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Pakistan: Sharif makes military more powerful. target Muslims






[Discovery of secret mass graves in Kashmir valley earlier had generated international outcry and condemnations but India very cleverly used USA and Israel to escape explanting and punishment. The mass graves discovered in Pakistan, perhaps wound not mean anything to western “democracy promoters]


It is now quite obvious that Islamic law, Islamic faith and Islamic way of life have never been the  chief objective of Pakistani government as it always sought  military help form USA and its essentially anti-Islamic European  nations.  Most Muslims in Pakistan, especially the elites, have  been enjoying  a sort of parasitic  life by looking to the west for guidance, rather than  the holy Quran and Prophet of Islam. Pakistanis keep fleeing Islamabad for anti-Islamic nations to make money, enjoy life.


Like their Indian or Bangladeshi counterparts, these Pakistanis, both abroad and indoors, do not really love or appreciate Islamic teaching.  They want to just enjoy, life and wealth. The way they promote fake cricket as their only sport only exposes the emptiness plus wickedness of their minds.


These so-called westernized Pakistanis hate those who want Islam as their life goal.


Pakistani politicians, seeking to make more and more wealth in shortest possible time, encourage falsehood, lies, cheating in real life.



In early February, the Muslim League government of Nawaz Sharif has enacted anti-democratic laws that give the military sweeping powers to kill Muslims in the country in the name of fighting now fashionable terrorism. The new law, ordinance and amendments, titled the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance, will prevent further cases being brought, by legalizing arbitrary arrests and detention carried out by “authorized officers” of the armed forces.


While rich and corporate  ruling class enjoy the protection of the regime,  the new measures will inevitably be utilized against the common people and poor, as the Pakistani ruling elite seeks to crush all

 opposition to the implementation of IMF-dictated austerity measures.



However, also, these new laws have been introduced to absolve the security forces from charges of arbitrary arrests, detentions, disappearances and the killing of civilians during military operations. Several reports have emerged in recent years of mass graves being discovered in Pakistan. Is it  the outcome of US-Pakistani  terror alliance since the Musharraf era?


Discovery of secret mass graves in Kashmir valley earlier had generated international outcry and condemnations but India very cleverly used USA and Israel to escape explanting and punishment. The mass graves discovered in Pakistan, perhaps wound not mean anything to western democracy lovers.  


The new law talks about act of war or insurrection against Pakistan  and want to  hang as many civilians as possible.


The government is currently holding discussions with Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP), but Washington is pressing for the suppression of TTP and demanding Islamabad step up military operations along the border area. Pakistani military has been  employed by the Pentagon to combat the so-called  “terrorists” in the Swat valley. 


The Balochistan provincial government has claimed that 592 bodies of those “disappeared” have been unearthed since 2010. However, human rights activists put the number of missing persons in the thousands. A packed court room watched as the defence minister Khawaja Asif has offered one excuse after another, failing to produce the accused military men before the courts or even to disclose their identities. The chief justice hearing the case warned Asif to “stop handing us lollipops.


Sharif is giving a veneer of legality to the military for carrying out crimes against the population with impunity. Sharif is bold now since all opposition parties, however, have implemented similar repressive laws in the past and collaborated with former military dictatorships.


One clearly see the CIA-Pentagon hand in this anti-humanity laws in Pakistan which the Sharif regime passed in order only  to get some more terror goods as service charges from Washington.


Sharif’s top priority is to maintain and strengthen its relationship with Washington, which is now growlingly a pro-India terrocracy.



But revisiting the secret tortures inside Guantanamo scenario in Pakistan In the name of “national security,” is not good for a government elected by people to govern the nation and not to theorize the people. Powers have also been given for “exclusion of public from proceedings of special courts” meaning those courts can hear cases in secret. The military will keep secret information relating to the location of the detainee or accused or intern or internment centre.


Pakistan also is eager to signal to New Delhi  that it is indeed a  strategic partner in making. 


People will never know how many Muslims would be killed by using the new law and where they exactly would be buried

That is the usual norm of terrocracy, promoting contemporary NATO fascism. 

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