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Beware of US-Australian spy networks!








One gets  the horrid impression that  US led nations  control entire world though joint surveillance operations, controlling allies and foes alike to surrender to CIA will and helping the NATO terrorist organization in targeting freedom fighting Muslims, among others. 




Americans shamelessly employing global intelligence wings to spy for the USA  and helping it advancing its global interests to become the only power on earth, pushing both Russia and China way behind. And, White House has almost achieved that objective fairly easily. .




USA has been using Australia to pursue its global interests. Australia stands as the last genuinely secure Anglo-Western redoubt in the Indo-Pacific, which military planners think will be a crucial staging base for US forces in any future conflict. The US spymasters judge Australia to be their most vital intelligence sharing partner to USA, more so than even the UK. .USA and UK bond is not as steady as it once used be and UN vote on Palestine state   clearly revealed the ideological divide when Briton chose to support Palestine against the wish of USA-Israeli terror twins. 




American surveillance operations over the top world leaders, especially German Chancellor Markel Angela has rocked world media and parliaments. Edward Snowden’s revelations exposed Australian involvement in NSA’s surveillance operations. . Australia’s outrageous role in NSA spying is part of the political establishment’s conspiracy of silence surrounding Australian integration into the US preparations for war against China. .




Over the past decade, US imperialism has recklessly resorted to militarism and war in the Middle East and Central Asia, in a bid to offset its historic decline. Now as part of the pivot to Asia, Washington is strengthening military alliances and strategic partnerships throughout the region and deliberately inflaming dangerous flashpoints such as the Korean peninsula and maritime disputes in the South China and East China Seas.




Latest revelations show that Australian diplomatic missions throughout Asia function as surveillance posts for the US National Security Agency (NSA). Australian state apparatus is completely integrated into America’s vast, illegal global spying operations. The countries targeted include China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea. Since countries like India and Pakistan- both fight each other over occupied Kashmir- take directions directly from Washington (CIA) USA has found no reasons why Australia should tap phone calls and electronic data of these countries, as part of NSA global surveillance program.




However, Australia’s decision to block the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei on security grounds was driven by concerns that the NSA could not have the same easy access to Internet cables and equipment that it enjoys with American companies such as Cisco.


China continues to be the nightmare for most American strategic guys who are able make most nations fall inline completely .




Americans find extremely difficult to trap China as easily as it has many other such important nations. Washington and Beijing, the world’s two most powerful nations, are in a fight for control of the digital universe through which most human activity, and many military capabilities, are increasingly mediated.




Imperialism and capitalism have joined hands to defeat and crush humanity. US-Australian imperialism has its onw format of operations in Asia.  Since World War II, Australian imperialism has depended completely on US backing to prosecute its own neo-colonial interests in the Pacific. That is why the entire political establishment cutting across political spectrum, has lined up behind the transformation of Australia into a base of operations for the US military and the NSA in any war against China.




The US-led “Five Eyes” intelligence sharing alliance includes Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The CIA guide and manipulate the intelligence wings of all these five eyes nations as freely as the NATO  military rouges attack Muslim nations and  kill Muslims worldwide.




The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has established a string of covert facilities inside Australian embassies abroad to undertake CIA’s surveillance program for years now. . The Pentagon is increasingly reliant on access to Australian military bases as part of its war planning against China and CIA has made the ASD facilities as integral to the NSA’s surveillance throughout Asia. The ASD has plugged into the undersea cables that carry the huge quantities of electronic data between North America and Asia. Key spy bases such as the US-Australian Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap near Alice Springs gather information, including for drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, so they are vital for military command and communications.




The NSA’s surveillance operations are an essential component of the US military build-up throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The NSA spy operations in Asia are seamlessly connected to US preparations for cyber-war and military conflict against China. Australian electronic surveillance for the NSA has assumed a special importance following the “pivot to Asia” campaign. The Obama regime’s pivot to Asia has been a comprehensive diplomatic offensive and military build-up throughout the Indo-Pacific region aimed at securing American predominance over its rival China.




White House wants Sydney to provide American forces with greater access to Australian bases.


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