"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Who is God and who is not?





Worship of any kind is meant to obtain the  blessings of the Almighty. 


While Muslims who seriously worship  would wonder why the Muslims are so weak in faith and why they  conduct themselves  in a nasty manner, those who worship idols of gods and goddesses and  pictures of humans, would also doubt if they worship the real God  the right way. 


Many others may have  doubts of different types.


In order to clear our doubts and minds,  one  needs to put a simple but connected question: Who is God and who is not?


The question means  to the  God's image in our minds. 


Is a human God himself to be worshipped by fellow humans, as many would like to think? 


Again, we have to  turn to the origins of the universe. 


Who created the universe  with its delicate balancing system? 

 The answer  is plain:  Not the human beings who created the universe. 


Then who? No immediate answer but the One who created the  universe is the worshippable God. 


That is indeed the God is formless Almighty and humans cannot see Him but only visualise Him.  And  humans did that in their owns ways. 


Human imagination varied from time to time and huge piles of gods and goddesses  appeared.  


That  God is formless and omnipresent is not the Islamic way of thinking alone. Pre-Islamic spiritual thoughts clearly viewed God as formless and guiding the universe. 


Islam is about peace and Muslims are expected  pursue that  holy spirit.  Unity  among Muslims  are also  depends on  the positive relationship of Muslims with others. 


Being insensitive and provoking each other would make it difficult for Muslims to live in peace. Even during the adverse conditions, Muslims must keep the communal bonds with others. They will understand Islam and Muslims  the way Muslims conduct themselves ,  the way Muslims approach life, others. 


Therefore, Muslims must recognise the existence of people of other faiths in order to live in peace with one another.



Muslims need to be in friendship with one and all but it is important that they are also are sensitive towards one another


Prophet Muhammad (SAS) who brought the teachings of Islam to the Arab world at a time when the Arabs were divided. And He achieved this objective during his life time by his honest and sincere approach.  

Muslims should also imbibe the  virtues of  the Prophet Mohammad ( Peace be  upon Him)


Muslims should be grateful to God and His  final Prophet SAS for  all their favours for humanity, especially the Holy Ramadan month meant to purify the soul and mind of the  believers. 


Thus,  by determine who is not God, one can easily comprehend who is  God, who is Prophet and who is just a human!. 

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