation in early 2013.


The push by the Palestinians for upgraded status at the United Nations is likely to succeed, said Vuk Jeremic the president of the UN General Assembly and former Serbian Foreign Minister, while warning the dictatorial USA against cutting UN funding over the issue. In his first major interview since winning a divisive campaign for the largely ceremonial U. post in June, Vuk Jeremic also said he was seeking to improve coordination between the world body and the Group of 20 bloc of key developed and developing nations.


Palestinians must push for full UN membership by citing Jewish terror stacks and Zionist crimes. They have reason to rust the big rouge states posing themselves as democracies. But these essentially terrocracies would be pushed to the walls only if the PLO places its intent for full UN membership.


As illegal Israel terrorizes the Palestinians, the west keeps silent about its crimes. Time has lapsed already. And it is time for statehood and nothing less!




Fascist Blockades



The number of Palestinians killed over the years is comparable only with Indian genocides in occupied Kashmir and beyond count and they are willing to sacrifice more lives until they get what is rightfully theirs from the Israelis.


As Israel rigidly enforces Gaza blockade, the Palestinian Gazans have been suffering endlessly as a result of Zionist siege that began in 2007 but Israel has no concern about their difficulties. Nor does  it bother about International law so long as USA-UK terror twins support the illegal criminal regime. .


Recent Israeli state criminals blockade of the boat carrying pro-Palestinian MPs and humanitarian activists seeking to reach Gaza enclave by sea clearly signals the permanent terror premises of Israeli policies. The Zionist criminal takeover of the Finnish flagged vessel ended the latest bid by activists to breach Israel’s maritime embargo on Gaza which prohibits all naval traffic in and out of the Palestinian coastal territory the latest.

The latest Israeli action is a proof that the Zionist state is bent upon rigidly enforcing the blockade of Gaza. There is even opposition in Israel to the blockade as a group of 20 Israeli peace activists gathered on a nearby beach holding up signs demanding to lift siege of Gaza.


Earlier in 2010 activists organised a major attempt to break the blockade when six ships led by the Mavi Marmara from Turkey tried to reach Gaza and the barbaric Israeli action led to the killing of nine Turkish activists sparking a diplomatic crisis with Ankara. Last year a UN report on the 2010 raid accused Israel of acting with excessive force but it appears that these condemnations are having no impact on Tel Aviv behind which the CIA-Mossad agents hide and engineer subversive operations.


The problem is the US terrocracy extends its full supports for Israeli crimes. But this situation cannot be allowed to go on indefinitely and that is why the peace activists from around the world are drawing the attention of international community to pay attention to the sufferings of the Gazans. We would warn that if the world powers and particularly the USA did not pressurize Israel to end the blockade there would be more bloodshed.



American Economic Muscles


Americans use money in the form of military aid and loan with attachments as the prime tool to control UN and global nations. USA also uses it power to shield Israeli criminals by misusing its veto handle on the notorious UNSC and employing the aids to UN as a political weapon.


The U.S. Congress froze some $200 million in financial aid to the Palestinians after they took their statehood campaign to the United Nations last year. Western officials say further aid reductions by the United States are likely, along with a possible freezing of U.N. funding. The United States cut funding to the U.N. education and science agency, UNESCO, last year after it admitted the Palestinians as a full member. A 1990s U.S. law prohibits American funding to U.N. organizations that grant full membership to any group that does not have "internationally recognized attributes" of statehood.


U.N. diplomats and officials say they are also worried about a possible reduction of U.N. funding from the United States, which supplies 22 percent of the regular U.N. budget. Jeremic said he does not want to lecture the United States, but voiced concern about a possible American suspension of U.N. funding due to the Palestinian issue. Such a suspension, he said, would have "dire financial implications" for the United Nations. "I don't think this would be in the interests of the United States to cut the financial aid, but I am not in a position to say to the United States what is it they should do," he said. "They know what is best for them, and that's what they are going to do."


