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India: Suspected US hand in Rajiv Gandhi murder in Tamil Nadu!



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Possibility can be true as well. Suspicions can also turn true. Facts can be disastrous too!

Base for suspicion of US hand in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi as he was busy campaigning the general poll in Tamil Nadu is the facts about murders of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Libran leader Col M. Qaddafi, perpetrated by the dictatorial Americans. Hussein and Qaddafi were assassinated by US henchmen for their anti-American stance and their sincere efforts to safeguard nations’ resources from foreign looters.

Americans equate pan-Arabism with anti-Americanism and eliminate leaders who strive for Arab unity. Saddam and Qaddafi are the victims and the martyrs.

It is generally believed, rather it was made to believe, that former Indian premier and Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi, elder son of Sonia Gandhi, was killed by some Tamil terrorists from Sri Lanka as revenge for   his signing a peace pact with Sri Lanka regime against the genuine interests of Tamils living in that island nation, which facing existential threat from rising sea levels and future nuclear radiations. 

Indian regime chases the “criminals” and got them killed a few in Bangalore in an ”encounter”. The prime culprits are now facing death penalty.

The fact of matter is different.

Rajiv Gandhi as premier refused permission to US war planes attacking people in Afghanistan, notwithstanding pressure tactics from CIA-pentagon war lords and neocon riven US president Bush Jr who, like all arms agents in the US states, wanted to make the world believe that Sept-11 was not a hoax as many believes but real terror attack on Americans.   

Super power America cannot tolerate any opposition to US agendas wants every power to support and  promote NATO war in Islamic world  by all means including adding  more resources, terror goods and military  bases at US command.

India’s- Rajiv Gandhi’s  refusal to entertain the CIA-Pentagon blood thirst  by keeping energy resources open to NATO forces hurt the neocon Americans

And America waited for the right opportunity to hit at Rajiv Gandhi, fuelled the crisis in Lanka and skilfully eliminated him. CIA must have got the necessary conditions ready through their Indian sources so that blame fall son Lankan Tamils role.   

Already, Rajiv Gandhi had rejected Z category security because of the suspected activities of his own security personnel and Rajiv visited Sriperamabatur in Tamilnadu without the required high level security shield.   He was exposed to easy attack.

This was found to be ideal situation for any outside-inside conspirators to execute their crime. Congress had reportedly fared badly in the first round of polls. Reports flowing then suggested that many leaders in India knew about end of Rajiv Gandhi well in advance.

Rajiv’s assassination did bring resounding success Rajiv’s party in the poll and Congress party headed by Hyderabadi Narasimha Rao assumed power that, among other  capitalist  moves,  clearly used the Hindutva forces led by BJP to dismantle the grand Babri Mosque.

 (This writer happened to be at Hyderabad air port with a friend when Rajiv Gandhi had arrived there to a rousing reception on his way to Tamilnadu for poll campaign where the tragedy took place. That was shocking)

CIA operations in South Asia eventually ended in the killing of Rajiv Gandhi by using some Tamils and India does not know what to do with Tamil tools used for murdering Rajiv Gandhi.

And the Rajiv murder took place in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Tigers would not have committed the murder of Rajiv because they knew if they do it especially in Tamilnadu all their fight for a nation would be fruitless and would also lose support of Tamils in India.

India has been using the Rajiv murder issue to gain some benefits from USA, including advanced terror goods. India seeking favours has no guts even to suspect US superpower.

Enemies thus made maximum use of Rajiv’s murder.  There has been simmering threat to lives of Sonia and  Rahul Gandhi for quite some time now.

After all, Rajiv Gandhi cannot be brought back, many Congressmen might argue!

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