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Badminton and Cricket: Focus on China Fall


Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: (91)9349537946 or (91)0/8129081217




China, the official rulers of badminton sport, has been faltering in badminton for no specific reason.  Although in sports there cannot be permanent winners, the Chinese payers what looks like a deliberate  under pay, fall one after another which  reveals  the fixings by the  nations  concerned to promote certain players as it is done in cricket and probably even in tennis.

Upon managing to  get elected to the notorious UNSC, India has been going all about to influence all veto rogues of the UNSC to accept India as a veto member and India woos China for its support because so far Beijing has been  opposed to India since 1965 war.  India had   lost the war.  

One does not if China too is trying to appease India by letting it get some medals in Badminton. In the recent London Olympics China perhaps let India have bronze medal in badminton.  Players betrayed their intention of India getting the medal.

In fact both players for bronze medal chase gave the impression that China was not keen to have bronze as well since it has already many medals in Badminton as well. If, however, the Chinese badminton players are really falling just like  that, it should be matter of serious concern for Beijing.


Wait a moment.  The official world badminton portal is being controlled by Indians as if that purely an Indian portal. This deliberate anomaly or breach could not have happened without the Chinese approval.  For India which has been on the losing side for quite some time now  badminton  is the only solace as any success in other  fields becomes opium. 


Overloaded with a heavy sports agenda  targeting the next Olympics, India tries all tricks to make some of the sports guys shine in as many domains as possible  and many countries do oblige innocent looking India which is now  geared to get as much as India can enjoy.  India diplomacy is  in some measure.has the  capacity to somehow get  something  from outside. Meanwhile, the Sports ministry and other cricket mafias have asked Tandulakr a major Hindu god of parliamentarians who  has big record   from India's match fixing efforts, to play domestic cricket and get next 100 runs since the International bowlers  have determinedly refused to oblige  him or Indra with anther 100. 


Meanwhile, India's most pampered entertainer but fallen  abruptly Tendulakar who suffered standing at the crease over a year to get his one last century to set his bogus records wants to continue waiting. That at long last Bangladesh which depends too much on India help, to offer him his one last 100. . Since then he has been hanging around the crease for  another 100 but of no avail.  The corrupt regime, rocked by serious scams,  offered him a seat in the Parliament to  enjoy political mimicry hoping to  make  him ready for "shots" but nothing has worked in his or India's favor He keeps telling he would call it day but he has not yet decided firmly  nor the  regime asked to quit the crease to enable newcomers to enjoy. Both having successfully fooled the world for years with bogus records   ow are under the grip of an inexpalinable fear and shame.  


India is deeply worried that in spite of huge resources it spent on sports and huge influences it exerted on other nations through Delhi commonwealth games  by ignoring the welfare of common people,  it could not get a gold medal at the London Olympics and it got what it considers a few useless medals.




In both Badminton and Tennis the organizers, unfortunately as a deliberate  mischief,  try only to help the top players by letting  them have easy wins up to pre-quarter finals The organizers arranging the early matches only to eliminate low ranked players  by pitting top players against weak players  in the first  matches  . They should have  divided the players into at least two  groups one comprising players  up to 20 ranks and other groups of other players and merged the winners only at the quarter finals so that some change in  attitude would take roots .  


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