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Delhi Revolution: Aam Aadmi wins Assembly vote, promises corruption-free India!





The progress and development and growth of a nation is determined not  by number of billionaires  it has produced,  nor by  number of  tall buildings decorating  the major corporatist towns, nor even by  gold reserves of the nation, or strong GDP, but rather by the  success of the regime in protecting the poor and less fortunate ones from the  economic onslaught of the rich  exploiting the national resources as well as the poor and ordinary masses for their private  enterprises.  

In simple language, nation’s prestige is defined by the standards of life of poor and ordinary people. How the regime protects the genuine interests of common masses should showcase the nation’s domestic and foreign status.  

In this respect, needless to state that, India is a failed nation as it has been protecting the capitalist interests of the rich at home and abroad while the president, premier and ministers keep visiting foreign countries with a sac full of domestic capitalists in the plane to  strike deals for them. .

And the rich continue to thrive while the poor and ordinary masses keep toiling and suffering.

It is under such nefarious circumstances that the Aam Aadmi Party emerged as the defender of these sections of India.

AAP caught the mood of the masses, the imagination of nation while framing its program briefly after its emergence in Delhi state, the capital of India.

And  the grateful people of India, representing the youth of the nation overwhelmingly voted the AAP power in Delhi, sideling their favorite national parties including Congress and  Hindutva BJP.  



After fulfilling its two main electoral promises on water and electricity bill, the Aam Aadmi Party government faced a crucial test in the assembly on 02 December when it must prove it has the support of the majority in the 70-member house. With Congress, which has eight MLAs, maintaining it would provide "outside support" to the government, and JD(U) MLA Shoaib Iqbal also declaring his support, AAP was expected to easily sail through comfortably with its 28 MLAs.


The Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government with its own 28 MLAs on 02nd January won the trust vote in the Delhi Assembly with 38 votes (2 votes more than the required half way mark) being cast in the government's favor.



After winning the confidence vote, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, in his trademark style, congratulated Delhi's common man. "It is not our victory. It is your victory. This is the victory of honesty and truth," he said. He then went on to renew his oath-taking pitch, saying that there is a big challenge ahead - a challenge that the government with its seven ministers alone, or 70 MLAs in the Parliament can't face. "It is a challenge that we have to undertake together. We have to make sure that there is no corruption in the city. I assure you that be it the MCD, be it the former Delhi government, be it our government, no minister guilty of corruption will be spared."



People’s victory



Addressing the Delhi Assembly before seeking the trust vote, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made it clear that his intention was to work for the common people and the motion of confidence if passed favorably will help the ordinary citizen living in the national capital. AAP believes that all people who need an honest system are common man no matter wherever they stay -- Greater Kailash or Sangan Vihar.  “I haven't stood here to save the government or make a government. I never thought that I will form a political party and fight elections. I am just a common man with no standing”.


A common man in India wants that his children get good education, safety for his family and a good judiciary. Crores and crores of money have been spent for development but where is the development and where is the money? A common man wants to know that. The quality of education is really bad in the government schools in Delhi. The system of donation in the private schools must stop and the number of government schools must be increased.

The country's common man just want that the corrupt should face the law and go behind bars. But the political leaders by dint of muscle and money power challenged and forced the common man to get themselves elected and make their own law. “Our fight is to end corruption and we are here today. Our fight looked impossible and victory was a distant dream. For us 28 in the Delhi assembly, God in whatever form he is, is with us. Today's question is who are the members who are with the Aam Aadmi?


The answer is: common people who suffered the political gimmicks of ruling elites for decades.   The new CM said: “I have waited in red signals and lost no time in the last five-six days”. "Is a common man's time not valuable like a VIP, a minister's?



Delhi should be a full-fledged state to get maximum benefits of the Delhiites.


