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Cricketism: Batboy-bowler chemistry?

bowlers-batboyscorruptionCRICKETliquorism-gamblingmatch-fixingsUncategorized October 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Cricketism: Batboy-bowler chemistry?



-Hello what bring you here today?

-Nothing special; just came to say hello to all old friends.

-Oh ya congratulations, you have finally retired! Why did you do that?

-No no, I have not yet retired.

-But the media, especially the TV channels just blasted the news that you have retired and now poor Indians have to find another god to replace you, a fallen hero.

-I just said I might retire after my 1ooth number. But I am a still a player because I always wanted to play for India.  I may retire after India-W.Indies matches.

- Come on boy; don’t rewind the old film dialogue of “serving for the country” now.  You have reaped maximum from India by being in the team for too long BCCI and sport ministry have tough time advising you to retire. And in case the Windies refuse to offer you yet another last 100 runs, will you to retire?

-I can’t answer hypothetical or speculative questions.  Let us hope I get 100 from WI. But the BCCI boys should have chosen Bangladesh for my last match to play against. They are nice guys.

-Is it because they offered you 100 runs after nearly 2 years of you wait when all other teams rejected to please you and BCCI? BCCI and IPL bosses have full control over other cricketers as well. Australians, Windies, NZ and literally every country has pro-Indian elements and so it no matter whom the BCCI has chosen. Indian money magic work too well.   You may get at least 50 form WI to see you off so that You don’t cry and Indian media would cry loudly.

-You are very harsh with me.  Tell me in which field “give and take” principle does not operate to benefit a few?

- Maybe you have a point there.

-If bowlers are weak, bad and frauds, and if field is not properly protected by more boys and if pitch is prepared exclusively for batboys alone, why should you people blame the batboys?  This has been going on for years now.  Why some guys target only me?

-Sorry I hurt your emotions and you have over blown now. We are so proud of you as our friend. We take pleasure to be known as your close friends.

- No, that is okey. But these days bowlers offer too many runs to other batboys with 6s and 4s but I am quickly removed, I am being badly targeted. After all, I am known as the greatest. I am India and India is me.

-Oh! I understand. Tell me frankly, don’t you know that BCCI and cricket mafias had fixed matches in favor of You and you were shining too much with easy 100s while many other batboys had to sacrifice their wickets to promote you . In fact by sacrificing their wickets, they in fact were sacrificing their careers as well.

-How could I know it? I just play my bating went well.

- Let it be. But how come you all of a sudden failed to deliver for too long?  You also admit the bowlers who used to throw very nice balls to you, are now harsh on you now. They want end your shining, right?

- Okey, you  leave it. How about your issues with Indian regime and Tamil Nadu government over money and house, belongings?

-Like CIA and similar organizations try to shift the theme when they fail to proceed further, you also now want to change the topic.  Alright. My problems remain as before, maybe because they were created by these governments. . I keep contacting them for settlement and justice.

-Why don’t you go the UN and address them? A little girl Malala could address the UN and why not you with too many degrees and service experience?

-Addressing the UN?  Do you think I would be allowed to enter the UN even if I happened go to New York? Malala is a special case as the USA and EU and all anti-Islamic forces are propping and promoting her. Supposing I write against Islam I would become m one of most favorites of the western rogues. Indian regime would have not just paid my dues but even recommended for Nobel peace prize, among other rewards. .

-You mean Malala is promoted because the enemies of Islam view her as a powerful tool against Islam?


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