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India -England play test for bogus big scores and fake records! 

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



While cricket itself is not credible sport by its nature of bowlers  offering runs freely to select batboys on fixings, agreements and understandings, the  test cricket is totally fake one because it is meant for batboys  getting 100s, 50s and above to all batboys by rotation – and generally both teams profit  from this. .



In the first Test with India at Trent Bridge, in first innings England had a clear upper hand as Indians were on the mat at 239-8. They had just 2 wickets left in their first innings. Then English boys began offering to many runs to last two batters, the tail enders who otherwise cannot make more than 10 runs.  Cameron boys offered a bogus record to India, the highest last-wicket stand by Sami and for India in England and let India close at 457 runs. .


Indians also played similar fake cricket. In the first innings replay Test England were on the mat at 202-7. They had just 3 wickets left in their first innings and were trailing India by a good 255 runs. Then in a display of spineless Indian bowling that has become the norm on foreign pitches now, the Poms zoomed past us to make 496.


Also, India allowed two English tail enders to make a bogus record of  largest  score for 10th wicket.



England led by 41 runs in the first innings. They decided India to shine exclusively in the second innings.


And in second innings, England gave 391 runs to the visitors, but the highlight was a big score for a bowler. But England did not get their “legitimate” chance to bat second innings to get a coup of scores for other batboys who did not get runs in the first innings



Indo-UK planned to get god scores and so they offered runs to the surviving last batboys.


So, these two bogus teams want to make test a big score event by all possible means. .


the innocent spectators (most of them) have no idea about what exactly is the  scheme for both teams and what are they going to  play the s test 2. 


 Ban test


All cricket nations must now declare test the most bogus game and ban it.  They can however, offer the tallest national honors to every batboy at a Test closing ceremony in every country.


Please ban test cricket and end testing patience of people.

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