There are complaints that the electric meters run really fast. This should be checked into. There should also be an audit of the distribution firms and we all must sit together and fix the power tariff. "We need to look into unauthorised colonies as these are devoid of basic facilities. These facilities should be given until a permanent solution is found. Same stands for illegal shanties. "The contractors are also a tormented lot as their PFs are cut but not deposited into their accounts. This must stop. We oppose FDI in retail. 99 percent of the business people are honest and they are ready to pay tax. Why should the government keep chasing them always and not allow them to commit themselves into their business? "





Inclusive society



The CM Kejriwal said: "We are not here to make or save this government," he said before winning a trust vote. "This is about a war against corruption."  It was Kejriwal's uncompromising emphasis on expunging graft and what he describes as "VIP culture" from politics that enabled his less than one-year-old Aam Aadmi Party or AAP to land an improbable second place in last month's election.


Why a political leader does need security? The day God decides that you should not get any more security, no amount of bodyguards will be able to save you. Delhi has a Lokayukta law. But that is very weak. We need to have a stronger one. What is the point in laying and relaying footpaths? There is no dearth of money in India, in Delhi. People should rather have streetlights for the safety of people- women.  "There should be a special team for the safety of women. Our legal system should be such that the perpetrators who commit crimes against women are behind bars within six months.



AAP MLAs had gone and met several pavement dwellers and heard their woes. "These people have nothing. They are not even vote banks - they don't have the right to vote, denied basics of life. . So, we announced porta cabins for them. Immediately after, some NGOs, rotary clubs called up and said that they wanted to pay for the setting up of some porta cabins. This is how we want to include the society for its own good," said Kejriwal.


In his speech in the Delhi Assembly yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal, the 45-year-old chief minister of Delhi, deftly displayed the political vocabulary that powered his outsized victory in the recent elections. 


Now on


The is a clear shift if political focus. Kejriwal said AAP leaders are here not here for power but to serve the masses who were deprived of their dignity in the country.  



Politics of anger has given way now to politics of hope. After the Delhi elections, it has become clear to voters that the Congress is no longer the force it was. Its demise is certain. So, people have already started looking beyond the Congress now



The Aam Aadmi Party’s success in Delhi and the public reaction to it has established Kejriwal as the new hope of India, the spot Modi was occupying just a few weeks ago.



Capitalist ideology as well as Illegal mining in which the BJP is fully engaged have clearly spoiled their image as a Hindutva party  let  lone a pro-people party. Delhi has clearly put both Congress and BJP on the deadly back foot. The Congress is no longer the BJP’s biggest problem, Arvind Kejriwal is. Narendra Modi also is now seriously worrying about Arvind Kejriwal. For the past few months, Modi has been raging against the Congress and its leaders. The Congress is dead for now. Modi’s mission has been accomplished. He needs to stop, think and take note of the new challenge.


But the right wing BJP has become another Congress, corrupt party. In fact, BJP is more dangerous than Congress. Very dangerous for the country! Imagine the combo of Nitin Gadkari, Amit Shah, Yeddyrappa and Modi ruling with the blessings of ASSaram Bapu..which of our women folk will be safe!  Congress is corrupt (a bit communal because RSS elements have infiltrated the party) but BJP is both corrupt and communal.




Modi’s other problem is that he is unacceptable to a significant portion of the electorate. There are people who would never vote for Modi even if he gets clean chits from every possible court or expresses his anguish over 2002 in a million words. Kejriwal, on the other hand, has no such problem. Unlike Modi, he is not seen as a divisive leader and doesn’t evoke strong likes and dislikes

Kejriwal has a lot going for him. He is not just a politician or a chief minister any more. Kejriwal has attained the status of the moral and intellectual leader of a huge section of India. Modi may be a mass leader, a proven administrator, a master tactician and a great orator, but when it comes to being the country’s guiding light, he can’t compete with Kejriwal. The problem with Modi is that he can’t be Kejriwal. Kejriwal. . Kejriwal’s past record is now his biggest strength. Notice the irony: Kejriwal is getting ready to live up to his legend.


Kejriwal is now setting the agenda with his ideals, ideas, promises and symbolism. Others are just playing catch-up. The focus has suddenly shifted from Modi. People are now watching Kejriwal with great curiosity and expectations.


