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IPL India Causalities: Pakistan thrash West Indies!




Cricket team spirit is almost dead thanks to promotion efforts of cricketers to promote resourceful IPL India! Outside India all team are rendered weak and destabilized.

JCE - Joint cricket exercises in IPL India, conducted according to the whims of BCCI and other cricket mafias, by exchanging big 6s and 50 and even 100s has now been fully exposed as farce cricketism. Africa and West Indies have been rendered ridiculous tam due to their overacting in the IPL India.

Except India and Sri Lanka –both with their bowling strength, all big team have collapsed now, unable to bat or bowl.

Pakistani team, known for its runouts without valid reasons, has defeated West Indies and clinched the ODI series.  Most of the WI cricketers are being involved in IPL gimmicks and that even after so much of practices in Indian towns, they collapsed before a meek team like Pakistan with hardly international exposure.

WI players failed both with bat and ball.

Pakistan faces  multiple problems. One is that the bowlers refuse to  perform AS batboys even when  the necessity arises. So much so, while chasing a big total , like 250 in ODI, they cannot win if 6th wicket is fallen. Bowlers come to crease only to return soon. 

Also, Pak bowlers are not at all effective, wasting too many balls and runs for just a useless wicket. They want wickets even when they were losing. Who can help them? . 

Pakistan players are not honest and sincere enough. More often than not they play mischief and yet they could win In the  5th ODI, Pakistan bowling first restricted WI to 170 run in 44 overs but after world they began run flow adding 72 runs in  the last 6 overs.  .It looked Pakistan wanted to lose, letting WI host sot equalize the wins. .But the WI bowlers and  fielders are so hopeless Pakistan managed a win, though they began with a runout when they were  going sooth .   

India has achieved it major cricketism objectives through JCE. They have got a good team with better bowlers and more importantly, big teams have collapsed.

Pakistani victory over a so-called strong WI has annoyed India more than the Windies themselves. Although India also defeated a weak Zimbabwe just before Pakistan win,, it is unable to digest Pakistan victory over WI

It is ridiculous on India’s part that it values more in Pakistan defeat than India win!

Funny mindset, indeed!



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