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Impact of NATO-Israel Fascism: Military Massacre in Egypt -1




Egypt has been the target of the enemies of Islam as well as Palestine and has been facing turmoil of various types.  .

Military in Egypt has declared emergency attacked the people more forcefully than ever before, killing and wounding thousands. .  

Military in any nation is being pampered by the ruling party to over claim their importance and place in the system by marking more and resources to it at the expense of the common people. As result, the military tries to acquire top position in the system. In some countries they dictate term to the rulers themselves. In some countries military seeks to rule the nation directly.

However, the military look down upon people as unwanted, problematic ones and at times see the people as their enemy and deal with them when occasion arises.  

Egypt is being ruled by the west backed military with the help of a  puppet premier, ministers and even a president.

Popular protests have been going on in Egypt to  force the military  to reinstate the  ousted President Mohammad Mursi  in a military coup.

Military rulers Egypt has declared a month-long state of emergency as the situation went out of control after scores of people were killed when security forces stormed protest camps in Cairo. The camps had been occupied by supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi, who was deposed in early July. State media say the security forces are now in control of the two main camps. The health ministry says about 200 people were killed - but the Muslim Brotherhood, which was behind the protests, says more than 2,000 died. About 10,000 supporters of President Mursi have been severely injured by military terror attacks.

The state of emergency is scheduled to last for a month. It imposes a curfew in Cairo and several other provinces.  The measure was taken because the "security and order of the nation face danger due to deliberate sabotage, and attacks on public and private buildings and the loss of life by extremist groups," the presidency said in a statement.


When Arab spring broke out in Mideast Arab world, the western world perhaps had expected the revolution would bring about regime changes with puppet leaders to promote western, American interests. But the outcome became a shock to them because Islamic parties became very popular Egypt is the key case in point where the Islamist Brotherhood came to power.

This has upset the western strategists who wanted use the Sept 11 hoax to advance the energy  and arms sale objectives .

Egyptian military control economic levers in many sectors.

Military was soft to the upraise movement because the West supported it. So, military was not harsh or aggressive to kill the people But now the military weighs the western mood which is not very much in favor of Islamist rulers. Hence military killed hundreds and injured thousands in Cairo.

 White House denounced Egypt crackdown, but little action seen

Al barai, a known US tool in Egypt, has been used by the military to ensure foreign aid. Although USA criticized the ouster o and arrest and jailing of President Mursi, it never took any step to release him or bring him back to presidency.  It continues to offer aid to military. 

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