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Kidnap & murder: Israel's new  strategy  for expansionism and genocides in Palestine!





Israel continues to terrorize the besieged Palestinians and plans now strategies to  get  rid of  the Unity government in Palestine and  make Hamas and Fatah resume  the civil war, killing each other , so that Zionist military can take away the remaining Palestine lands. 


With US backing,  Israel comfortably reins in Mideast, effectively controlling the Arab nations with its huge arsenals of terror gods, including illegally obtained nukes, and thinks it is its birth right to kill Palestinians at will directly and by engineering terror  gimmicks.


When it requires Israeli criminal regime sends military to Palestine territories to kill Palestinians, drinking profusely their blood while consuming their flesh. .


Upon breaking the negotiations by announcing new sets of illegal colonies in West bank, Israel is now back to square one with its fond state terror operations in Palestine.  


Obviously, USA as its Mideast policy approves all illegal activities of the Zionist criminal regime. It is a known fact that Israeli military and US pentagon-CIA plan their global preparations for operations together. US-Israeli secret planning has been disastrous for the humanity and not just for the Palestinians by Israel and Egypt on secret understanding.


In order to squander any chance of establishing much delayed Palestine, Israelis looking for opportunities to attack Gaza Strip and kill the Palestinians, stealing their lands as its “existential policy” as before.

As Israel is eager to promote illegal  Jewish aspirations, Hawkish Zionist premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s immediate aim has been to destroy any prospect of Hamas and Fatah implementing the agreement they reached in April to form a “national unity” government and establish a common administration over both the West Bank and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The national unity regime is viewed by the Palestinian bourgeois factions as crucial in getting the necessary international support for the recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a nation-state, with a seat in the United Nations.

The Fatah-Hamas agreement followed talks in March between US President Barack Obama and Abbas, during which Obama heaped praise upon the Palestinian Authority for the “strong institutions” that had been built in the West Bank in preparation for a day in which the Palestinians have their own state and exist with dignity. The Palestinian state, formally endorsed by Washington, would be of very little meaning with the Israeli military remaining in control of the borders and Palestinian lands divided and cut off from one another by Israeli-controlled roads and barriers.

Backed by the Pentagon-CIA duo, Israel is keen to see a Palestine state in any form never come into existence for displaying self dignity.

Netanyahu’s Likud party, along with much of the Israeli political establishment, formally accepts a so-called “two-state solution,” but is virulently opposed to losing control over the territories that Israel seized and occupied in the 1967 war. However neither he nor his Zionist associates want to let the Palestinians live peacefully.

In April, an alarmed Netanyahu seized upon the beginning of talks between Fatah and Hamas only to reject any further negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, on the grounds that Hamas was a “terrorist organisation”- a joke both the USA and Israel cuts as its time pass stuff. The Obama administration, however, signalled that it was prepared to work with the unity government.



The hijack and murder of three criminal Jews, living in illegal colonies in West Bank this month, looks like a tactically pure Zionist gimmick only to terrorize the besieged Palestinians. Many people are being kidnapped across the globe almost every week and USA never cared to express anything about the incidents but when three Israeli operatives were kidnapped, US President Barack Obama sent his condolences to Israeli fascist regime. Obviously, Israel and its lobbyists coerce the White house to support Israel all the time even when Israeli military kills Palestinians, including children in a clod blooded manner.


As speculated, Israel quickly blamed the ruling Hamas party for the mischief. The Israeli government, now under tremendous pressure from international community to settle the Palestine issue pending for decades ever since the Israel was created inside Palestine in 1947 and help creation of Palestine state as a full-fledged member of UN, has quickly declared that the Islamist party Hamas is responsible for the murders, without providing any evidence to substantiate the charge, which is promptly denied by Hamas.


An extremely shrewd Bibi Netanyahu who would not hesitate to kill every Palestine to make the  fanatic and blood thirsty Jews happy, has seized on the tragic death of the young men as the pretext for escalating its aggression against the Palestinian people and strengthening Israel’s grip on the occupied territories.

The US State Department, which rarely questions any action or statement of the Zionist regime, refused yesterday to endorse the accusation against Hamas.“Hamas may have been involved. I am not at this point saying they were responsible.”

Netanyahu has had no such hesitations. Flanked by his defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon, and military head, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, he told a press conference a few hours after the funerals: “Hamas is responsible. Hamas is paying and Hamas will continue to pay.”

