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Cricketism: Why do Pakistani batboys lose concentration at the crease?





Pakistnai batboys lose concentration very easily at the creasing resulting in soft dismissals.

One can say they deliberately get out.  One can say some  of them are talkative after almost every ball and quickly they are out. Some batboys just get run out because they lose concentration and just begin running and running until they are back to the pavilion.

Camera man does all gimmicks showing how Pakistani batboys get out in earlier matches while they ar playing. And soon Pakistani batboys fall.

Some itme, the running commentators signal that Pakistani bowler is going to out by the next ball. Generally Pakistani batboy is out.

One should find out if there is any specific mischief the opponent team indulges in against Pakistani batboys.

Obviously, India is ill-focused on Pakistan and it joins any team that plays against Pakistan with  intelligence input about each player and how to deal with them.

Of course, controlled by India now, the notorious ICC promotes official fixings for India and other teams and is also playing against Pakistan.

The way South Africna bowlers who generally offer big score and too many 4s and 6s, deny big score for Pakistan only shows what is happening behind the scene against Pakistan under Indian guidance

Devils decide cricketism, records and rankings.


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