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Kashmir: Lost once for all?




Political gambling: Have Kashmiris lost Kashmir once for all? 




Nuclear India and its nuke neighbor Pakistan have been very strategically using two parts of Jammu Kashmir that are under their joint occupation - viz  Jammu & Kashmir occupied  by India and Pakistan controlled Azad Kashmir. 

Today there is no Kashmir nation and alas, there no honest Kashmir leaders who seek  independence from  joint occupiers. Kashmiris are now parts of India, Pakistan and China- all the three monster occupiers who have divided and shared Jammu Kashmir as per a deep rooted conspiracy. 

Kashmiris in Pakistani Azad Kashmir  are coerced to work for Pakistan, forgetting about Kashmir, while Kashmiris in India occupied JK  are now bonded leaders of New Delhi. 

So much so,  Kashmiris on both sides of the divide get offended when  some criticism is made about India or Pakistan. Kashmiris in JK are more committed to New Delhi than to Sri Nagar, similarly Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir are  committed more to Pakistan that their own own nation, Kashmir

One may call this a great tragedy or big joke of Kashmiris. 

Neither Pakistan is eager to allow Azad Kashmir to pursue an independent policy  to be a part of future independent Jammu Kashmir  nor India lets Jammu & Kashmir  to regain independence. 

Since Kashmiri Muslims in  J & K fight for freedom, Indian military keeps killing them while Azad Kashmiris seem to have resigned to their ill fate of being a part of  Pakistan.  

Kashmiri Muslims in J & K  are expected to  work for Azad Kashmir while AK itself would work for Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is trying to  use J&K  leaders to  gain freedom from Indian yoke so that  both could join a destabilized Pakistan in due course.

India, maybe therefore,  does not even think it  necessary to consider any advantage for J & K in terms of independence. 

Kashmiris in J & K who fight and sacrifice their  valuable lives  for independence  stand deceived by Azad Kashmir and Pakistan  by hiding the  hidden future agenda  for Jammu Kashmir. 

While over 100,00  Kashmir Muslims have been killed by Indian military  on various pretexts, including fake encounters,  they do not know that  their sacrifices are  for Pakistan and not for Kashmir. 

One can easily get a article published in both Azad Kashmir and Jammu & Kashmir focusing against freedom for Kashmir but however no article can see its day in these parts of Indian subcontinent if it criticizes either India or Pakistan, respectively. 

This happens because of lack of faith in Allah but they are  interested only in wealth and benefits both from Islamabad and New Delhi. The so-called  freedom leaders in Sri Nagar are fond of c vising Islamabad for special dinners and maybe some  money.  

Obviously,  leaders of India, Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir and Azad Kashmir should be  brought to justice for the crimes committed against  true Kashmiris, causing their death and perpetual suffering. 

Kashmiris , the Muslims, need to shed their double-speak about freedom only from India, while they do no ask for freedom from Pakistan and China. Obviously, this strange attitude anger India where many people do support freedom for J & K.  

Kashmiris, directly or  otherwise, work for India, Pakistan and China and as such they lost  the capacity to  question them on  freedom. 

The Kashmiri false stance suits all three occupiers, viz Pakistan, India and China- all nuke powers trying to obtain more and more terror goods to showcase their military prowess.  . 

As it stands, Kashmiris have lost  their nation, Kashmir, almost forever. And, unless all Kashmiris join hands to seek freedom and independence from all immoral owners of Kashmir now, India-Pakistan-China, there is no chance that the present statusquo of J & K would change, now or anytime in future. 

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