Of course, having lost their faces in Delhi, both the BJP and the Congress are hoping that Kejriwal would fail and AAP would fall,. After some “fun”.  But he is going to succeed. If Kejriwal delivers on some of his promises and creates a difference, he would suddenly emerge as competition for Modi and his biggest poll planks: Development and good governance.


If and when the AAP decides to expand outside Delhi, the BJP will have to face a new heavy headache. In most of the north Indian states, Kejriwal’s party can emerge as an alternative to the Congress, throwing it out even before the election. When that happens, the contest would be between the BJP and the AAP, a scenario Modi may have not considered yet while focusing all his energy on the Congress. A large section of voters rooting for Modi is from among people who are angry with the Congress. Till recently they had no choice but to vote for the BJP to defeat the Congress.

But now Aam Aadmi Party has come to the fore to represent common men.

BJP MLAs objected to the use of AAP caps, however the secretariat pointed out the caps were harmless and merely said "mein aam admi hoon"(I am also a common man). Most senior officers were in no mood to go against the party that has seized the imagination of the common man for now.


However, as Congress leaders remained huddled over countering AAP's claims on fulfilling its major poll promises quickly enough, their support is likely to come with some stinging rhetoric.

Meanwhile, obviously unable to stand the growing popularity of the Common-man’s party (AAP), a public interest litigation was filed in the Delhi High Court on 02nd December soon after the AAP government won the confidence vote in the Assembly, seeking directions to the CBI to register a case of cheating and corruption against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for misleading citizens by making "false promises in election manifesto". The PIL  alleged that they misled Delhi citizens by making false promises in the AAP election manifesto in their bid to enjoy power and benefits. It also questioned the AAP government's statement on reducing electricity charge by 50 percent from Jan 1.

It said the AAP government failed to set up the Jan Lokpal by Dec 29 as promised in the poll manifesto. The plea said the court needs to decide the issue of false declaration by "misusing chief minister's office for political gain amounted to corruption". The PIL asked the court to decide as to whether making false declarations in the election manifesto to secure votes of the public amounted to cheating and criminal breach of trust.


Social crusader Anna Hazare congratulated Arvind Kejriwal on being sworn in as the chief minister of Delhi. Hazare said, "We have worked together for several years and I know him well. I am confident that he will do a good job as the chief minister."  He also asked Kejriwal to pass on his best wishes to all the ministers in his cabinet.  Kejriwal, who was a key member of Hazare's erstwhile Team Anna, had telephoned the Gandhian on Friday morning to invite him to his swearing-in ceremony. An official invitation was also e mailed to Hazare. Hazare is unwell. 





December 02 is a big day for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal proved the majority of his government today in the Delhi Assembly. His party is surging ahead in implementing  all poll promises, one by one.


After the confidence vote, AAP will now face a tougher task when the House elects a new speaker and deputy speaker. While AAP has chosen MS Dhir as its candidate for the speaker's post, the BJP appears all set to field its candidate. Congress has not yet decided its stand on the matter, adding to the uncertainty.


The AAP's next most important agenda will be to pass the Janlokpal Bill for Delhi. 



AAP is likely to widen its scope and reach to other states very soon.


Right now, outside the national capital, Kejriwal and his team do not even have a presence. They have very little time to start and build up a team before May. In Delhi, the AAP got almost a year to become a viable option. It has just three months to register its presence in the other states. But it isn’t impossible either.

If the AAP can do it in Delhi, replicating the story in other parts of India would not be impossible. If his government and its populist agenda succeed in Delhi, if Kejriwal implements some of his promises, if he retains his position on the podium of morality, ethics and honesty and if his party manages to mount a challenge outside Delhi, Kejriwal would become difficult to stop.

The Aam Aadmi Party emerged with flying colors in the Delhi elections with 28 seats, sweeping out the Congress and even Sheila Dikshit from the opposition benches. While the exit polls had said that AAP won't get majority votes, none of the exit poll of polls had really given so many seats to AAP.

All these years after the India obtained independence in 1947, Indian politicians have been helping themselves and their friends and families in the name of serving the nation.