In usual revenge operations last night, a 19-year-old Palestinian, Yousouf Ibrahim, was shot dead by Israeli troops during raids in the Jenin refugee camp, in the north of the West Bank. Israeli authorities stated he had thrown a grenade. Witnesses cited by Al Jazeera denied the allegation, accusing Israeli forces of gunning him down as he and a friend were walking home. He was carrying a box of eggs.

Two members of Hamas who happen live in the town of Hebron, not far from where the teenagers were abducted, have been named as the key suspects in their murder. From the day the youth went missing, Netanyahu’s government has exploited its unsubstantiated accusations against the entire Hamas organization to unleash massive violence in the West Bank.


Israeli regime and media helped gather  thousands of people across Israel yesterday to mourn the three teenagers whose bodies were discovered on 30 July in a shallow grave not far from where they disappeared on June 12. The bodies were kidnapped and murdered as they hitchhiked back from Kfar Etzion, one of the illegal Israeli settlements in the Gush Etzion region of the Palestinian West Bank territory.




Israeli jets have already carried out many as 40 air strikes iIn Gaza since the bodies were found. Early Tuesday, the West Bank homes of two Hamas members accused of involvement in the kidnapping were blown up by Israeli troops—the first such punitive demolitions since 2005.

In Israel, the families held separate services in their home towns before coming together to conduct a joint burial of the three youth at the Modi’in Cemetery.  Among the thousands who attended the funerals was Netanyahu, who delivered a eulogy to the slain teenagers. Within hours, he was fronting the media to issue blood-curdling threats of vengeance against Hamas.

Thousands of homes have been raided and up to 600 Hamas members or supporters dragged off and imprisoned. At least six people have been killed and 120 wounded.

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, which is controlled by Hamas’s rival, Fatah, and headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, has collaborated with Israeli forces while issuing token condemnations of the scale of the repression.


The Israeli ruling elite now sees a golden opportunity to reverse what it feared were moves in Washington toward recognising Palestine. The USA and other major western powers are focused on the tensions with Russia over Ukraine and the chaos wracking the Middle East, with the civil wars in Syria and Iraq threatening to draw the neighbouring Arab states and Iran into a regional war. Israel is exploiting the Ukraine scenario to attack Gaza Strip

Israel has a deep rooted conspiracy and three murders was just the iceberg. Murder and kidnapping of Palestinians by Israeli regime resumed In order to make criminal Jews happy.  Israel has now murdered a Palestinian officially as revenge. The burnt body of an Arab teen was found in the Jerusalem Forest, and police are investigating if the teenager is connected to the reported kidnapping of a Palestinian youth yesterday in Shuafat in a revenge attack for the killing of three Israeli teenagers last month. Hundreds of Palestinians rioted, throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at Israeli police, convinced that the teen was killed in a revenge attack for the deaths of three Israeli teenagers who were buried yesterday. Netanyahu however condemned the “despicable murder” of the youth. Israeli officials say they will find the killers of the Arab teenager and bring them to justice. After the funeral hundreds of Israelis marched through downtown Jerusalem chanting “Death to the Arabs” and clashing with police. Some 50 demonstrators were arrested. Tensions are running high the day after the three Israeli teenagers were buried in an emotional funeral attended by some 10,000 Israelis.

Israeli troops destroyed the home of Ziad Awad, in the West Bank city of Hebron. An Israeli army spokesman said the demolition was meant to serve as a deterrent to future terrorist attacks. It is the first time since 2008 that Israel has destroyed the home of a Palestinian convicted by Jewish judges of a terrorist attack, saying that house demolitions had proved to be counterproductive. Awad was released in a prisoner exchange in 2011 for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, after he had served less than half his sentence. Awad’s family members said that 15 people had lived in the house destroyed today and they were now all homeless.


Many Jews seeking the Palestine blood and lands advocated annexing the occupied territories and ethnic cleansing to drive all Arabs out of what he called “Greater Israel.” A prominent illegal Jewish occupant Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman who leads a party for illegal Jews, issued a statement calling for an operation in the West Bank and Gaza on the scale of the 2002 “Defensive Shield” onslaught, during which tens of thousands of Israeli troops rampaged through the occupied territories, destroying the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, killing close to 1000 people, wounding thousands, and detaining at least 10,000.

