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Crisis in Egypt:  Are Saudi Arab leaders also hypocrites?




Arab world with largest energy resource deposits has been playing anti-Islamic role by playing into the dirty hands of western rogue states and all enemies of Islam.

And Satans keep laughing at these Arab fools, as Sunni nations  seek the enemies  of Islam the west and east to support their fight against Shi’a nations. .

Saudi-Emeritus led Sunni nations helped the western rouges to attack and loot-desterilize many Muslims nations.

Military, backed by anti-Islamic western terrocracies, has derailed democracy process in Egypt, the Arab world's most populous state, by illegally sacking the first ever elected government of President Mohammad Morsi, jailing him and his associates in order to take control of the nation governing apparatus.

Perturbed by international outcry over the military coup in Cairo, the military regime  with a puppet interim president  is busy with  weakening the democratic roots of Egypt by targeting the Brotherhood party and leaders.

More than 100 people have died in violence since Mursi's removal, most of them Muslim Brotherhood supporters killed in street clashes or shot in confrontations with security forces.


The powerful armed forces, who have held Mursi in an undisclosed location since his July 3 downfall, have rejected calls for his reinstatement. Instead, they have appointed a new, interim government, devoid of any Islamists parties. Sworn into office just four days ago, it is tasked with tackling the economy and preparing the way for swift elections.


Instead of reinstating President Morsi in power, Egypt's interim premier Hazem el-Beblawi, appealed for an end to Egypt’s divisions. USA and its president, who claim to promote democracy world wide, have not yet directed the military to hand over power back to President Morsi, either.

Military operations plus pressure tactics in place of an elected regime has generated polarization and divisions in the nation, following the illegal overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in a military coup while focusing on tough measures needed to revive the economy.

Appearing relaxed and confident on state television, Hazem el-Beblawi, a so-called liberal economist, called for dialogue between political parties, adding that security had to be restored to Egypt's streets after weeks of mass protests. "The coming stage needs more harmony and reconciliation," Beblawi said in the lengthy interview.

Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood has branded the ousting of the president as a military coup and has said it will not enter into any talks with its opponents until he is restored to power, staging a round-the-clock vigil in Cairo to push their demand. "There can be no dialogue when the gun barrels are pointing towards the anti-coup protesters," Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad said, dismissing Beblawi's appeal.

Egypt's new president issued a decree for experts to start work amending the constitution - a first step towards holding a new ballot in a country still struggling to come to terms with the toppling of Hosni Mubarak after the uprising in 2011. A committee of 10 legal and constitutional experts will meet on Sunday and has a month to come up with proposals to give to a broader-based body, which will have a further 60 days to deliver a final draft to be voted on in a national referendum. Beblawi said his cabinet was building "the base for what is to come", adding that he had instructed his ministers to explain clearly the many problems besieging


Military is ready to impose austerity measures on the already weaken masses. Among the many accusations leveled against Mursi by his critics was mismanagement of the economy. The budget deficit has soared to about $3.2 billion a month and foreign reserves are more than 50 percent below their December 2010 levels. "We are entering a stage similar to that of a war, to stop the bloodshed, restore economic activity and return security to the streets," Beblawi said.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said he seeks to activate Egypt's international role, especially on issues related to national security and regain Egypt's Arab and regional status and made clear the government planned to play an assertive role in regional affairs despite the unresolved domestic turmoil. Signaling a return to cooler relations between Egypt and Iran after an attempt at rapprochement under Mursi, Egyptian military bosses and puppet agents security forces raided the Cairo office of the Iranian Al Alam Arabic satellite channel.


In a sign to express solidarity with western anti-Islamic regimes and defame President Mursi, Jordan's King Abdullah paid an unannounced visit to Cairo - the first by an Arab leader since Mursi's military coup




Arab leaders who work  as  agents  for western terrocracies to promote anti-Islam forces look very similar to the Muslim boys in India operating as agents for cricket betting  frauds, even during the Holy Ramadan month, forgetting that they also observe the fast.. This reveals all of them are mere pawns and irresistible hypocrites.

But this hypocrisy has already harmed both Islam and genuine Muslims. 

Who cares? Can Muslims world wide expect the hypocritical Arab leaders to promote Islam and upset the dirty designs of anti-Islamic western rouge states?

President Morsi’s return to power in Cairo alone will bring back peace and stability in Egypt, pawing way for Mideast peace as well



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