The AAP has shown that if there is a will, strong enough, it is easy to help the common people, removing their miseries one by one. 


Sadly, owing to  dirty politics of major national parties, politics has been corpotarised in India today and Indian  capital Delhi displayed demoralized corruption and money power all these years.  .


Till the Delhi polls, the AAP was just a subject of curiosity. Except for those who voted for it, nobody believed it could form the government in Delhi. Now that it has happened, people have suspended their disbelief. They now believe that if Delhi can, India can too.


AAP would become a strong national party with regional bases. Unfortunately a few news portals are not happy that their favorite parties like Congress and BJP have lost power in Delhi what looks like on a permanent basis.

Delhi Revolution-2:  Aam Aadmi Party to contest parliamentary polls





Armed with successful elections for the party in Delhi elections through peaceful anti-corruption movement, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) now, rightly so, is planning to field positive candidates for the March-May polls for the Parliament.  The AAP has announced on 4th December that it will contest most seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Senior AAP leader and  a top advocate of Supreme Court, Prashant Bhushan said the decision was taken at the start of a two-day,  national executive meeting following the popular response across the country after the AAP took power in Delhi. "AAP will fight the Lok Sabha election, contest in the maximum number of states, and in as many seats as possible," he told the media here. He said the AAP will field candidates wherever "we have a reasonable (party) structure and we get good candidates".

For the AAP now, no party is  its target for criticism but the political rot gathered in Indian polity and governance over decades would generally be the focus of the  campaign of the party. Another AAP leader added that the decision to enter the Lok Sabha battle had nothing to do with other political parties. "We have made it clear that we have no alliance with the Congress in Delhi. "We are not fighting elections to harm or benefit anyone," he said. 

The AAP does not see any difference whether the AAP decision to contest the parliament poll harmed or benefited BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi or Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who is being projected as  its PM candidate even as the incumbent PM Manmohan Singh has refused to leave the high office though he also has supported Rahul Gandhi to  be his successor if Congress come back to power.

Aam Admi Party seeks to  save and help the people of India by winning parliament poll and ruling the nation on their  behalf.  The party wants to make India corruption free. 

Bhushan sounded extremely confident about the prospects of the Aam Aadmi Party in the forthcoming general elections and said that there is now a very real chance that AAP may be able to form the next government at the centre. "One month ago I felt that we may be able to win around 50 seats in the general elections. But after forming the government in Delhi the response that we are getting from across the country is beyond our imagination. No limit can be drawn on the number of seats that AAP can win.

An optimistic Bhushan added: “Why just a simple majority, the Aam Aadmi Party could even end up with over 400 seats."

Bhushan drew a parallel with the 1977 elections held after the emergency and said that there is a wave of positive change that is blowing across the country and people now believe that AAP can clean up the corrupt politics of the country.

Bhushan said, "Indira Gandhi revoked the emergency in January 1977 and called general elections in March. Who would have thought that in two months the Janata Party would be able to field candidates on every seat and that the Congress would be decimated across north India.  Once people make up their minds then anything is possible."


Of course, later the Janata Partye to bickering from selfish leaders  of the national coalition who claimed to b e  more democrats than  the rest, collapsed and disintegrated and out of which the BJP was born, taking with it many people from other parties.


Since anti-corruption issue continues guide the party and leaders, perhaps,  the AAP could avert any divisions and collapse.


That the Common-man’s party (Aam Aadmi Party) had refused to hurry up to form the government without enough seats on their own and with help of other independent MLAs and waited to assume the rule of the responsible opposition party.  But the Congress party, seeking to keep the BJP out of power in Delhi, extended support to AAP to make a government.


And the AAP government under the  CM Kejriwal and supported by many top leaders, including  Hazare and Bhushan  has begun fulfilling all electoral promises has generated over  a short span of time can stand  it in the parliamentary poll as well. .

Aam Admi with its simple image would make spectacular inroads into national polity very quickly and win the polls in future, starting with Parliamentary test. . 

 After winning the Delhi test,  obviously the AAP feels confident of  wining the Parliament  also. 


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