"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Infighting in Islam for political profit  is shame!



Any onlooker who watches the life patterns of Muslims around get the impression that Islam is no different from other religions and Muslims are also not serious believers.


That is the real challenge Islam is facing now.  A set of mere formalities does not make people real Muslims. They have to practice Islam not as a meager ritual, but as Islamic believers in reality that shows light to others. .


But unfortunately, Muslim groups are fighting each other claiming to be original Muslims.  .They have no shame  insult each other in public.  


Infighting and war in Islam is unIslamic, rather anti-Islamic.


Islam provides freedom of speech and accepts sects within as a natural phenomenon to compete and live as  genuine Muslims. However, failure in persuasion leads to infighting and wars which is anti-Islamic.


When enemies of Islam are targeting Muslims, Muslims are expected to be very cautious and protect each other- but unfortunately they behave like wild animals. That is not Islamic.  .


Islam is a religion of peace, harmony, equality, truth and is meant to help humanity lead and live positive life to achieve the best in life here and hereafter.


There has been an erroneous perception in societies that Islam is meant only for Muslims but  factually speaking  it is meant for entire humanity- even non-Muslims can practice true Islam without being or without becoming Muslims


All that God wants is best humans. One way of achieving h this is précising Islam, having truthful faith in Islam and God.



Real and selfless brotherhood can achieved through mutual love and help.

The infighting between Sunni and Shi’a , even killing each other is sheer insanity - not expected or sought by God.


Above all, Sunni and Shi’a bloody fighting goes against the preaching and philosophy of Holy  Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAS) who saw the birth of Shi’a well in his own Home and promoted the trend as  the natural development of Islam. But now they have become enemy to each other.


Sunni and Shi'a are two sides of the same coin known as Islam and one fighting  the other is not acceptable and impossible and any war between them would lead to destruction of the  one begins the fight. 


Madness has no justifications- it only means brainlessness, hollow thinking.


The Holy Quran calls its way ‘the paths of peace’. Islam strongly prohibits all forms of violence against all peoples regardless of their faith or race, and gives lesson of forgiveness and patience.


Those Sunni and Shi’a who love and revere Prophet of Islam will not wage war because He would not like that. .


Muslims are not religious animals- others could be.  The people raise slogan of Brotherhood but kill people if their religions and theology are different. Without making any inquiry or proof about the truth, people are killed in the name of religion. 


The people fight not for the sake of religion or make God happy but for political reasons, for the support of their religious sects.  Today, many non-Muslims regard Islam as a religion that promotes violence, terrorism and war. The clashes between Muslim activists show that people do not follow Islam and its teachings. They are not real Muslims. They cause immense  dishonor to Islam.


Not only non-Muslim or anti-Islamic rulers, even Muslim rulers create circumstances for Sunni-Shi’a wars for political reasons.  Muslims themselves burn mosques. What a shame!


Boys are allowed to play football or cricket inside Mosque compound. Is not anti-Islamic foolishness?


At Friday prayers and other regular prayers special requests are made by the Imams to God and Prophet of Islam to let those who pay money to mosques to find better jobs with big money in Mideast. Are such prayers dedicated and allowed for special individuals because they pay money and others do not? A player for well being of all in the locality is one thing but special prayers for a few individuals only represents corrupt mindset of the Imams.


It indeed works against the true spirit of Islam. Islam is not all about money making. it amounts to making fun of God. 


Whether in Pakistan or Iraq such sectarian wars are essentially anti-Islamic.  Whether Saudi Arabia or USA plans wars against Shi’a they all are anti-Islamic rogues and shall have to face the consequences in future- whether they believe in it or not. .


Islam is the ultimate region for the humanity. The spirit of Islam is the spirit of Peace and Truth. Islam is the only religion of peace in the fullest sense of the world.


 It is the prime duty of Muslims to behave.

It is binding on today’s Muslims to leave behind a generation that is worthy of being real Muslims, showing ways for real success here and hereafter. . 

Only empty hearts and minds can cause crises in Islamic societies.

Muslims need to be extra cautious! 


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