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Test Cricketism: ICC promotes bogus batboys


[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Specialist on State Terrorism ;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Commentator  on world affairs, Analyst on Middle East, Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:]





Only joint cricket exercises or JCE sustain cricket. 

What would you call those who play something like a sport or entertainment for 5 long days - nuts or insane greats? Cricket mafias have promoted sustained test cricketism for generating batboys with fictitious records. Inefficient and bogus bowlers are hired to obtain the “desired” outcomes from JCE cricketism exercises.

Test teams play for mutual record updating and prefer to have a draw but the records stand valid. What a funny method? When match ends in draw how can the runs made by batboys remain valid?

That is the secret about promoting bogus test cricket to be played two innings each for bogus records and awards.  No one objects to this international mischief by frauds in colour uniforms because everyone benefits by sharing the booties from joint cricket exercises.  

Does anyone nation in the west complain about NATO fascism?  That is the crux of the matter in cricketism a swell.  

For decades now, cricket mafias have promoted and pampered a few batboys as per the requirements of the concerned regimes.

As a result, cricket is not played as a competitive sport or even entertainment but as pre-planned and packaged items to share run scores among the batboys.  

To achieve their desired outcomes, the mafias have deliberately left the field properly guarded by leaving too much of space for any batboys to drive the ball through “gaps”

Bowlers are trained not to deliver dotballs or target the stumps, but to offer too many runs and try to get a wicket if possible at the batboy’s mercy alone.

Generally bowlers are fast bowlers capable of leaking too many runs for their favourite batboys. And cricket boards and teams prefer those bowlers that can promote bogus batboys with flow of runs in 4s and 6s.

Bowlers are meant to deny runs to the batboys and pluck wickets. Once runs stop coming, the batboys would crash out. But the under tremendous pressure from the ICC and cricket boards and other mafias, bowlers have intentionally made taking wickets a difficult thing and when a wick falls by default bowlers and fielders make a big show celebrating in an aggressive manner.

South Africa does not have good bowlers. Even the bowlers like extra eccentric Styn and Tahir have failed to deliver mainly because they refused to reform their strategy and tactics for each match. These bowlers make such a big drama when a wicket falls, one gets the impression that they have achieved a great feat.

 Any experienced batboys can easily judge the bowler tactics from the way a ball is bowled without variations and change in tactics. The best example is the South African, New Zealand, Pakistani bowlers. It is because the bowlers are not properly trained on a regular basis to help them change and constantly update their tactics.

Bowlers’ mindset is set for promoting favourite batboys with records.  Sachuin Tendlekar and Ponting have been groomed by the regimes and mafias for awards and rewards. Indo-Australian state mafias have given them “orders”. Now, Australian and India mafias remain awfully focused on other cricket players for similar awards.

What a nonsense in sharing 100s etc!

ICC must ensure real completion by reforming cricketism. The mindset of pampering only the batboys should be done away with.   Add more fielders to guard the field and reduce the number of batboys to bat - only 5 batboys should bat and bowlers should not bat and be resting.

The bowler mischief or weakness in containing run flow has helped the batboys shining immorally.

Even in JCE cricketism, it has been proved that no batboys can shine at the crease if the bowers and fielders are trained enough, strong enough, serious enough!

Test cricketism must be banned by ICC instead of mediating between teams on score sharing. 


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