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England -Sri Lanka cricketism: Colombo kicks London as waste box sticks. .


 They are now busy playing the bogus test cricket for sharing 100s and 50s. Bat-boys are practicing double wicket giving .

In the first innings, England bowlers were a bit serous and e denied Sri Lankans any 100 but one English batboy managed to get one full 100 as his maiden century. But in the second innings, England wanted to return the 100 to a senior batboy but both failed to score 100, so England decided to offer 100 to SL captain Mathew and expected return favors but Colombo bowlers crushed the English great boys of Cameron for 55 for 5 runs. % more wickets remains and England as usual hopes the SL bowlers to offer 100 and 50s to tail-enders on the fifth day.

Needless to say, England deliberately prolonged the match to make a 5 day game by offering big 150 Mathew after SL lost 7 wickets.

Will SL offer big runs to tailenders or close the match in an hour time tomorrow. .

One issue is important here. England is most vocal in saying that batoboys can make big scores and they don't care for bowler needs.

So, the Cameron boys are not the Sept-II terror stuff but only ordinary match box sticks.

What is big shame, Cameron and other big bogus cricket promoters.




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