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US Foreign Policy Matrix: Faces of Imperialism and Zionism





Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: (91)9349537946 or (91)0/8129081217




Dictatorial America only has one foreign policy: “Bomb them!” This US policy format forces every nation to fear the Americans, play for them without in fact respecting them. USA expects entire world to keep resetting their own polices in tune with American so as to promote US imperialism.


As the presidential poll date is nearing, American politicians, in trying to woo and fool the voters behave like entertainers, are successfully competing with traditional entertainers.


The “defending” president Democrat Obama and his rival Republican Romney as the competitors for White House enjoyment play their roles on public platform watched by entire terrorized world awesomely well.


Obama and Republican challenger Romney face off in the last of the three presidential debates, and they will be looking to convince voters that they can protect America and American interests abroad better than their opponent.



In the foreign policy debate between the two, foreign policy itself became redundant and they focused instead on domestic problems, especially on safe economy issue. Both candidates last night at times tried to turn the subject to domestic policy, with Obama talking about education and Romney reeling off his five-point plan to improve the economy and criticizing the president for a jobless rate that until last month had continually exceeded 8 percent during his administration. The rate dropped to 7.8 percent in September.


President B Obama and Republican challenger M Romney accused each other of failing to have clear foreign policy visions as the two met last night for their third and final debate. Romney, 65, began the debate by criticizing Obama for what he described as growing threats in Muslim nations like Syria, Libya, Mali, Egypt and Iran. While he congratulated Obama for the raid that killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, he said, “we must have a comprehensive strategy” to prolong WW-III.  


Wherever, they touched upon foreign policy matters, on various foreign policy specifics, the two sometimes professed agreement or differed only to a degree. Obama accused challenger Romney of being wrong on all foreign policy choices he has taken and criticized Romney for once saying Russia was the biggest geopolitical foe facing the USA.

Romney accused Obama of failing ally Israel, which the Democrat has not visited since taking office four years ago.  President Obama is falling behind in the race for president. So he shows up and launches one attack after another. He looked desperate," said Romney

Both men declared, however, they would defend the Jewish state if it were attacked by Iran and both vowed to pursue tough policies against Tehran's nuclear ambitions and keep military action as a last resort.

Hawkish Jewist Romney would give Israel carte blanche to attack Iran There are fears that Israel might stage a pre-emptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, drawing the U.S. into conflict. Or the U.S. might be the one to attack to protect its ally Israel. Hifter was then the CIA candidate to take over the Libyan military. In July 2011, Younes was assassinated by the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, which must thus be seen as a CIA asset.



Many analysts see the conflict as a proxy war between Iran and its Sunni Arab rivals in the region, between Iran and the USA, and even between the USA and Russia.




Bogus US threats

At times, the debate did produce a clash of worldviews between President Obama and Romney, including an exchange on the biggest threats facing the all powerful dictatorial America. On US efforts to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability the two men seemed more in agreement than not. The president defended his emphasis on sanctions to isolate Iran. “As long as I am President of the United States, Iran will not get a nuclear weapon," Obama stated. "I made that clear when I came into office.  We then organized the strongest coalition and the strongest sanctions against Iran in history and it is crippling their economy.” 

And US strategists say there is a perceived threat from China both in economics and security. , China has been accused of anti-competitive trade practices that are undercutting US industries and handicapping the American economy. Obama and Romney both reiterated their positions on China, saying the country can’t violate trade rules. Romney said he would label the country a currency manipulator on his first day in office. "One of the ways they don't play by the rules is artificially holding down the value of their currency," Romney said last week that China has been a currency manipulator for years and years and years.


By keeping the value of its yuan low compared to the dollar, China makes its goods cheaper (and more attractive) to American consumers while U.S. goods are more expensive to Chinese consumers. That, of course, directly impacts American businesses and jobs. Obama has been applying pressure behind the scenes, and China has raised its exchange rate nearly 8% from 2010 to April 2012. Other economists, however, think the yuan is still undervalued. Another way China directly affect the USA is that it is one of America's leading creditors. There is concern that because China owns so much US debt, it might hold too much sway over what the U.S. wants to do in the future.


Romney said Obama's policies toward the Middle East and North Africa were not stopping a resurgence of the threat from al Qaeda in the region. Romney pulled his punches on Libya, a potential weak spot for Obama after the White House gave a shifting story about the September 11 attack by militants on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. But he did concentrate on Obama's handling of crises throughout the Middle East, from Syria to Egypt and north Mali.




