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Israeli Fascism is Unique!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Israeli fascism is unique in that it does not seek to conceal the criminal intensions of Jews and openly kills civilian Palestinians unmindful any punitive measures by UNSC, ICC or ICC. It is unique because world powers just enjoy the bloodbath in Palestine.

Israel has no worries and keeps attacking the besieged people of Palestine. .

Brutalities and atrocities by Israeli military in Gaza Strip of Palestine have generated widespread expressions of outrage around the world - West and East.

Since the non-stop air strikes, 24 hours a day, began on Gaza July 7, Israel has carried out more than 1,300 bomb and missile attacks on the Gaza Strip, an average of one massive explosion every nine minutes.

The death toll among Palestinians in Gaza stood at over 185. The vast majority of these are civilians, not fighters in any of the Palestinian armed groups, and a significant number, at least 50, are children. At least 1,200 more Palestinians in Gaza have been wounded. The Israeli military also claimed its first victim on the West Bank, 21-year-old Munir Ahmed Hamdan al-Badarin, in the village of Samua in the southern West Bank. His “crime” was to participate in a protest against the Israeli war on Gazans.

Hamas and other Palestinian groups have fired more than 900 toy like rockets - primitive and unguided, most hit open land; not one Israeli has been killed. Every Israeli bomb and missile finds some human target in Gaza, one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, with more than 10,000 people in each square mile. So, there is no comparison in terms of the damage inflicted.

A powerful military-nuke power attacks a weak Palestine and Palestinians have no idea about the prowess of military equipment the Zionist fascist state has.

A whole series of horrific incidents have been reported that are war crimes under international law. The following facts have been widely reported in the world media, including within Israel itself: Israel bombed a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in Jabaliya, in northern Gaza, killing four people, including a nurse and three disabled people; Eight Palestinian men who were watching the World Cup semifinal match at a café were killed by an Israeli air strike; Israeli warplanes have repeatedly targeted the families of Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials, killing five members of the Hamad family in Beit Hanoun, eight members of the Kawara family, including six children aged 8 to 13, and a staggering 17 members of the Al-Taysh family; Israeli airstrikes hit El Wafa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital in Gaza City five separate times Friday; More than 1,000 private homes have been destroyed or heavily damaged by airstrikes, clear evidence that Israel is deliberately targeting the civilian population of Gaza, in violation of the Geneva Conventions; A mosque in Al-Nuseirat, in central Gaza, was destroyed in overnight raids Saturday night, one of dozens of such strikes on buildings where large numbers of Palestinians gather, with the risk of exterminating entire family groups; Palestinian journalist Hamed Shehab was incinerated July 9 when an Israeli missile struck the car he was driving, clearly marked as “TV” with large red letters.

Those wounded by the airstrikes are further endangered by the policy, enforced by Israel and Egypt, of restricting the passage of medical supplies into Gaza. Many hospitals are already running low on basic medicines.

Yet, Israeli criminal liars say they don’t target civilians.

Clearly, Israel aims at stealing the Palestine lands by this war. On July 13, for example, the Israeli military dropped thousands of leaflets on northern Gaza warning the population to evacuate because a large Israeli military operation was imminent. Some 17,000 people fled as a result, a deliberate displacement of civilians by terrorist threats against their lives.

Israeli officials, right up to the top, have made no effort to conceal their deliberate attacks on civilian targets in Gaza. Netanyahu confesses to deliberately targeting mosques, hospitals, private residences and kindergartens. The videotape should be evidence at a war crimes tribunal.

The UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, which assists Palestinian refugees, said that he was deeply alarmed and affected by the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip and the devastating human and physical toll it is taking on civilians, including Palestine refugees. He called on Israel to put an end to attacks against, or endangering, civilians and civilian infrastructure which are “contrary to international humanitarian law.”

Even as Egypt, which actually backs Israel against Palestine, seeks a cease-fire, Israeli troops and tanks remained poised on the border of Gaza for a potential ground invasion.

The numerous protests in Europe and North America reflect the growth of popular understanding of the criminal character of the one-sided Israeli war against Gaza-Palestine.

The Israeli onslaught on Gaza has, for the first time in its short history, forces its strongest backing nation the USA to shut down its embassy in Tel Aviv, somehow signaling a serious tension in established USA-Israeli military-economic ties.

The corporate-controlled media in the USA talks only about toy missiles from Gaza into Israel but refuses to discuss the Zionist war crimes in Gaza Strip.

Behind the open brutality of Israel in Gaza against international war law and its overconfidence in its right to kill Arabs at will is the bold confidence of Tel Aviv that USA and EU would stand behind the Zionist criminal state, shielding all crimes of Israeli regime.

Why not the USA make Israel its 51 state instead of promoting that criminal sate from outside?

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