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Racism in Central African Republic: Muslims leave Capital Bangui -DR. ABDUL RUFF _____________________


Racism continues to haunt Africans even after the western colonizers as domestic majority Africans now target minorities, especially Muslims.

Obviously, the ongoing terror wars against Muslim nations in Mideast and South Asia  must have e3mboldened the Christian majority to target Muslims.

That is crudely unfortunate.

Central African Republic, where over 16% of population consists of Muslims while Christians’ make  up 50%, is increasingly becoming racist where majority Christians attack and terrorize minority Muslims The country is facing worst ever threat to its national integrity as the majority Christian have undertaken ethnic cleansing to remove Muslim populations out of the nation, though it is unclear how they want to execute their hidden plan. . .


The CAR country of Africans has been hit by civil conflict since Seleka rebels ousted the president in March 2013.

Also on 25th April Friday, there were reports that at least 22 people, including 15 local chiefs and three local workers for the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), were killed in an attack in the town of Nanga Boguila.

While the majority has made the life of Muslims, the largely Muslim Seleka rebels were accused of targeting Christians, prompting worsening sectarian violence. The killings happened on Saturday with most of the victims dying when an MSF-run clinic was attacked.

The real culprits are not yet identified. But rumors are spread that Seleka rebels were responsible for the attack.

Muslims feel badly threatened even in the capital. Peacekeepers have escorted more than 1,200 Muslims out of the capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui. They were some of the last remaining Muslims in the city, who have been targeted by Christian militias in the country's civil conflict.

The convoy was carrying Muslims from Bangui's PK-12 district headed to the relative safety of two towns in the north of the country.

Some Muslims do remain in Bangui but thousands have fled Christian-majority areas in recent weeks, heightening fears of a de facto partition of the country.

Children and women in CAR have been victims of horrendous attacks Aid agencies have warned the expulsions could exacerbate a food crisis, as many of the shops and wholesalers were run by Muslims.

Enemies of Muslims have their strategy ready.  Shortly after the convoy left, looters descended on the district to strip houses and businesses, and even the mosque. "We didn't want the Muslims here and we don't want their mosque here anymore either,'' looter Guy Richard told AP.

Amnesty International has accused peacekeepers of failing to prevent ethnic cleansing. "I leave with a heavy heart but we have been chased from here," PK-12 resident Tonga Djobo told AP. Some 6,000 African Union and 2,000 French troops have been sent to CAR to try to halt the bloodshed but officials want the UN Security Council to deploy a force of around 12,000.

After the mainly Muslim rebel Seleka group deposed President Francois Bozize and installed their leader Michel Djotodia as president, it was accused of targeting Christians. In January, Djotodia was in turn forced to step down amid criticism he had not done enough to stem sectarian violence. Since then, Muslims have been singled out for attack, with thousands fleeing their homes, many to neighbouring countries such as Cameroon and Chad.

Around a quarter of the country's 4.6 million people have fled their homes due to the conflict.



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