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Asia Cap: Pakistan and Bangladesh play joint cricket exercises 





Pakistan payed with its half brother Bangladesh a friendly match in Bangladesh as part of Asia cap, tactfully  sharing 100s and 50s and make records such as highest total and etc. 

guided by post paid running commentators and mafia, Pakistan and Bangladesh play joint cricket exercises . Pakistan bowls to offer 330 runs ot a weak Bangladesh only to get back all the runs to make record of chasing down highest score by Pakistan

Bangladesh retrieved a 100 for BATBOY as Pakistan also did that. As planned and expected BD lets its big brother Pakistan win.

But this kind of pro-batboy match wont be there with Sri lanka. and Paksitn will suffer and perhaps lose the cap. 

But Pakistan and BD can now play a series for mutual 100s. BD needs more 100s to shine in BD medias and make money. 

Both Pakistan and BD can hit well if they fix the matches in favor of batboys. while bowlers just play mischief, allowing as many 6s and 4s as they can. Both can score 400 runs if bowlers support them well. 

That is bogus cricket, producing Bharatratna for Indian regime, corporates  and mafias. Full of stage managed drams. .

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