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Why America wants Zionist genocides of Palestinians to continue? Why America wants Zionist genocides of Palestinians to continue?


Dr. Abdul RuffSpecialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst-columnist;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc) 



All anti-Islamic rogue states essentially comprising world terrocracies led by USA, posing themselves as great democracies, are engaged in horrid terror wars on Islam. Americans, upon hoisting an illegal Israel in Mideast, have also economically, diplomatically and militarily supported Israel against genuine Mideast interests as it kills Palestinians, proliferates its illegal settlement project on Palestine soil.  

The Israelis agreed to ease collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza and end extrajudicial assassinations perpetrated by Israel against international law.  As Israel is known to breach agreements,  any long-term Israeli adherence to these new terms by  Israeli fascists is not guaranteed, forcing the Palestinians prefer an  armed struggle.

Americans, essentially fascist, monopolized the role of chief Mideast mediator for itself, supported Israeli crimes against Palestinians and failed to do anything to change Israel’s fascist policies of settlement expansion in the West Bank. UA has all tools to control Israeli policy but Americans obeyed the Zionists.  By keeping the Zionist crimes intact, USA is indeed trying to justify the heinous crimes against humanity by the NATO terror syndicate. 

Americans and Israel have cultivated Fatah party against ruling Hamas and made them fight each other as their main enemy, thereby getting into Israeli trap and killed by Zionist terrorists.  Israel has taken full advantage of the rift between ruling Hamas and opposition Fatah party having created its own parallel government with backing from Israel and West. Americans call it another regime change effort in Mideast. . .


Even after two consecutive aggressions and terror attacks in Palestine by Israel in recent times, the US criminal rouges have chosen not to condemn Zionist violence and state crimes but only to shield the crimes by trying to somehow find fault with Palestinian victims.  At Palestine misery, Israel has been able to reap western political and economic benefits from exploiting Palestinian land and natural resources.

American encouragement for Israeli terror crimes in Palestine is a part of new anti-Islam policy of dictatorial USA and it would never discourage criminal operations against Muslims. But that would make Israel and Palestinians insecure and more vulnerable.  

Since international judiciaries like ICJ and ICC are in American pockets, no one can stop crimes against humanity by US led global fascist infrastructure (GFI) today.  Moreover, economic terrorism like sanctions on Iran and Hamas has strengthened the anti-Islamic network fortifications.

 India’s anti-Kashmir policy of targeted killing of Kashmiri Muslims is also in line with the same Zionist criminal policy in Mideast.  All these anti-Islam gangs have just o ne policy: kill Muslims!

As a central theme of US democracy, the GFI rogue states led by USA have let the Islamic world know that resistance to occupation is illegitimate and hence brutally stopped.  They  seem to believe that perpetual occupation, or de facto apartheid, is a viable policy option of democracy.

As a crude mischief, the enemy of Islam and anti-Muslims have very cleverly used one section of population against the other as well as rulers. Hence Americans, Israelis, Indians and their allies have ganged up against Muslims. They are sure they formidable terror front cannot be challenged by anybody on earth.

Use of force by Jewish fascists has extra limitations as it is incapable of providing security for arrogant Israel by terror attacking and killing the Palestinians. Palestinians have nothing more to lose now.  However, even while there is nothing more in Palestine to be destroyed now, the problem of “insecurity” Zionists claims Israel faces also would remain intact so long as Palestinians are kept as besieged slaves without freedom when the underlying causes of a people’s discontent go unaddressed.


Establishment of a free Palestine state alone can make Israel feel safe, breathe free! 

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