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Will USA-Israel terror twins let Palestine state emerge?  (Part -4)




US and Israel share fascist values


Palestine crisis is complicated by continued free farms supply to Israel by USA and Europe, making Israel terror goods depot in Mideast.

Americans consider Israel an important terror ally as Jews share fascist values with them.

Terrocratic instincts and triclomatic efforts by both have bound them together to oppose Islam and kill Muslims.

Every US president makes ritual visits to Israel to announce continued support of USA for fascist Israeli polices and shield their crimes against humanity.

Unilateral America uses all international courts to promote Zionist interests.

Democracy facade they showcase is only an illusion.

Already, Kerry has spent hours with Abbas and Netanyahu trying to set the stage for a return to peace talks that foundered and collapsed in 2008. Kerry insists progress has been made, but there have been few, if any, discernible signs that the two sides are getting closer to agreeing to discuss the major issues that divide them.


 Kerry was able to announce the breakthrough that he had worked towards over six trips to this region: resumption in direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. However, he gave few clues about how they might succeed.

Palestinian officials said that they were seeking "written clear commitments" that negotiations on borders would be based on pre-1967 ceasefire lines. They also sought reassurances about what would happen if they dropped a demand for a freeze on Jewish settlement building in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In addition to the peace process, Kerry was updating the Arabs on US support for the Syrian opposition and attempts to convene an international conference to establish a transition government there, as well as Washington's position on Egypt's political turmoil.

The problem is USA is eager to protect Zionist criminal interests in Palestine than protecting the people of Palestine from Israeli terror attacks. 

[from the book: Contemporary world politics (4)  BY DR. ABDUL RUFF COLACHAL]


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