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Aam Admi government in Delhi launches anti-corruption drive earnestly







The Common-man’s (Aam Admi) Party has shown resoluteness in containing corruption  in Delhi as  the party is going steady in implementing  its  electoral  pledges one by one.


On orders from Delhi CM Kejriwal, a new anti-corruption helpline number has been launched for the people of the state.  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a helpline to report incidents of bribe. Anyone who is asked to pay a bribe by any official in the capital can seek help on phone number 011-27357169. A day after it was launched, the anti-corruption helpline number has the people of Delhi hoping that incidents of corruption faced by the common man will come down drastically.

Kejriwal has already said that a four-digit number that could be committed to memory easier would be released in about five days. It looks like a registration number should be given to complainants.

This is the third promise of the Aam Aadmi Party to be fulfilled, after the decision of free supply of over 650 litres of water to each household, and the halving of electricity charges for those using up to 400 units a month.

Many people say even though the success of this "new experiment" is still to be experienced, the very announcement of such a helpline could impact those seeking to enrich themselves by corrupt means. It would, for instance, certainly create some fear psychology in corrupt officials, just like the RTI. After RTI, officials and even ministers are afraid of incorrect records and files.

The new helpline is  the first step in right direction. The helpline could be a deterrent to corruption, but for the practice to cease, people's mentality must change, but for it to function well, mindsets of the people need to change. People should do their work without seeking favors. There is an illness in society that needs to be curbed.

The anti-corruption sentiment has been running high in the national capital since Gandhian activist Anna Hazare launched his movement for passing the anti-graft Lokpal bill in 2011. Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party's victory has been credited to this anti-corruption sentiment.

Many people in Delhi, both young and old and those working in varied professions, expressed happiness and hope at the launch of the helpline.

A student of Delhi University said it is going to make some real difference. He swears any official will think twice before asking for a bribe.

Hopefully, people will make the most out of it.


Citizens themselves are equally responsible for the "bribe culture" as they look for an easy way out, and hence indulge in bribing.  The new measure envisaged will help in breaking this vicious circle.

There was, however, the skeptical voice too. There is strong feeling among old people that it might work out to some extent, but those who have had their work done by bribing the other party will just continue doing so. “I hope that the team behind this helpline will attend to complaints, and bring about change". However optimistic and well-meaning the idea is, some guys think it is not going to work. The idea of a sting operation is not very viable. But they don't think would take the pain of doing a sting operation on anyone. Sting operations, as we have seen before, aren't a very reliable tool for investigation

Alongside the helpline for helping people conduct sting operations, a redressal forum should also be launched that would investigate complaints and act upon them with transparency and efficiency might have been more welcome.

The helpline would go a long way in setting the corruption records straight. Officials will now officially know that bribe is illegal and punishable offence. CM Kejriwal has already warned that such corrupt people will have to go jail.  

It is time, Aam Admi Party officially launched the party at national level and contact sincere people to join and make them lead the regional units and get ready for the parliamentary poll.

If the AAP were to win the Parliamentary polls,  the party should begin the work earnestly and immediately.


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