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Indian cash: Foreign IPL boys just dutifully promote Dhoni and Mumbai teams




That Indians know their future depends on India skipper Dhoni Mumbai team of BCCI and most of them do everything at their disposal to make Dhoni shine with big 6s.

Foreign IPL boys also promote Dhoni and Mumbai because they want to keep coming to India for happily spending some months in paid vacation with all comforts that are denied to  most Indians.  

It is atrocious to see Indian regime also enjoys this fraud in public repeating year after year.

IPL teams win toss and choose to bowl first and offer too many runs and whether they win or lose depends on factors- other than their capabilities.

That is called fixing. .

Both foreigners and most Indians do not want Dhoni team and Mumbai teams to lose now.

For foreigners Dhoni represents Indian military and regime they can play as they are asked to because Dhoni and military will shield them. After all, they lose nothing by offering big 6s and 4s or wickets and they get paid more if they secretly handle all frauds- both foreign and Indian.

Foreigners promote Dhoni and his team because they see a powerful, regime-military driven captain. And they also promote Mumbai team even though Sachin Tendulakr is no more on the field because they Mumbai team as BCCI’s pet baby, pampered too much by sports ministry and military.  

In other words, all other teams without exception are treated as waste boxes existing only to promote Dhoni team and Mumbai team. Now one suspects if the Punjab team which has been playing  among  the really rotten teams, is also under pressure from BCCI, sports ministry, and even the regime (which buys awards and  doctorate for  the favorite  cricketers),  to under play so that  Dhoni or Mumbai team survives.

Most of the foreign cricketers purchased by Indian billionaires and corporate lords are condemned to archives and bad players and why should not they just enjoy in India on payment basis instead of wasting their life at home?

Obviously, foreign cricketers expect Indian regime and BCCI to make the IPL a six month project every year so that they enjoy life in Indian towns much longer.


It is a known fact that many big industries and  billionaires evade taxes and have plenty of black and grey money to hide and they are carefully  roped in by  concerned government agencies to  finance the IPL gimmicks. 


This explains why some of them throw away the bats and wickets on signals from “above” and why they suddenly offer quick 6s to Dhoni etc.

All cricketers are lairs and hence frauds. They never let the public know about their secret deals and mischief on fields World is yet to know a cricketer who speaks truth. And when they speak the truth, cricket will either end or get drastically reformed for the better so that batboys do not shine at the cost of the bowlers who struggle to take a wicket because of free field and less fielders and other rules like 6s and 4s which easily make a 100 runs  by any batboys if the bowlers and fielders refuse to perform their functions effectively. They all are overpaid show guys. BCCI and IPL bosses invite foreign commentators and talkers/discussion panelists only to shower praises on India On payment basis.  

India has long since become a protected heaven for the international frauds and global state terror bosses who keeps visiting New Delhi .

IPL India is just one.

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