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Was there an attempted military coup in India?






World thinks as a dominant democracy, India cannot undergo military  coups and, therefore,  has not knowledge about an attempted coup   in Indian capitals New Delhi because the government very systematically hid the matter under the carpet  and kept vigilance guys to  maintain strict vigil over the issue.  



the Congress – BJP governments  have prioritized the transformation of India into a military power, with an air, land and water nuclear-weapons program capable of projecting Indian power across the Indian Ocean. 


Towards this end India keeps purchasing nuclear reactors from Russia for commissioning nuke terror plants even by terrorizing the local populations. The military has been showered with tens of billions of dollars for weapons acquisition even as the government curtails social spending when poverty and illiteracy and farmer suicides showcase India s a shame nation. When more than two-thirds of the population must survive on less than $2 per day, India wastes huge resources on nuke arsenals and similar useless expenditures. 



Indian regime is determined to keep the Indian people in the dark about anything and everything that directly or indirectly concerns them. It was in 2012.  Many Delhiites swore that the military had made a serious attempt to dethrone the Congress led UPA government.  But the matter was not allowed to reach the general public of India. The matter was hushed  up by Indian regime and intelligence, as usual very effectively.  Secrecy was maintained and people were kept in dark.



When in 2012 January the Indian Express first published its sensational report of how the government was spooked by the unauthorized troop movement, Military Minister A.K. Antony dismissed the report as “absolute rubbish.” An innocent looking Indian elitist premier Manmohan Singh denounced the article as an “affront to the dignity of the armed forces” and, despite the repeated brazen indiscipline of General V.K. Singh, declared the army chief’s office an “exalted one.”


However,  at the same time, fearing that then army head General V.K. Singh had ordered two army units to move towards the national capital New Delhi on the night of January 15-16, 2012 with an ulterior motive, a panicked Indian government ordered the exercise immediately be terminated and the soldiers involved returned to their barracks.

Indian regime kept the conspiracy a highly secret mater the public should not know. so alarmed was the government on that January evening two years ago, then Defense Secretary Shashi Kant Sharma summoned then Director General of Military Operation (DGMO) Lt. Gent. Choudhary to the defense ministry in the middle of the night and told him that “he had just come back from the highest seat of power and that they are worried.” Incidentally, even Choudhary, despite heading military operations, had only come to know about the troop movement the previous day, further highlighting its highly unusual, if not outright conspiratorial, character. Sharma then ordered Choudhary to “send the troops back to the barracks” immediately.

Antony declared, “A military coup in our country is not even a remote possibility and there is no reason to fear about it. They always abide by the policy decisions taken by the civil government. ” A few hours later the government a few hours later asked officials from several intelligence agencies to undertake a helicopter ride to confirm that the troops had indeed gone back to their base. Government asked officials from several intelligence agencies to undertake a helicopter ride to confirm that the troops had indeed gone back to their base.

The attempt to overthrow a civilian government in J & K by the army is hardly an affirmation of the military abiding by the “policies of the civilian government,”


V.K. Singh, who retired in May 2012, gained great notoriety after it was revealed that he had used a secret army unit to spy on politicians and his rivals in the military and a secret fund to attempt to overthrow the elected state government of Jammu and Kashmir (JK).


Courted then onwards by the BJP, General V.K. Singh has recently joined BJP whose Hindutva ideology the military propagates. It is not surprise that India’s military is incubating extreme rightwing anti-democratic forces and encourages media to promote only that sort of patriotic items. Maybe, Sigh hopes to  be the military minister if the BJP comes to power.


VK Singh’s case came to public domain as a corruption issue in Military establishment which he was trying to expose. Later he even joined the anti-corruption movement launched by Anna Hazare, before jumping into BJP bandwagon. Singh who repeatedly publicly clashed with the government claimed that he had been offered a bribe of close to $3 million dollars to approve the purchase of sub-standard military equipment. Last but not least, there was the dispute over his birth date, which determined the date of his mandatory retirement as army chief.


No CBI investigation has been ordered and everything indicates the government has worked with the military high command to prevent the public from   knowing about the anti-democratic and anti-constitutional acts authorized by the former head of India’s army.


Similarly, the government, aided by the corporate media, has suppressed from the public evidence that the military has become a breeding ground for Hindu communalist forces. It is virtually unknown that in November 2008, a serving army officer, Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit, and a retired major were arrested by the police for having supplied military-grade RDX explosive to Hindu terrorists who were instrumental in setting off a bomb in Malegoan, Maharashtra that killed 7 Muslims.

As usual, Indian media dutifully blamed Islamic organizations for the terror attacks and Congress government just appreciated them. Behind these flagrant cover-ups lies the Congress government’s dependence on, and determination to uphold, the unchallenged authority of the military—the ultimate bulwark of the rule of the Indian capitalists and medium corporates. Over the past two decades, the Indian elite has become still more reliant on the military to suppress internal rebellion and realize its great power ambitions.


 It is crude fact that  Indian military is accountable for the  crimes committed  in occupied Jammu Kashmir, for the help it extended to the  Hindutva criminals  in dismantling the  Babri Mosque,  in sustaining anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslims and anti-Islam trends in  the country while the media, directly controlled by the regime and intelligence,  just promote the  nefarious phenomena. 


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