The most extreme Zionist tendencies in Israel are not waiting for the government to decide on a course of action. A mob rioted in Jerusalem yesterday, attempting to attack Arabs and their property. As they marched, they chanted “Revenge” and “Kahane was right.” There are  reports that in the Gush Etzion region a group of Zionist settlers exploited the deaths to declare the establishment of yet another illegal Israeli settlement, cynically naming it Givat Oz Ga-on—which in Hebrew characters forms an acronym of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali.

Israeli leaders have appealed for calm after the discovery of a kidnapped Palestinian teenager's body sparked clashes in East Jerusalem. Mohammed Abu Khdair, 17, was seen being forced into a car early on Wednesday. The uncle of the kidnapped Palestinian teenager confirmed that the body found in a forest near Givat Shaul, in the western outskirts of Jerusalem, was Mohammed Abu Khdair's. The body was partly burned and bore marks of violence. Witnesses said Mohammed Abu Khdair was abducted near his father's shop in Shufat. A relative said he saw two men approach the boy and ask for directions before bundling him into a car. "While they were speaking to him, a car approached in which there was a third man," Saeed Abu Khudair told the Reuters news agency. "Two of them carried him. He was small so he couldn't resist." "Some men chased after the kidnappers' car, but they couldn't catch it... There is a criminal possibility as well as a political one. I am telling everyone, let us wait patiently."

The killing comes a day after funerals were held in the West Bank for the three Jewish seminary students whose bodies were found near the city of Hebron on Monday, two-and-a-half weeks after they were abducted.

Palestinian leaders said they held Israel responsible for the killing, amid claims it was in revenge for the murder of three Israeli teenagers. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement: "I demand the Israeli government punish the killers if it wants peace between the Palestinian and Israeli people". Abbas's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeina, said in a separate statement that Israel was "fully responsible for the killing of the teenager".


Netanyahu says he had ordered police to work "as quickly as possible to find out who was being the heinous murder of the youth" and called on both sides "not to take the law into their own hands". "Israel is a law-abiding state and everyone is obliged to act according to it," he said, possibly joking. .

Clashes erupted outside the teenager's home in the Arab district of Shufat in East Jerusalem after news broke of the discovery of the body. Protesters threw stones at officers, who responded by firing sound bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets. At least 35 people were injured by the rubber bullets, reports said.

Many more Palestinians and Israelis, young and old, may well lose their lives in the coming days and weeks. Among the measures Netanyahu is reportedly contemplating are wholesale targeted assassinations, the first deployment of Israeli troops into Gaza since early 2009, demands that Abbas repudiate the unity agreement with Hamas, and the announcement of the permanent military occupation of the West Bank. Ghonit Sela, director of the Human Rights in East Jerusalem Project, told the BBC further attacks are possible.


The Jewish criminal regime called Israel imposed by USA-UK terror twins continues to play super power of Mideast, enslaving and terrorizing the Palestinians for years now. While USA and Europe use Israel mainly as their chief agent to buy oil at cheap rates from Arab nations and to sell their terror goods in third word, the Palestinians continue to suffer. Some Arab nations offer some money to Palestine but have not played a credible role in seeking complete freedom for the people of Palestine.  

The kidnap plus murder of Palestinians, including Mohammed Abu Khdair, is not a matter for Israeli criminal regime. The death, dislocation and oppression the Zionist state has inflicted and continues to inflict upon the Palestinian people is the root cause of the sectarian and ethnic hatreds that lie behind the murder of three innocent youth. By using the murders as a pretext, Netanyahu has vowed to strike at Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group he holds responsible for their deaths. Hamas has denied any involvement.

The disappearance of the three teenagers is being used to whip up nationalist and anti-Arab sentiment in Israel and justify yet another barbaric war against the Palestinian people. There are indications that Netanyahu is preparing a full-scale military onslaught into the Palestinian territories by arranging the kidnaps and murders of Jews and Palestinian. . .

Last night, following the security cabinet meeting, Netanyahu outlined his government’s major objective to weaken Hamas’s infrastructure and manpower in the West Bank; and to conduct operations against it in Gaza, targeting the leaders of Hamas government and party.

Political responsibility for the tragic death of the teenagers lies first and foremost with Israeli religion called Zionism and its representatives like Olmert and Netanyahu, as well as US capitalist imperialism, which promotes Zionism and shields its criminals, supplies Israel with billions worth of military equipment almost free of cost to terrorize Arabs. .

President Obama needs to step in to end Zionist crimes in Palestine once for all. World peace is inconceivable without containing the Zionist regime, without punishing the Jewish criminals who  massacred Palestinians, including children and women. .

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