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Dilemma of a Kuwaiti voter

As the time is nearing to cast most sacred vote to elect new members of national assembly, some Kuwaitis are more perplexed, confused and facing the worst dilemma of their lives as to whom to vote for or not to vote for that matter to be honest but hardly anyone will admit it so bluntly and nakedly as it is being elucidated in the subsequent lines. The situation of the voter has not just worsened but multiplied to a very great extent not because of his own actions and or contributions but because of so frequent and exceptional elections held in Kuwait in recent past which is not the case in most of the countries which boast like Kuwait to be democratic in nature. Undoubtedly each and every time voters have faced such like ugly situations which are very much unavoidable in any case.


Each one of Kuwaiti national who is legally entitled to vote irrespective of the fact whether the voter is male or female, married or unmarried, governor or governed, educated or uneducated, healthy or sick, white or black, rich or poor, tall or short, employed or unemployed and or living in villa or flat will be casting his or her vote on 27th July, 2013 to elect new MPs. The activity of voting, which on the face of it, looks to be an ordinary, casual and simple in nature but in fact it is not so rosy as one may think of, rather on the contra, it is one the biggest crossword Kuwaiti voter is facing in the given situation at least from morality point of view if not otherwise. There are so many conclusive reasons and compelling circumstance which in turn bother Kuwaiti voter how to vote for someone and that too on purely merit and merit alone which is being explained over here and it can be said with full conviction and confidence that each of the voter is in a great fix whom to vote and whom to ignore. I am going to side with the poor Kuwaiti voter residing in an area which falls under constituency number five where he is really facing too many odds though his compatriots residing in other constituencies are not trouble free either. Here around 150 contestants are in the run against 10 seats allotted for the constituency and each voter has just one vote to vote so he under the given circumstances is really facing an unexplainable situation. The voter should have visualized and thought of it much before attending the 1st election meeting rather than feeling ashamed at this point of time when nothing can be done to correct his status whatsoever even if the voter very sincerely wants to be very strictly straight and upright in his action.


Election activities started many days ago both officially and unofficially which is quite but natural and almost each contestant has already conducted so many formal and informal meetings and since thousands of people have attended the same meetings which to some extent gave an impression to the contestant that bulk majority, if not all, who attended the meetings will be voting for the contestant. Having seen that thousands of attendees not only drank cold drinks, juices and tea but also enjoyed eating varieties of mouth watering cookies and sumptuous dinner I am siding with the contestant to gather such an impression that the contestant is quite popular in the constituency but regretfully it is no so as one sees on face of it. If just a few people had attended the 1st election meeting then the poor contestant had thought hundred times what to do next or what not to do next but ever since the contestant witnessed very huge attendance he naturally was obliged to go ahead with more vigor, vitality and new impetus. However, the contestant must have been sharp enough to truly gauge the situation and had realized that all those who attended his 1st political gathering are not necessarily his voters rather the situation is very much liquefied and slippery but the contestant did not think alike and the result is that he thought himself to be the most popular contestant in the run.  Here the voters are to be blamed and not the candidate.


The contestant is very much impressed with the election slogans, billboards and advertisement in newspapers and hence knowingly or unknowingly he goes to attend an election meeting which is not a joke to organize simply because it not only needs some intricate logistics but also huge amount is to be spent on it. The voter who is completely alien to the contestant was too interested to listen as to what the contestant had to say. He very thoroughly read his election manifesto and tried to critically analyze the same before the candidate could appear on the podium to deliver his speech. The voter listened to the fiery speech of the contestant and he was so much impressed that he started tilting towards the contestant and at least thought of remembering him on the Election Day.


Then there are some other factors also which both directly and indirectly influence the voter so far as his casting of vote is concerned. The worst hit is that Kuwaiti voter whose very close relative is contesting election and now the voter is in a fix what to do at this point of time because on one hand he has just one vote to cast while on the other hand his relative is pressing him hard to vote for none but him and him only even if he is not the most suitable contestant. Then the same voter is facing another awkward situation where one of the contestant had been a school classmate of the voter and therefore the voter has some soft corner for the contestant and feels like voting for his class fellow irrespective of the fact whether the contestant is competent or not. Yet another very difficult situation has cropped up for the voter because luckily or unluckily one of the contestants is living in the same complex where he lives and hence how can he ignore the candidate whom he meets too very often be it morning, noon, evening or night and it is almost impossible for the voter to shy off from the contestant. One must feel pity for the voter because his employer has asked him to vote for some particular candidate and he is much worried and cannot figure out if he can refuse his boss not to vote for his nominated candidate but the question is can he afford to offend his employer. How could the voter be discourteous to the lady who approached the voter introducing herself as a contestant and wished that he should not forget to vote for her as she promised to take care of all those who reside within the territorial limits of the constituency? He who had already been struggling whom to pick from so many male contestants is now really feeling the heat how to ignore this lady who is the only female contesting election from his constituency. The voter has been approached by the contestant who has won in last four elections in continuity so apparently he is quite deserving candidate and it will not be that easy for the voter not to vote for the one who has proved his suitability and popularity in earlier four election so how and why he can be ignored. The voter has been receiving both emails and messages on mobile telephone from contestants so quite naturally the contestant is not that unknown like before and hence has earned some favor of the voter. Last but not the least, is the candidate who some time back had invited the voter to his house on lunch and now the poor voter is completely clueless how to ignore the dishes he has eaten at the house of the contestant unless he wants to prove himself as an immoral person by not voting for the contestant. Why did he eat lunch at the house of the contestant, voter now curses himself?


Last but not the least, the poor voter very vividly remembers whom did he vote for in the last four elections and as the bad luck had it one way or the other none of them for whom he voted for were elected. He had been too choosy in the past to be dead honest while picking up the candidate for whom to vote and each time he had been very much judicious in picking up the contestant and each time he had very strong feeling that his choice will be elected but it did not happen so. Quite naturally now the voter doest want to eat dust for 5th time in sequence and instead wishes that he should vote for the one who is to be elected and not defeated.


Who can solve the riddle and enlighten the voter as to whom he should vote for keeping in mind that the voter has just one vote to cast and he is really very much hard pressed because each of the contestants have some claim upon the voter?

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