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IPL India 6s: Mumbai team crashed out! Are Punjab team batboys also fake?






Even with a weak, aimless bowling unit, the Punjab team played very well throughout but badly failed towards the end. They may claim self-beating and complacency have ruined them. But if they are really a good team they cannot fail so badly where both batboys and bowlers collapsed.  Punjab batboys think when they go the crease with bat, opponent bowlers just offer them the ball to hit where they want, and 6s and 4s would  rain.

But the opposite bowlers have learned all techniques of Maxwell and co and denied him runs.  Bowlers repeatedly remove him by destroying his stump.   However,  Punjab bowlers have not learned the behavior of other batboys though they have come to the close now. They are very poor bowlers, the leftovers.  They don’t plan to hit the batboys.  They seem come straight away to the field from their cocktail parties with cricket mafia.

First other bowlers made Maxwell shine too much and made the fanatic crow enjoy sky balls. Maxwell has shown if the bowlers offer chances for expansive shots he can keep hitting 6s and 5s at will and if they don’t he has to get back to the pavilions.  Bowlers have learned the Maxwell techniques and now they don’t offer big runs. They have already denied him the status of top run scorer by adding more runs to Uttappa and Smith. That is dirty but he is a fake. .

Unlike Mumbai and Dhoni teams that made batting order with two strong players, the Punjab team did not care to change the order at all.

Has the BCCI denied permission for Punjab tam to change the order by bringing strong openers?
One thought batboys were better and bowlers and fiddlers are simply hopeless. But how come batboys also collapsed at the most crucial phase of semifinals when they are supposed to show character on the field?

Did Punjab team play mischief by accepting extra cash from BCCI and cricket mafia and corporate lords?
Of course, Kolkata team played well because they were lucky. But Punjab did not make any effort to stay on or bowlers to restrict the opponents below the fixed 140 runs. They offered too many runs and batboys failed to chase it down.

Maxwell cannot play normal game because he wants only 6s and so long as bowlers let him shine by big shots, he should come last or open, let him hit and go. But Punjab team plays for BCCI and Indian black money. .

Mumbai team of Sachuin and BCCI has crashed out of IPL, making sachuin and BCCI frauds highly depressed and disillusioned.

All the efforts by the BCCI and cricket mafias operating from Mumbai to make Mumbai team shine this year also with the bogus cup, failed badly.

So are the largest cricket mafia networks in India that worked late nights to a fake win for Mumbai team.

IPL was launched to make god sachine too much to claim Pharatratna post from corporatist Congress-BJP-Communist parties. Lat eayr on consensus BCCI, Sachuin and Mumbai team were in fact made the joint winners. It is now time to wind down the IPL project.

Rains are expected shortly!"

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