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India: Aam Aadmi Effect in Kerala: Is Kerala politicians afraid of Aam Admi of Delhi? 




Aam Aadmi Effect in Kerala: Is Kerala politicians afraid of Aam Adami of Delhi? 

Kerala Vodafone company rejects the Indian government's Adhar card- the main ID for Indians for domestic 
. . 

Yes, very much. It seems the politicians in Kerala cutting across political spectrum of left, center and right are now deeply worried about he emerging Aam Aadmi all over India.

Kerala used to the hot bed of leftist politics but now it is waning because mos tof the supporters are now in Mideast , making money and send it to Kerala, trying to make Kerala a developed nations. As a result, leftist fervor Keralites used to exhibit once is not there. They are seeking jobs and money. 

A close friend of mine in Kerala capital Thirivanthapuram recently wanted to get a phone p mobile sim from Vodafone and went to buy it and supplied ID proof as well for this. he gave Government of India 's Adhar Card copy as proof but after a a couple of days, he found his sim was not activated. The reason seems to be that the Adhar Card is the kerala vodafone company thinks the Adhar Card is from Aam Admi as the card mentions that. . 

My friend could not get the vodafone sim because they reject the Governemtn of India's Adhar card. 

That is sad and ugly. The foolish Vodafone company guys. 

Why Kerala politicians, both Congress and communist are scared of Aam Admi? 

What next?

Are Indians so foolish? 


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