Previous attempts to boost ties between the G20 and United Nations have failed. Jeremic's predecessor in 2008-2009, Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua, made an attempt to do the same but made little headway. D'Escoto, a left-wing former foreign minister, was a fierce critic of the United States, Israel and the G20, and envoys said that alienated some delegations. Jeremic made clear he would take a different approach and would be seeking consensus. "This must not be an antagonistic exercise," he said. "This is not about bashing."


A number of U.N. diplomats have mentioned Jeremic as a potential candidate to succeed Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon when his term ends in December 2016. The next U.N. chief is expected to come from Eastern Europe in keeping with a tradition of rotation among the six regional groups of the United Nations. Jeremic, who became a familiar face in New York at regular U.N. meetings on Serbia's former province of Kosovo, declined to comment on his future plans apart from returning to Serbia, where he remains a member of parliament. But he did not rule out the idea of running for the top UN post.



Israeli criminals must be punished for their Crimes


Americans make loud noise when the Palestinians try and retaliate the intermittent Israeli attacks, but they refuse to condemn the Zionist crimes, killing even children. They claim to be best available democrats around but have not opposed the terror blockades around the Palestinians. These anti-humanity nuts have not made any attempt to arrest the Zionist attacks on Palestine bound aidships. 


What right the USA has to be on the UNSC with veto status? Only to promote Zionism and NATO and also to shield its crimes? Why not dismantle UNSC?


Of course, the Palestinians are right to seek “advanced non-member observer state" status. USA-Israel terror twins and the usual guilty parties have said that this initiative by the Palestinians will hamper the peace process. That would make sense, but there has been no peace process for years. The only serious attempt to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was at Taba in the last few weeks of Clinton's presidency. There has been no concentrated effort to resolve the conflict since, and none envisages Obama is trying very hard to resolve this long and intractable conflict.


Jews make fake claims and wants to escape punishment for their crimes against humanity. Hypothetically speaking if European Jews descend from Israelites (Slavics in search of a Semitic past.), they will still have no more valid claim to Palestine than the descendants of the ancient Romans have to Britain (for example). The Romans occupied Britain as long as the Israelites occupied Palestine.


More attempted extortion on the part of the US in regards to Israel and Palestine. In regards to this issue, every right thinking American is ashamed to call themselves an American!


No legal precedent imaginable would grant consideration to an absentee land-claim spanning some 13 centuries. The entire Zionist usurpation and annexation of historic Palestine was a brazen act of neo-colonialism, and injustice. How in the world is the UN going to grant status of "non-member state" to an entity that is NOT even a state? The US law that prohibits American funding to U.N. organizations that grant full membership to any group that does not have "internationally recognized attributes" of statehood is the one that truly has it right! UN seems to be on its way of trashing all internationally recognized legal principles for statehood!



The UN controlled by the USA-UK terror twins and other veto rouges, has proved to be little, other than impotent. It is high the notorious UNSC is dismantled and replaced with a UN Peace Council without any veto handle for big rogue imperialist states to manipulate. The law is the law and the USA stop supplying the UN with 22% of its funding.




An Observation


When the notorious UNSC was quick to recognize an Israel illegally imposed in Mideast, by offering it full statehood to enable to attack the Palestinians and contain Arab nations with US help, it is not doing the same in the case of Palestine. The USA-Israel terror twins go all about blocking the Palestinians from making a legal homeland.  


Egyptian President Mursi who is committed to the cause of Palestinians must undertake steps to ensure safety and security of the besieged Palestine and help them establish Islamic Palestine state. In this effort Egypt would do well by joining Turkey and Iran exclusively on the Palestine cause without mixing other issues. Without Islamic agenda for implementing Islamic law all Muslim nations are at par with anti-Islamic nations.  


The Mideast and other regional conflicts are not getting resolved because of the veto powers. The UN as veto should eliminate veto powers since veto status is anti-democratic and there just be a majority like a democracy.  And everyone chooses for every resolution.


Meanwhile, for the efficient functioning of the UN as a global body,  all expenses of UN should be borne by all members equally and no veto member should be there to manage the show.


Unless the terror blockades around the Palestinians are removed, America remains the worst democracy . 


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