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Pakistan should establish Islamic system of governance - not American Empire!




Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: abdulruff. abdulruff_jnu@



Will Pakistan soon regain sovereignty lost to Pentagon-CIA terror twins?

This is what the world looks forward to in coming years.

This means, Pakistan must reset its policies and priorities and stop helping USA build global empire particularly in South Asia.

There is a clear possibility that Pakistan would change dramatically with Muslim League returning to power. But it is only a possibility, maybe distance one. It all depends on what Sharif would want for Pakistanis and Pakistan. Also, much depends on how Pakistan would handle the blood thirsty unilateral Americans who have converted this Islamic state into safe sanctuary for  NATO terror infrastructure, and keep blackmailing Pakistani regime and people.

Western fascist Axis Evils and their nasty media help all nations divert the attention of peoples from the serious socio-economic issues by stay put on the nonsensical “terrorism and counter terrorism” issue. Probably on their suggestion, on the 16 Jan Saturday- the Jewish weekly holiday- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran (PAI) agreed on a joint framework to meet the regional security challenges of terrorism and extremism. We acknowledge that terrorism poses a common challenge that can only be addressed through concerted efforts. PAI does not see any threat to Islam and Muslims even after the US-led western fascists have killed over a million in Afghanistan alone.



The “Three” agreed that regional stability and security could only be advanced through sincere adherence to the principles of non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Committing to share responsibility for regional security and stability, they agreed not to allow their soils to be used against each other. They also reiterated their desire to supplement national counterterrorism efforts through trilateral intelligence sharing and greater coordination. The trio also acknowledged the common vision and aspirations of the people of their countries for durable peace and prosperity. However, surprisingly or as expected, they declined to find the cause for all terrorisms and foreign invasions in themselves in ignoring the Sharii’a totally.





The joint efforts of the three countries may bring some positive results, but one should not ignore the fact that all the three Muslim countries have been targeted to destabilize these three countries by a common enemy, which is called as Taliban. It is good to see that Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran are joining hands to deal with the “terrorism”, even though they know it is essentially the American proxy war against Islam and Mideast plus Afghanistan. The profits they aim are also known to the world now. The question arises: if the armed forces of all the three countries viz.




Islamic world, every Muslim nation, must make sincere efforts to establish an honest Islamic system of governance- not American Empire to pursue anti-Islamic, inhuman fascist values to defame Islam and help the Chrestian state terrorists to torture and kill Muslims. The leaders from the so-called Muslim nations still refuse to acknowledge the fact  terrorism is equated  by the western nations as Islam and counter terrorism is nothing but kill the Muslims who stand up to defend the sovereignty of their bellowed Islamic nations. Western fascist nations have correctly gauge the pro-West mindset of the bulk of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and hence they have no hesitation to fire drones on them any where they feel  there should some target.



Like the USA-UK nuts, some Muslims also condemn the so-called Al-Qaeda and Taliban without having done anything to help global Muslims or give phillip to the fading image Islam as the last region of the universe to check the onward march of the anti-Islamic rogue states under the banner of rule of law, democracy, crime, rampant corruption, liquor, extra profits.  When the USA called the Taliban the freedom fighters, all these Muslim and non-Muslim states also fell inline to do the same, but now when the American devils call the Taliban the terrorists, the semi-Islamic Muslim rogue states also call them terrorists. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran work jointly to defeat the common enemy Taliban will they be able to do that? The issue is which countries are supporting Talibans and providing arms and ammunition to Talibans, who are called as ‘Muslims’ to fight against these three Muslim countries. How it is possible that Muslim nations fight against Talibans and Talibans can fight against the rest of their Muslim brothers? One important issue needs mentioning here: Taliban are for Islam, Sharii’a and Islamic law, but then why they do not attack wine shops, casinos and the clubs? Why Taliban attack the mosques of worships?




Who is in fact behind the attacks on mosques?  In other words, are the Americans and Englishmen and their paid henchmen in occupying nations are indeed the Talibans? Islamic world must organize summits to discuss the issues concerning Islamization against the background of anti-Islamic terror drives by using effectively their media and agents. Once the priorities of Islamic world is reset to respect the Sharii’a, all other issues like terrorism and security would lose their importance because they are creation of the Western world with help from  countries like Israel and India.


Today, even in the face adverse anti-Islamic global conditions making the life of Muslims tough by all third rate non-Muslims and Muslims, no Muslim country worth the name and salt has taken up the task of resetting the Islamic agenda in its original genesis to ward off all negative phenomena affecting both Islam and Muslims.  No were in Islam world any serious debate takes place on the Islamic course and role of Sharii'a. But every where the so-called “terrorism” and “counter terrorism issues are popped up to appease the US led Axis of western evil nations, their terror forces and nasty media.



This situation adds credence to the theme that Muslims and their nations are not at all serious about their religion but are playing terrorism politics; and bulk of the Muslim nations even feel “bad” about their fate as Muslims. Saudi Arabia led Mideast nations depend less on Islam but more on Western currency and their technical expertise for reason known only to themselves and are willing to play a role assigned to them by Washington and London.



IST (international state terrorists) are targeting both Islam and Muslims, but Muslims seeking extra profit everywhere are not at all bothered about the impending danger to their religion and themselves. It is indeed a matter of shame that many Muslims still long for western culture and talk filth of Islam even in Islamic world.  The situation is much worse in non-Islamic world, like India. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran (PAI) should have tried to throw some light on the problems facing the global Muslims and Islam as a human religion form the anti-Islamic nations that hide behind the terrorism-cum counter terrorism plank. In desperation and by following wrong approaches, the bulk of the Islamic world is only assisting the Western nations to establish an American empire inside Muslim world.

An experienced and shroud politician that Sharif is, he should  cultivate the  strong will power to tell Obama and CIA right in their face: “Thank you, sirs,  we value  your aid and  military help, but it is high time you fellows wind up all your  terror operation in and from Pakistani soil”

An ally cannot go on attacking Pakistan,, its sovereignty,  killing people on a permanent scale!

Sharif must show to the world that Pakistan can exist without free dollars as service charges for adding NATO terrorism  in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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