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Fake cricketers and bogus records



Olympics committee always refused to consider cricket even as a sport mainly because of  fake runs and wickets. And that is rightly so. Cricket is a mere entertainment gimmick with hidden understanding among the  teams and players, coaches, boards under the able guidance of ICC.  

Who can play or watch a game for 5 days as in test cricket? Obviously only people who have nothing else to do can do it . Yet the rulers like London Queen and UK premier, Australian premier,  and others have promoted this fake sport

Fooling or cheating is no i entertainment, let alone sport!

But rulers make  cricket popular by their presence  in stadiums , suffering from the  bogus gimmicks. 

London queen and Uk premier came to watch the test2  only to see their favorite skipper Cook and other 2 batboys crashing out very early. Why should come at all! Nothing else to do?

Cricketer cheat the nations and fool the people They just promote  their own interests (raising their bats when they manage 50 0r 100 as if they would kill some one there) by misusing the  nation's resources and misdoing prestige attacked to sports .

It is an established fact that the tail-enders in cricket are offered too many runs in order to keep them in good humors to be kind the their own batboys when they come to bat. 

Bowlers refuse even a single run when  they require that way and ,  conversely, they offer too many urns in 6s and 4s again as they are required to do.

When all great batboys collapse unable to face the reckless bowling, how can  the bowlers could  shine at the crease? 

It is one thing that new cricketers are welcomed by the bowlers by offering to many runs and batboys receiving even 100 as a initial gift.  But otherwise,  the bowlers get runs for some other reasons and purposes

Every bowler seems to know to how to  bowl dot-balls  and and also know how to offer 30 runs in an over or more  Their at times seek wickets but generally they play for the mafia gangs. 

Big runs are offered  to bat babies (and at times to bowlers if bat-babies fall unexpectedly) by rotation and some batboys are lucky to get  more runs even consecutively only if bowlers and fielders cooperate.

When bowlers  leak  too many runs, the paid commentators who do not seem to know the intricacies of bowling just praise the batbabies for "fabulous shots"!

Generally, bowlers offer no runs bur gradually step up the run flow  to reach a high score towards the end. . This is done only to create tension among the spectators  to show that cricket is an interesting game. 

Only if the bowlers get quick wickets they try to restrict the batboys to meager score. That is rare.

The  fake bowling, large field  with out enough fielders to stop the ball form rolling to the boundary rope which keeps reducing the area,  6 runs  from one ball, etc  help the batboys to jump in run rate. 

One times wonders as to how the bowlers who normally offer too many runs sot batboys, suddenly  stop doing that  and even take a wicket or two.

Cricket boards and  cricket mafias arrange  for endorsement of products as advertisements  when a cricketer  manages some 100 or so. All of them share the  cricketism booty.


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