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Bogus cricket and prestige of Judges





Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa is annoyed with TN cricket club in her state, Tamil Nadu for insulting  people who wear dhoti.


It is indeed shameful that  Justice D. Hariparanthaman of the Madras High Court and two senior advocates for wearing dhoti went to the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) Club on an invitation to attend a book release function.


After inviting the judges for the function, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Club denied entry to these  law luminaries saying they dislike dhoti and hate those educated Tamils  who wear dhoti. TNCA has no place for dhoti people however  important the people who wear it are.


The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said it was an insult to Tamil culture that private clubs were banning people from wearing the traditional dhoti.  Warning the clubs of strict legal action, she said that a private club's move to ban the entry of a Madras High Court judge because he was wearing a dhoti on July 11, was in bad taste and completely unacceptable.


The chief minister strongly condemned TNCA Club over the incident and said the act of TNCA Club in denying entry to those wearing dhoti was demeaning the Tamil culture and civilisation. "It is a sartorial despotism," she said. 'Clubs banning dhotis is indeed an insult to Tamil culture', the AIADMK supremo declared.



TN Assembly is going pass a law to cancel licence to the cricket club. The popular CM  J. Jayalalithaa said an appropriate law would be enacted to prevent clubs from acting against Tamil culture, days after a club here denied entry to a dhoti-clad judge.  She told the state assembly that the law would be passed during this session itself and the licence to those clubs acting against Tamil culture would be revoked.

She said a notice would be issued to the TNCA Club on the issue. She said her government would be forced to enact a new law in the current session to curb such practices. She said:"This is an act of insult to Tamil civilisation and culture. This is a denigrating act. I strongly condemn this act. There was no bylaw in the TNCA, which banned wearing of dhoti in its campus. So, the act of denial of entry to those wearing dhoti was an act of insult, but also not in line with TNCA laws. This is sartorial despotism." The chief minister said she has directed the Tamil Nadu Registrar of Societies to issue a show cause notice to the TNCA.

Jayalalithaa also took a dig at the erstwhile DMK government for not taking action when similar complaints were made and raised in the assembly earlier.

India is unnecessarily promoting  a fake sport called cricket, encouraging the cricket mafias and cricketers, cricket board members, among others, to mint huge money .


The Indian corporate owning  IPL  has been exposed of its  illegal money operations, the circulation of black money as well as notorious money launderings.


So much of focus has been wasted on joint cricketism exercises among cricket teams for a making  batboys shine with 100 runs and mafias make extra money

So much for fake cricket that India ignored real sports , except the terror sports a like boxing,  consider the real sports as useless  and wasteful.


Indian corporates and billionaires  promote cricket  and  mint huge profits by illegal projects like money laundering. Indian politicians, MPs and ministers also promote cricketism which makes the also people go ashtray. .


True, cricketers and boards have taken  the regime support  for cricketism for granted.  Rich corporates  promote fake cricketers.




Cricketers in India and the broads think they are the real rulers of India. 


If the judges could be the soft  target of the cricket frauds, what about others?  


That is the central question here!

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