Romney supported Obama’s decision to kill CIA operative Osama and his call for the ouster of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Romney also said he wouldn’t send troops into Syria. On Afghanistan, Romney said he would expect troops to pull out of the country in 2014, the same goal set by Obama. Romney chastised Obama for what he called an “apology tour” in which Obama visited Arab countries and neglected Israel.  Romney criticized Obama for not doing enough to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Romney glossed over Libya and instead turned his criticism on Obama’s general Middle East policy.


Terrorism still retained as an issue in poll. Americans still believe the terror plank still has a lot of potential to be exploit the Sunni-Shi'ia divide and for the poll purposes but the in the process humanity takes the brunt as the people of globe are perpetually terrorized. Polls have shown that most Americans are tired of the terror war. A survey indicated that only 25% of Americans favored the war, and 55% said the USA should remove all of its troops before 2014.



There's an ongoing war in Afghanistan for over a decade- the longest world war – extended to Pakistan, Iraq and Libya, a civil war in Syria and a tense standoff between Iran and fascist Israel.


Throughout the debate, both candidates sought to link foreign policy questions to the strength of the US economy. There was a difference of opinion on relations with China, Romney talking a tougher line even as Obama spoke of his actions against Chinese tires and steel.



recent poll shows that the public is divided about what to do about China. Should the US be tougher on Beijing or try to build a stronger relationship? But most people in the poll say the US debt with China is a very serious problem, as is the loss of US jobs to China and the US trade deficit with China.







In terms of growing human tragedy, regional instability, and rising extremism Americans have caused enormous tragic situation in the world and there is none that can contain, stop and initiate punitive measures against the stat criminals from USA and its allied nations

Both the Republican and democratic guys seem to have passed the "commander-in-chief" test of looking authoritative on national security issues. So what? Both have strong commitment to US imperialism, Zionist fascism and global capitalism.  Both Both reiterated their commitment to US imperialism and global capitalism..



World sees the civil war in Syria as US-Russia war on foreign soil, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, etc.


As the only positive statement, Obama has promised to withdraw combat troops in Afghanistan by the end of 2014, 13 years after the war began. Romney has said he would generally abide by the deadline, although he said he would solicit the advice of the Pentagon terror commanders first.


While Obama has conducted a policy of using unmanned drones to attack al Qaeda targets, Romney said more was needed, a "comprehensive and robust strategy" to persuade the world to reject ‘Jihadists’. On China, both vowed to get tough on Beijing's trade policies, but touched only briefly on the security challenge the fast-rising country poses to a U.S.-led alliance system in Asia.


 Obama has taken an aggressive approach to pursuing  the imperialist agenda abroad, and he's authorized six times as many drone strikes as his predecessor. Will Afghanistan be ready by the end of 2014? Or will more U.S. troops be needed longer to oversee security and ensure a successful handoff?




The presidential hopefuls refused to touch upon embarrassing issues like Palestine state, Guantanamo, massacre of millions of Muslims by Americans, not even the brutal assassinators of Libyan leader Col. Qaddafi, but they like rouges in suits, focus on the mysterious death of just one American agent Stevens with diplomatic immunity in Libya.



While the USA tries to end one war, it is trying to start another. American pretension to end war only means further escalation. The most critical pillar of the Obama regime's Afghanistan escalation strategy is to train and build a capable and credible Afghan force that can protect US interests and continue to kill Afghans.



Possibly the fascist traits have stitched Israel and West together. A GST gang that kills Muslims in Islamic world through terror wars finds it necessary to shield Israeli crimes as well.


Be sure: a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge to any nation unless it is threatened and as Iran needs not to be contained. The real challenge emanates from Israel which in order to expand its illegal territories, keep killing Palestinians. Israel is a threat to Europe, America, Asia and entire world. Who would feel safe in the Middle East? Who would be safe in Europe? Who would be safe in America? Who would be safe anywhere when illegally imposed Zionist regime go on rampage over besieged Palestine nation?


So long as USA and its terror allies shield Zionist crimes, world shall have no hopes for peace.



The average American is totally ignorant about the rest of the World and prefers to remain that way just getting carried away by the regime-intelligence terror gimmicks. Their belief is that America is a planet and not just part of one.


A nation with our current levels of unsustainable debt cannot hope to sustain for very long its superiority from a military perspective, or its influence in world affairs.


Both Republican and Democratic parties stand by fascist Israel and for Israeli crimes. Romney CIA point: “I want to underscore the same point the president made, which is if I’m President of the United States, when I’m President of the United States, we will stand with Israel.  And if Israel is attacked, we have their back, not just diplomatically, not just culturally, but militarily”.


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