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Meerut attack on Muslims: Time for India to ban cricket! - 2





Maybe for the first time in India the charge of sedition, hurled on those who speak for freedom or Kashmiris, has been slapped on the Muslim students studying in an Indian private university in Meerut.

The reason is very simple and funny that some Kashmiri Muslim students, watching the  cricketism match on TV,  hailed the victory of Pakistani cricket team against India in Bangladesh.


Fake emotions deny the occupied Kashmiris on both sides of the LOC the ability to reason and that acquired inability has harmed their genuine interests of Kashmiri Muslims besieged by India, Pakistan and China as the enemies use their emotional outbursts to their own advantages, targeting them for their blood and flesh.


It is a Himalayan shame that Kashmir Muslims, the victim of colonialism of Indian regime, love the colonialist sport called cricket, being promoted as a major gambling.


Cricket is no good for both Indian Muslims and Muslim Kashmiris, especially for Kashmiris as the subject of colonialist India occupation and as Muslims. 


By promoting cricket, Kashmiri Muslims also support colonialist oppression and military brutalities.

Sixty-seven Kashmiri students of Swami Vivekanand Subharti private University in Meerut, who celebrated Pakistan's win over India in the Asia Cup, have been charged with sedition by the city police. The case was registered under section 124(a) of the Indian Penal Code.

These misguided Kashmiri students have no knowledge about match fixings around the world in cricket, involving huge money in black, grey and white, especially the India made IPL why India lost and what made India to finally let Pakistan win. 


The said university had suspended these students after they refused to tender an apology for creating a communal atmosphere in the campus by raising pro-Pakistan slogan.  The students have also been charged with raising anti-national slogans. 


The  pseudo patriotic and Hindutva wholesale leader BJP always waiting   to fish in troubled water  to  play  dirty politics  too has been demanding that strict action be taken against these students and asked that they be booked for 'anti-national activities'. 


The university had suspended these students after they refused to tender an apology for creating a communal atmosphere in the campus by raising pro-Pakistan slogan and ransacking varsity property after the match on Sunday. The university further said that the suspension would be revoked if the student apologized for their unruly behavior.

The senior superintendent of police said they have registered the case against unknown students and the culprits would be brought into record after investigation. 

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah said that sedition charge against Kashmiri students is an unacceptably harsh punishment that will ruin their futures and will further alienate them. He spoke to UP CM ASAP and intervene on behalf of these misguided students to have this charge of sedition removed. I believe the University did what it had to to control the situation but this action by the UP Govt is uncalled for and should be reversed'.

Meanwhile, the J&K’s People’s Democratic Party has lashed out at the Uttar Pradesh government, calling the incident unfortunate and accusing the ruling party of indifference towards Kashmiri youths.

UP government has removed the sedition charge but retain  other charges. 

We want the police to book them for their involvement in anti- national activities.” RK Garg, registrar of the university, told Mail Today that they have handled the situation in the best possible manner. “There were five or six students who were cheering after Pakistan won when watching the match in the common hall of Madanlal Dhingra Hostel. Some local students objected to it. But these Kashmiri students turned violent.
They removed their shirts and danced in the night for many hours. They also damaged furniture, window panes and a badminton court. We reached there after knowing about the incident and somehow sent them back to their room. But next day, there was visible tension on the campus,” Garg said. “We were anxious because Meerut is a sensitive city. So we called the 68 Kashmiri students who were watching the match and asked them to reveal names of those who were involved in violence. But they refused to divulge identity of the rogue students. We suspended 67 of them for three days. One of them was spared because he was unwell. We have admitted him to hospital,” he.  


It is absolutely necessary here to  reiterate the false premises of India in promoting cricket gambling and making Muslims also part take in the public mischief. Cricket is meant only to promote some batboys by arranging various resources, including the field with a few fielders and pitches  prepared for the batboys to hit big and by making the bowlers to be  batboy-friendly. 

The best example is the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh- both were earlier defeated by Sri Lanka. As per their envisaged plan, Pakistan first bowled to offer  330 runs- the highest score BD  made in its history and when Bangladesh bowled  it  let Pakistan win handsomely by chasing down  their own highest  scored chase in history.  Besides,  both teams shared 100s and 50s and enjoyed. Bowlers  had  no role here except to offer big scores with 4s and 6s, they were asked not to target wickets and let the batboys fall on their own accord. The pitch was prepared by BD specialists. The next day, Sri Lanka thrashed BD  first offering  210 runs and chasing it down.  Pakistan and Sri lanka are faicng tghe final  on 08th March,  Sl  has won all the matches while Pakistan has already lost to SL. 

Bangladesh, the sponsor of the Asia Cup,  has not won even one match against any team, including the new Afghan team which also defeated BD. But it got a couple of 100s and 50s as their achievement for obtaining  their own Bharatratna award and other privileges. . 

Kashmiri Muslims should have some common sense and ignored the cricket matches. 

Cricket, therefore, should be banned in India without  waiting for Pakistan also to do the same. They would  follow the  Indian foot steps in this as well just as the  invasion and occupation of Jammu Kashmir.  Pakistanis, like Indians,  love money coming by all means. They love cricket because it  offers  enough money for the mafias and  cricketers. Politicians share the booty. 

Islam  has already taken a back seat in Pakistan and most Muslims feel Islam causing inconvenience to them. And  the Pakistani regime is interested only in promoting capitalism for the wealthy guys by using the rich and corporate allies in cricket.  

India and its puppet government in Srinagar led by  National Congress party of land lords systematically promote cricket to  keep the youth busy  away from freedom struggle. 

Time would come when  they would use the Kashmiris cricketers against the  Hurriyet movement and  the leaders.   

maybe the  that time is not far away to crush the  freedom movement once for all. . 

Hopefully, Kashmiri Muslims and  their Indian counter parts  change their  bogus cricket mindset  by  realizing  fanatic mindset of majority  Hindu Indians and  begin think  as real humans, true Muslims. 

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