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Pakistan's dependency foreign policy



It is becoming clear now that Pastiness cannot pursue independent foreign policy now and in the near future as its sustenance depends mainly on US aid, support and masters. 

The US wolf decides Pakistani policies by employing  the military goods it supplies to Pakistani  military as a weapon for triclomatic efforts. Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif wound up his visit to White House and returned to Islamabad  almost with empty hands but with stern warnings and instructions  including the one to  support India for providing  funds to USA. 

Tensions between the United States and Pakistan have remained high in recent months, including over the disputed Kashmir border region, but Islamabad is heavily dependent on the US economically. Sharif’s government barely avoided defaulting on its debts, obtaining a bailout from the US-led International Monetary Fund.

Obama, the author of drone terrorism   has also taken Pakistan  for free rides. Washington has launched some 376 drone strikes in Pakistan, killing at least 2,500 people, including 926 who were confirmed to be civilians. However, the word “drone” did not appear in the final joint statement issued by Sharif and Obama.

USA uses IMF to fix Islamabad. Pakistan is under enormous pressure from the IMF to carry out drastic social cuts, from privatization to massive subsidy cuts to tax increases, which will further devastate the living standards of Pakistani workers and the toiling masses.

Pakistan’s priority is to avert a full-blown economic crisis. The US agreed to release $US322 million in Coalition Support Funds (CSF) on Friday and announced plans to release about $1.6 billion to Pakistan in the coming year. Kerry said the relationship “could not be more important,” after discussions with Sharif.

Americans are effectively using India and its money to thrash Pakistan. 

And Pakistan remains powerless and lifeless, witnessing the ghastly scenes of CIA drone terror attacks its citizens even in the day light. 

Pakistanis live a shameless nation without proper sovereignty and freedom.

America is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a wolf that thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community by pretending to be a n aid provider but in fact is a blood sucker .

Pakistan plays trick with Pakistanis. Pakistani regime supports CIA drone terrorism in Pakistan. Clearly the protestations from various governments in Islamabad against CIA killings in Pakistan are made in bad faith, aimed only to prevent popular opposition to the Af-Pak war from turning against the Pakistani military and its alliance with the CIA.

As the regime keeps deceiving its people and aiding the foreign terror gangs that have now occupied Pakistan as well as Afghanistan, people of Pakistan are being terrorized so that they never  think of consolidating their  power to end the illegal and immoral  US-Pakistan links.  harming genuine interests of  Muslims and Islam. 

Interestingly, the core media in Pakistan, controlled by  regime and military,  also aid the illogical alliance of anti-Islamic forces in Islamabad.  

It appears, it is only time before Pakistan becomes a colony of USA as well as India. 

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