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Missing Political will of USA-Israel twins


Lack of political will for peace and extra hypocrisy displayed by Israel-USA terror twins are the major reason for the talks to fail.

For quite some time now, US diplomats keep visiting Mideast to ensure energy security and arms trade of the nation to Mideast and use Palestine issue only as a tool to advance their so-called national interest.

Funnily, when a possible solution looks near, Israel attacks Palestine, killing besieged Palestine people.

As a result, not just the peace talks fail, but also, worse, Zionist military criminals keep killing Palestinians and expand their illegal territory in a sustained manner.

Thus chances are denied for credible peace in Mideast                 

So far, visits by US leaders to Mideast ostensibly for Mideast peace have made the plight of people of Palestine more difficult as any time, Israel can kill, attack, arrest or harass the Palestinians at will.

Palestinians and their leader Mahmoud Abbas have refused to negotiate unless Israel halts all construction in West Bank settlements. Israel has refused, saying negotiations should resume without conditions. Kerry has offered the Palestinians a package of economic incentives to restart the talks.


Routine diplomacy of USA cannot being peace but only harm the Palestine people. On his sixth trip to the Middle East in as many months as America's top diplomat, Kerry met in Jordan with representatives of the Arab League and nine of its members that support an Arab-Israeli peace plan proposed by Saudi Arabia.   John Kerry claims he won Arab League backing for his effort to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, raising hopes that the stalled negotiations could resume. Kerry cited significant progress in narrowing gaps between the two sides, but he declined to elaborate. The Arab delegation endorsed Kerry's initiative, saying his ideas "constitute a good ground and suitable environment for restarting the negotiations, especially the new and important political, economic and security elements."

The statement was significant because USA wants to give the pro-West Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas the political cover he would need to sell a return to negotiations to a skeptical Palestinian public. Abbas was to convene a meeting of the PLO leadership to discuss the matter. Kerry met with Abbas in Amman. Kerry refused to discuss details of the proposals he laid out to the Arab officials or how the gap with the Israelis had narrowed. "The Palestinians are cooperating but it is time for the Israeli side to show the same cooperation," said the Palestinians' foreign minister, Riad al-Malki, who attended the Amman meeting. Palestinian negotiator Mohammed Ishtayeh echoed that view. "We are keen to see Kerry's efforts work, but so far there are no promising signs from the Israeli side," Ishtayeh said.


In Israel, the Jewish Sabbath has started, and Palestinians are also on their weekend.

It was unclear whether Kerry would meet Israeli leader Netanyahu or any of his top aides. Israel was not currently on Kerry's itinerary, although officials said that could change. Meanwhile, Israeli journalists speculated that talks would restart with no preconditions - as their government has demanded. But some also anticipated the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. It could take time before the facts become clear.

Kerry is now flying back to the US maybe for consultations

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