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Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Time for India to ban cricket!


it is annoying that the Kashmiri Muslims  who keep losing their  dear ones in Indian military attacks in occupied Jammu Kashmir  are also interested in cricket just their  colonialist masters in New Delhi. . 

It is shocking that some  students of Kashmir, under Indian brute occupation,  get into trouble over  cricket controversies in India.

It is also shameful that Muslims in Kashmir,  just like their counterparts in India,  many of them,  take cricket matches for real tournaments not  guessing the  manipulations on the field.

Cricket is a fake sport being promoted by  billionaires and corporates and their mafias , now controlling Indian regime, and cricketers unnecessarily crate  false thrillers and tensions .

Cricket games between rivals India and Pakistan tend to be high-voltage events, played out in a charged atmosphere with millions of people watching on television. Tensions rose as students gathered in the hostel of private university in the Uttar Pradesh town of Meerut to watch Pakistan beat India in a close game in the final stages of the Asia Cup match in Bangladesh on Sunday.

 A group of Kashmiri students  studying in a Meerut private university by paying huge sums as they  are generally denied  admission in many Indian universities, have been charged with disturbing communal harmony because they  as Muslims  cheered for a Muslim nation Pakistan during a cricket match against India.

While one set of students supported the Indian national team, another group from Kashmir - a border state wracked by an armed revolt against Indian rule that has led to a brittle peace - was rooting for the Pakistani team. As soon as the match ended, the Indian students chased Kashmiri Muslims. “We hid in our rooms. They abused us and threw and stones at our rooms and broke our laptops. They said Kashmiris and Pakistanis should leave," one of the students, said.

The next day dozens of Kashmiri students tried to protest on the campus of the Swami Vivekanand Bharti University but the authorities suspended them and told them to go home. Meerut's deputy inspector general of police said police had charged 67 of them with disturbing communal harmony and damage to public property. Police initially planned to also charge the students with the more serious crime of sedition, which can earn a life term, but that was dropped after protests from Kashmir leaders including the state's chief minister Omar Abdullah who is touchy  about being called a pro-Pakistani

Omar Abdullah said the sedition charge against Kashmiri students is an unacceptably harsh punishment that will ruin their futures & will further alienate them.

The reports of their treatment drew protests from Pakistan. "We witnessed wonderful cricket. We know that Kashmiris celebrated Pakistan's victory," a Pakistani Foreign Ministry official said. "If these Kashmiri students want to come and pursue their studies in Pakistan, our hearts and our academic institutions are open to them."

Pakistan has  reason to feel elated that Kashmiri youth in Jammu Kashmir consider themselves Pakistanis first.

Cricket is not good for Muslims no matter where they live. Kashmiri Muslims should  end their love for  fake sports  like cricket which being played on fixed  agendas.

Cricket is fake promoted only by mafias for gambling purposes, and is capable of creating explosive communal situations in India and hence India ,its regime and parliament should seriously consider banning cricket as communally inflammable and fake  sport. 

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